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T to the C's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Backyard Basketball - Game Boy Advance 32 00:00 09-01-2014 2101 18:00:22 Unknown
Backyard Sports - Football 2007 - Game Boy Advance 28 00:00 06-28-2014 2166 02:54:42 Unknown
Battlecity - Game Boy 54600 00:00 04-17-2014 2238 18:20:38 Unknown
Crack Down - Genesis 127850 00:00 03-10-2016 1545 18:18:02 Unknown
Cruis'n Exotica - Game Boy Color 224 00:00 06-23-2016 1440 01:13:11 Unknown
Dirty Harry - Nintendo 8200 00:00 05-31-2016 1463 03:13:29 Unknown
Dynamite Duke - Genesis 91020 00:00 03-15-2016 1540 15:42:55 Unknown
Empire City: 1931 - Coin Op 27380 00:00 03-17-2015 1904 07:24:56 Unknown
High Impact Football - Coin Op 12 00:00 03-23-2017 1166 19:33:48 Unknown
Jelly Boy 2 - Super Nintendo 14800 00:00 10-28-2017 948 17:42:09 Unknown
Last Action Hero - Super Nintendo 485680 00:00 04-11-2017 1148 07:26:38 Unknown
NBA Jam 2001 - Game Boy Color 19 00:00 04-02-2015 1887 19:13:40 Unknown
NBA Jam Tournament Edition - Game Boy 2 00:00 03-25-2015 1895 19:30:10 Unknown
NBA Show Time: NBA on NBC - Game Boy Color 30 00:00 10-20-2015 1686 20:02:44 Unknown
Rampage - Atari LYNX 377825 00:00 08-01-2015 1767 02:15:00 Unknown
Rampage 2: Universal Tour - Game Boy Color 366800 00:00 03-21-2016 1534 17:14:48 Unknown
Rampage World Tour - Game Boy Color 131400 00:00 10-14-2014 2058 46:04 Unknown
Rugrats Movie - Game Boy Color 18020 00:00 10-14-2014 2058 02:05:07 Unknown
Syusse Oozumou - Coin Op 13000 00:00 07-22-2012 2872 01:19:02 Unknown
Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 - Nintendo 25 00:00 02-23-2016 1560 21:12:46 Unknown
Time Cruise 2 - Turbo Grafx-16 12598400 00:00 07-07-2016 1425 23:26:04 Unknown
Year 1999 - Atari 2600 1787 00:00 08-18-2012 2845 02:47:40 Unknown
Player Details for T to the C
World Records: 0
Cleared: 22
1st Place: 22
2nd Place: 82
3rd Place: 189
Top Ten: 1979
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 1979
Total Scores: 4740
Games Played: 20370
Time Spent on Scores: 17 14:46:52
Leaderboard Points: 11189
View Profile: T to the C
T to the C's Cleared Games
4 Player Bowling AlleyCoin Op
Action 52 in 1Genesis
BasketballCoin Op
Boot HillCoin Op
Bowl O RamaCoin Op
CameltryCoin Op
Color A DinosaurNintendo
Donkey Kong JrNintendo
Fix-It Felix Jr.Genesis
Hat TrickCoin Op
Hat TrickAtari 7800
High Impact FootballCoin Op
Mighty Morphin Power RangersSuper Nintendo
MotocrossAtari 2600
NBA Hang TimeGenesis
NBA Hang TimeSuper Nintendo
NBA HangtimeCoin Op
NBA JamCoin Op
NBA Jam Tournament EditionCoin Op
On The BallSuper Nintendo
Pong: The Next LevelGame Boy Color
Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipGame Boy Color
T to the C's Favorites
1942Game Boy Color
1943: The Battle of MidwayCoin Op
3D Ultra Pinball: ThrillrideGame Boy Color
4 Way LynxAmiga
5 In One Fun PakGame Gear
720 DegreesNintendo
Aaahh!!! Real MonstersGenesis
Abadox: Deadly Inner WarNintendo
