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simpsons99's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Alien Crush - Turbo Grafx-16 27523600 00:00 07-20-2016 1409 07:41:43 Unknown
Alpha Mission - Nintendo 60230 00:00 08-27-2016 1371 13:46:20 Unknown
Dark Tower - Coin Op 3423350 00:00 04-01-2016 1519 10:55:15 Unknown
Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFO - Coin Op 45280 00:00 08-13-2016 1385 07:13:00 Unknown
Devil Crash - Turbo Grafx-16 41098900 00:00 07-22-2016 1407 08:24:04 Unknown
Mad Alien - Coin Op 33470 00:00 04-01-2016 1519 15:05:04 Unknown
Mag Max - Coin Op 185200 00:00 08-21-2016 1377 08:54:23 Unknown
Magmax - Nintendo 514400 00:00 08-30-2016 1368 06:15:45 Unknown
Pooyan - Nintendo 296400 00:00 08-13-2016 1385 15:14:23 Unknown
Space Firebird - Coin Op 45490 00:00 04-09-2016 1511 10:14:22 Unknown
Torpedo Range - Game Boy 200 00:00 09-30-2016 1337 15:32:22 Unknown
Zero Hour - Coin Op 25521 00:00 08-18-2016 1380 10:08:59 Unknown
Player Details for simpsons99
World Records: 0
Cleared: 0
1st Place: 12
2nd Place: 13
3rd Place: 30
Top Ten: 132
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 132
Total Scores: 210
Games Played: 3049
Time Spent on Scores: 3 04:47:53
Leaderboard Points: 1136
View Profile: simpsons99
simpsons99's Cleared Games
simpsons99's Favorites
1942Coin Op
1942Game Boy Color
Aero FightersSuper Nintendo
Alien CrushTurbo Grafx-16
Ashura BlasterCoin Op
B Rap Boys Coin Op
B WingsNintendo
Battle WingsCoin Op
BerzerkAtari 2600
Black PantherCoin Op
Bomb KickCoin Op
Bonk's AdventureTurbo Grafx-16
Bonk's Adventure 2: Bonk's RevengeTurbo Grafx-16
Bubsy 2Genesis
Chuck RockSega
Cosmo Gang the VideoCoin Op
Cotton: Fantastic Night DreamsCoin Op
Cyber LipCoin Op
D DayCoin Op
Dark TowerCoin Op
Defend the Terra Attack on the Red UFOCoin Op
Devil CrashTurbo Grafx-16
Devil's CrushTurbo Grafx-16
Diet Go GoCoin Op
Do! Run Run Coin Op
Donkey KongCoin Op
Donkey Kong 3Coin Op
Donkey Kong JrColecoVision
Donkey Kong JrNintendo
Donkey Kong JuniorCoin Op
Donkey Kong JuniorAtari 2600
Donkey Kong JuniorAtari 7800
Dr Toppel's Adventure Coin Op
Dragon BreedCoin Op
Dragon SpiritCoin Op
Dragon's FuryGenesis
Dragon's Fury 2: Dragon's RevengeGenesis
Dyger Coin Op
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Coin Op
Exed ExesCoin Op
ExerionCoin Op
Eyes Coin Op
Fighter & Attacker Coin Op
Final Star Force Coin Op
Fire BarrelCoin Op
Fire BattleCoin Op
Fire HawkCoin Op
Fire SharkCoin Op
Flying Shark Coin Op
Flying TigerCoin Op
FrenzyCoin Op
Funky JetCoin Op
Gang BustersCoin Op
Get StarCoin Op
Guardian LegendNintendo
Gunstar HeroesGenesis
Hotdog StormCoin Op
Intrepid Coin Op
Jaki CrushSuper Nintendo
Jumping PopCoin Op
Kid Niki Radical NinjaNintendo
Kid Niki: Radical NinjaCoin Op
Lightning Fighters Coin Op
Lost Tomb Coin Op
Mad AlienCoin Op
Mag MaxCoin Op
Meta FoxCoin Op
Metamorphic ForceCoin Op
Metroid 2 Return Of SamusGame Boy
Michael Jackson's MoonwalkerSega
Mighty Bomb JackNintendo
MiraxCoin Op
Mr. Do!'s CastleColecoVision
New Sinbad 7Coin Op
Ninja Combat Coin Op
Phoenix Coin Op
Polaris Coin Op
Puzzle BobbleCoin Op
RC Pro AmNintendo
Robo WarriorNintendo
Saboten BombersCoin Op
Scramble SpiritsSega
Sea Hunter PenguinCoin Op
Sky LancerCoin Op
Son Son 2Turbo Grafx-16
Space FirebirdCoin Op
SRD MissionCoin Op
Star ForceNintendo
Super Mario BrosTurbo Grafx-16
Super Star Force: Jikuureki no HimitsuNintendo
Tac ScanAtari 2600
Thundercade / Twin FormationCoin Op
Tiger HeliNintendo
Time PilotCoin Op
Toppy & RappyCoin Op
Truxton 2Coin Op
Twin Eagle: Revenge Joe's BrotherCoin Op
Undercover Cops Coin Op
V FiveCoin Op
Vastar Coin Op
WoodpeckerCoin Op
Zero HourCoin Op
Zero the Kamikaze SquirrelGenesis
Zero The Kamikaze SquirrelSuper Nintendo
Zero WingCoin Op
Zunou Senkan GalgNintendo
simpsons99's Other Scores
2B WingsNintendo

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