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How to Play Guide
The armies of Sonic, Mario, Bowser and Princess Toadstool duke it out for domination of the Mushroom Kingdom. Each nation has their own advantages and disadvantages.

This war is for conquest. Work together as a nation to conquer the rest of the Kingdom but remember friendly fire is on, you may have traitors in your nation that choose to venture on their own and try to dominate the entire Kingdom including attacking their own nation. Each nation's domination is calculated by the size of all villages within the nation.

Selecting a Nation
Your first step is to join a nation and create your village. You begin with 200 turns, 1000 gold, 100 troops, and 5 spies.

You will choose from Sonic's Legion of Speed, Mario's Champions of Defense, Bowser's Villainous Attackers, and Princess Toadstools Army of Royal Bankers.

Choose based on your play style.

The game keeps the nation sizes in check. If one nation becomes too big then new users will not be able to join that nation until the other nations catch up in size. If you have your heart set on a full nation, check back later after someone else has joined.

The game resets at the end of every month. Once you choose your nation, you will be unable to choose another until the game resets.

Spending Your Turns
You automatically receive 5 new turns every 15 minutes. You can store a max of 100 turns. After that you will not receive new turns until you spend your existing supply. Your most important decision is how to spend your turns and could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Turns are used for four basic functions: generating income, recruiting troops, spy missions and raiding other villages.
The number of coins and recruits you gain each turn is dependent on the size of your army.
Spy missions can help you determine the offensive and defensive power of other villages and how many coins they have. Spy missions consume 1 turns. Intelligence gained from espionage missions will be more accurate when you use a larger number of spies. As well, the more spies under your control, the easier it will be for your village to repel espionage from enemy spies.
Attack raids consumes 1 turns. The larger your army, the more coins you can carry home after the battle. Sometimes it is worth attacking an enemy village just to reduce their war capacity and the domination of their nation even if they do not have any coins to steal. You can not attack villages that are much smaller than you unless they attack you first.

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