Addams FamilySuper Nintendo
Adult Games and Puzzles2-XL Robot
Advantage TennisAmiga
Adventures Of Dr FrankenSuper Nintendo
AEAtari 5200
Aerial AssaultSega
Aero FightersCoin Op
Aero Fighters 2Coin Op
After Burner 2Turbo Grafx-16
Ah Eikou no KoshienCoin Op
Air BustersGenesis
AirForce DeltaGame Boy Color
Al Unser Jr's Road To The TopSuper Nintendo
AlienAtari 2600
Alien ArenaCoin Op
Alien BrigadeAtari 7800
Alien Olympics 2044 ADGame Boy
Alien StormCoin Op
AlleywayGame Boy
Alloy ArenaFlash
Apples And DollsAtari 2600
Aqua JackCoin Op
Armed Forces Radio ServiceAudio
Armed Police BatriderCoin Op
AsteroidsAtari 7800
Astro ChaseAtari 5200
Astro Fang: Super MachineNintendo
AtaxxCoin Op
AthenaCoin Op
Atomic RunnerGenesis
Austin Powers: Welcome to my Underground Lair!Game Boy Color
AxelaySuper Nintendo
B Rap Boys Coin Op
B WingsNintendo
Bachelor PartyAtari 2600
Back FireCoin Op
Backyard Sports - Football 2007Game Boy Advance
Bad Dudes vs DragonninjaCoin Op
Baluba louk no DensetsuCoin Op
Bank PanicCoin Op
Banker & BrokersFlash
Batman: Chaos in GothamGame Boy Color
Battle BullGame Boy
Battle SharkCoin Op
Battle SquadronGenesis
Battle WingsCoin Op
Battle ZoneCoin Op
Battletoads and Double Dragon The Ultimate TeamGame Boy
Beach Festival World Championship 1997Coin Op
Beast WrestlerGenesis
Berenstain Bears' Camping AdventureGame Gear
Berlin WallGame Gear
BerzerkCoin Op
BerzerkAtari 2600
Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic OceanCoin Op
Big Nose the CavemanNintendo
Bio Warrior DanNintendo
Black BeltSega
Black KnightFlash
BlackJack SolitaireFlash
BlackStone, Magic DetectiveAudio
Blades of SteelCoin Op
BlastoCoin Op
Blazing LazersTurbo Grafx-16
Body SlamCoin Op
Boing!Atari 2600
Bonanza BrosCoin Op
Bonk 2 Bonk's RevengeGame Boy
Bonkers: Wax Up!Game Gear
Booby KidsNintendo
Boston Bomb ClubAmiga
Brain DrainGame Boy
BrainbenderGame Boy
Brutal: Paws of FuryGenesis
Brute ForceCoin Op
Bubble BobbleNintendo
Bubble Bobble JrGame Boy
Bubble Bobble Part 2Game Boy
Bull FighterCoin Op
Bullet StormCoin Op
Bullfight Ring No HajaTurbo Grafx-16
Bump 'n' JumpNintendo
Bump N JumpAtari 2600
Bumper BashAtari 2600
Burai Fighter DeluxeGame Boy
Burnin' RubberCoin Op
Burning ForceGenesis
CabalCoin Op
Cacoma Knight In BizylandSuper Nintendo
Calling All Cars!Audio
CameltryCoin Op
Canvas CroquisCoin Op
Canyon BomberCoin Op
Capcom BowlingCoin Op
Captain CommandoSuper Nintendo
CarmageddonGame Boy Color
Carrier Air WingCoin Op
Casino GamesSega
Castle of DeceitNintendo
Castlevania: Dracula XSuper Nintendo
Cat N MouseCoin Op
Cathouse BluesAtari 2600
CatrapGame Boy
CentipedeAtari 7800
Championship BowlingGenesis
Championship HockeySega
Championship Pro AmGenesis
Change LanesCoin Op
Chase HQGame Boy
Chase HQ: Secret PoliceGame Boy Color
Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild QuestGenesis
Chicago SyndicateGame Gear
Chip's ChallengeAtari LYNX
Choplifter 3Game Gear
Chopper CommandAtari 2600
