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cheetah32p's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Paperboy 2 - Super Nintendo 224160 00:00 01-19-2015 1957 14:44:19 Unknown
Paperboy 2 - Nintendo 83350 00:00 05-28-2013 2558 10:10:17 Unknown
Player Details for cheetah32p
World Records: 0
Cleared: 5
1st Place: 2
2nd Place: 10
3rd Place: 23
Top Ten: 286
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 286
Total Scores: 1431
Games Played: 4557
Time Spent on Scores: 10 01:14:00
Leaderboard Points: 1412
View Profile: cheetah32p
cheetah32p's Cleared Games
AladdinSuper Nintendo
Arkista's RingNintendo
Donkey KongColecoVision
Final Soldier Special VersionTurbo Grafx-16
Super Mario BrosNintendo
cheetah32p's Favorites
1942Coin Op
Adventure Island, NewTurbo Grafx-16
Bubble BobbleNintendo
Bubble BobbleGame Boy
Buck Rogers: Planet of ZoomCoin Op
Bucky O'HareCoin Op
Defender 2Nintendo
Defender 2Atari 2600
Dock ManCoin Op
Donkey KongCoin Op
Donkey KongNintendo
Donkey Kong 3Coin Op
Donkey Kong 3Nintendo
DonPachi Coin Op
Double DragonNintendo
Fantasy Zone 2Coin Op
Fantasy Zone 2: The Tears of OpaOpaSega
Formation ZNintendo
FroggerCoin Op
Galmedes Coin Op
Gaplus Coin Op
Ghosts 'N GoblinsNintendo
Gradius 3Super Nintendo
GyrussCoin Op
Hacha Mecha FighterCoin Op
Halley's Comet Coin Op
Ironman Stewart's Super Off RoadCoin Op
Jr Pac ManCoin Op
Jump CoasterCoin Op
Jumpin' Kid: Jack to Mame no Ki MonogatariNintendo
Kid Niki: Radical NinjaCoin Op
Magical Crystals Coin Op
Magical Quest 2 Starring Mickey & MinnieGame Boy Advance
MarkhamCoin Op
Mickey Mouse: Magical QuestSuper Nintendo
Mr GoemonCoin Op
Mr KougarCoin Op
Nitro BallCoin Op
Out RunCoin Op
Pac ManAtari 5200
Pang! 3 Coin Op
Paperboy Coin Op
POW: Prisoners of WarNintendo
Qbert Coin Op
RafflesiaCoin Op
Raiga: Strato Fighter Coin Op
Rally XCoin Op
Sengoku Denshou 2Coin Op
Spider Man And Venom: Maximum CarnageSuper Nintendo
Super Adventure IslandSuper Nintendo
Super BombermanSuper Nintendo
Super Buster BrosSuper Nintendo
Super Mario All StarsSuper Nintendo
Super Mario WorldSuper Nintendo
Super Off RoadSega
Super Pac ManCoin Op
Super PangCoin Op
Super Spacefortress Macross / Chou Jikuu Yousai MacrossCoin Op
Super TurricanNintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles In TimeSuper Nintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in TimeCoin Op
ThunderForce ACCoin Op
Tiger HeliNintendo
Time PilotCoin Op
Track & FieldCoin Op
Trog Coin Op
TutankhamCoin Op
Two Tigers Coin Op
UN SquadronSuper Nintendo
Undercover Cops Coin Op
Varth: Operation ThunderstormCoin Op
Venture Coin Op
Wonder BoyGame Gear
cheetah32p's Other Scores
2Duck Tales 2Nintendo

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