Chuck Norris SuperkicksColecoVision
Chuck RockGame Boy
Chuck RockGame Gear
Circus CaperNintendo
City ConnectionCoin Op
City ConnectionNintendo
Clash At DemonheadNintendo
Classic Bubble BobbleGame Boy Color
Coach K College BasketballGenesis
College SlamGame Boy
Combat HawkCoin Op
Combat TwoAtari 2600
CombatribesCoin Op
Competition Golf Final RoundCoin Op
Cone CrazyFlash
Cool BallGame Boy
Cool SpotGenesis
Cosmic EpsilonNintendo
Count Duckula No Sax Please Were EgyptianAmiga
Cowboy KidNintendo
Crack DownCoin Op
Crazy KongCoin Op
Crazy ShuttleFlash
Crime CityCoin Op
Crime FightersCoin Op
Criminal PursuitAtari 2600
Crisis ForceNintendo
Crude BusterCoin Op
Crypts Of ChaosAtari 2600
Crystal QuestGame Boy
CybattlerCoin Op
Cyber SpinSuper Nintendo
Cyborg JusticeGenesis
Cycle Race Road ManNintendo
Daffy Duck in HollywoodGenesis
Dahna Megami TanjyoGenesis
Danan the Jungle FighterSega
Dangar: Ufo RoboCoin Op
Darius Coin Op
Deep BlueTurbo Grafx-16
Deep Final MissionGame Boy
Deer HunterGame Boy Color
Demons To DiamondsAtari 2600
DexterityGame Boy
Dick Vitale's Genesis
Die Hard ArcadeCoin Op
Dino LandGenesis
Dinosaurs For HireGenesis
Dirty RacingGame Boy
Divine SealingGenesis
DJ BoyGenesis
Dodge BallGame Boy
Donald Duck In Maui MallardSuper Nintendo
Donkey KongAtari 7800
Donkey Kong JuniorCoin Op
Donkey RocketFlash
DonPachi Coin Op
Doomsday WarriorSuper Nintendo
Doraemon KartGame Boy
Double ClutchGenesis
Double DragonCoin Op
Double Dragon 2Game Boy
Double Dragon 5: The Shadow FallsSuper Nintendo
Double Dragon AdvanceGame Boy Advance
Double Dragon: The Revenge of Billy LeeGame Gear
Double Dribble 5 On 5Game Boy
Double HawkSega
DownTownCoin Op
Dr FrankenGame Boy
Dr MicroCoin Op
Drac's Night OutNintendo
Dragon Ball Z Goku 2Game Boy
Dragon Ball Z: Bu Yu RetsudenGenesis
Dragon Ball Z: Super ButoudenSuper Nintendo
Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 2Super Nintendo
Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya DensetsuSuper Nintendo
Dragon BreedCoin Op
Dragon PowerNintendo
Dragon Tales: Dragon AdventuresGame Boy Color
DragonfireAtari 2600
DraktonCoin Op
Duck TalesNintendo
Dukes of HazzardColecoVision
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over MystaraCoin Op
Dynamic Country ClubCoin Op
Dynamite DukeSega
Dynamite LeagueCoin Op
Dynowarz: The Destruction of SpondylusNintendo
Earnest EvansGenesis
EarthBound: The War Against GiygasSuper Nintendo
Eco FightersCoin Op
Edd The DuckAmiga
Eek! The CatSuper Nintendo
Eggerland: Meikyuu no FukkatsuNintendo
El VientoGenesis
Elevator ActionNintendo
Eliminate DownGenesis
Emerald MineAmiga
EmeraldiaCoin Op
EnduroAtari 2600
ESPN International Track and FieldGame Boy Color
ET The Extra Terrestrial: Escape From Planet EarthGame Boy Color
Evander Holyfield's Real Deal BoxingGenesis
Express Raider Coin Op
Extra Bases!Game Boy
Extra InningsSuper Nintendo
ExvaniaCoin Op
F 15 Strike EagleGame Boy
Faceball 2000Game Gear
Fantastic VoyageAtari 2600
Fatal Fury SpecialGame Gear
Fatal Fury: King of FightersCoin Op
Fellowship of the RingAtari 2600
Ferrari Grand Prix ChallengeNintendo
Fido DidoGenesis
Field GoalCoin Op
Fight FeverCoin Op
Fighter's HistoryCoin Op
Fighters HistorySuper Nintendo
Fighting SimulatorGame Boy
Final Star Force Coin Op
Final TetrisCoin Op
Fire and IceSega
Fire BattleCoin Op
Fire Pro Wrestling 3 Legend BoutTurbo Grafx-16
Fish DudeGame Boy
FlashGame Boy
Flipull An Exciting Cube GameNintendo
Flying Shark Coin Op
Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates: The Revenge of Captain HookNintendo
Frank Thomas' Big Hurt BaseballGame Boy
FroggerGame Boy Color
Frommer's Personal OrganizerGame Boy
Front LineAtari 2600
Fun Car Rally 2: Combat CarsGenesis
Fun HouseNintendo
Galactic StormCoin Op
Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri DouchuuNintendo
GanryuCoin Op
Gaplus Coin Op
GarfieldAtari 2600
Garfield LabyrinthGame Boy
Gb Basketball Game Boy
Gegege no Kitarou Youkai Dai MakyouNintendo
GekisouCoin Op
Gekitou Burning Pro WrestlingSuper Nintendo
Generations LostGenesis
Genji Tsushin AgedamaTurbo Grafx-16
GI Joe Coin Op
GI JoeNintendo
GigandesCoin Op
Ginga NinkyouDen Coin Op
Go Go AckmanSuper Nintendo
Go Go TankGame Boy
Goalie GhostCoin Op
Golden Tee '97Coin Op
Golden Tee 2KCoin Op
GorfAtari 5200
Grand CrossCoin Op
Grand Prix Challenge 2Flash
Grand Prix CircuitAmiga
Grand Slam: Tennis TournamentCoin Op
Gratia: Second EarthCoin Op
GravitarAtari 2600
Great GreedGame Boy
Great Sluggers Coin Op
Great Sluggers '94Coin Op
Greatest HeavyweightsGenesis
GremlinsAtari 2600
GremlinsAtari 5200
Gridiron FightCoin Op
GriffinGame Gear
Guardians of the 'HoodCoin Op
Gun NacNintendo
Hana Tahka DakaTurbo Grafx-16
Hang OnCoin Op
Hard Drivin 2: Drive HarderAmiga
Hard Drivin'Genesis
Hard HeadCoin Op
Heavy BarrelNintendo
Heavy Shreddin'Nintendo
High Stakes GamblingGame Boy
Hiryu GaidenGame Boy
Home Alone 2: Lost In New YorkSuper Nintendo
HoopsCoin Op
Hot ShockerCoin Op
Hot SlotsNintendo
Hudson HawkGame Boy
HugoGame Boy
Human Killing MachineAmiga
HurricanesGame Gear
Hybrid WrestlerSuper Nintendo
Hyper DunkGame Boy
Ikki Coin Op
Impossible MissionSega
In the Wake of the VampireGame Gear
In Your FaceGame Boy
Incredible Crash DummiesSega
InfiltrateAtari 2600
Inindo: Way of the NinjaSuper Nintendo
Intrepid Coin Op
IQ 180 Memory TeaserAtari 2600
Iron Tank: The Invasion of NormandyNintendo
Jajamaru no DaiboukenNintendo
Jaki CrushSuper Nintendo
James Bond JrNintendo
Jelly Boy 2Super Nintendo
Jeon Sin Guardian Storm Coin Op
Jim Henson's Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the CarnivalNintendo
JinCoin Op
Jocky Wilsons Compendium Of DartsAmiga
John Lowes Ultimate DartsAmiga
Jovial RaceNintendo
Jungle FeverAtari 2600
Jungle HuntAtari 2600
Justice League Task ForceGenesis
K Razy Shoot OutAtari 5200
Kaboom!Atari 5200
Kabuki Quantum FighterNintendo
Kaiketsu Yancha Maru 2: Karakuri LandNintendo
Kaite Tsukutte Asoberu DezaemonSuper Nintendo
Kaizou Ningen ShubibimanTurbo Grafx-16
Kamikaze CabbieCoin Op
KangarooAtari 5200
Karate KidNintendo
Karate Kid Part 2 TheAmiga
Keiba KizokuGame Boy
Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League BaseballGame Boy
Keystone KapersAtari 2600
KickballTurbo Grafx-16
Kid ChameleonGenesis
Kid no Hore Hore DaisakusenCoin Op
Killer InstinctSuper Nintendo
King ColossusGenesis
King of BoxerCoin Op
King of DragonsCoin Op
King of the MonstersCoin Op
King Of The MonstersGenesis
Kingdom CrusadeGame Boy
Kinnkuman DmGame Boy
Kirby's Dream LandGame Boy
Kitten ShootingFlash
Knights of the RoundCoin Op
Knuckle Bash 2Coin Op
Konami BasketballGame Boy
Konami Collection 4Game Boy
Konami Collector's Series - Arcade ClassicsGame Boy Advance
Krion ConquestNintendo
Krusty's Fun HouseNintendo
Kung Fu 2Nintendo
Kyatto Ninden TeyandeeNintendo
Land Before TimeGame Boy Color
Lasagna From HeavenFlash
Laser GhostSega
LegendCoin Op
Legend of HeroesCoin Op
Legend of Prince ValiantNintendo
Legendary AxeTurbo Grafx-16
Lilo & Stitch 2 - Haemsterviel HavocGame Boy Advance
Limes And NapoleonAmiga
Line of Fire / Bakudan YarouCoin Op
Lion King: Simba's Mighty AdventureGame Boy Color
Little Indian In Big CityGame Boy
Little Ninja BrothersNintendo
Lock OnSuper Nintendo
Lode RunnerCoin Op
Lode Runner 3: The Golden LabyrinthCoin Op
Lode Runner 4: Teikoku Karano DasshutsuCoin Op
Lode Runner: Dig FightCoin Op
M&M's: Minis MadnessGame Boy Color
Ma BallsFlash
Mach RiderNintendo
MADAtari 2600
Madden NFL 2002Game Boy Color
Madden NFL 96Game Gear
Magical Drop 2Coin Op
Malibu Beach VolleyballGame Boy
Man Overboard: SS LuciferGenesis
Mario BrosCoin Op
Marlboro Go!Atari LYNX
Marvel Land Coin Op
Master KaratekaGame Boy
Master of MonstersGenesis
Maze InvadersCoin Op
Maze of Flott Coin Op
Mecarobot GolfSuper Nintendo
Mechwarrior 3050Super Nintendo
Mega BombermanGenesis
Mega Man 2: Power FightersCoin Op
Mendel PalaceNintendo
Metal JackGame Boy
Metal MastersGame Boy
Metal Mech: Man & MachineNintendo
Mickey Mouse Magic WandGame Boy
Mickey Mouse: Tokyo DisneylandGame Boy
Midnight ResistanceGenesis
Mighty MaxSuper Nintendo
Mighty Max, Adventures ofGenesis
Mighty! PangCoin Op
Mike Ditka Power FootballGenesis
Milon No Meikyuu KumikyokuGame Boy
Miracle Ropitt: 2100 Toshi no DaiboukenNintendo
Mirai Ninja Coin Op
Misterious ThiefAtari 2600
Moai KunNintendo
Momoko 120%Coin Op
Montezuma's Revenge Starring Panama JoeAtari 2600
Mortal Kombat 2Game Gear
Mortal Kombat 2Genesis
Motocross ManiacsGame Boy
Motocross RacerColecoVision
MotorodeoAtari 2600
Mountain ManAtari 2600
Mr GimmickNintendo
Mr. Do! Run RunAmiga
Ms Pac ManFlash
Ms Pac Man Nintendo
Ms Pac ManGenesis
Mummy ReturnsGame Boy Color
Mutant NightCoin Op
Mutant Virus: Crisis in a Computer WorldNintendo
My House Is Bigger Than Your HouseFlash
Narc Coin Op
Navy BattlesFlash
NBA 3 on 3 Featuring Kobe BryantGame Boy Color
NBA Action starring David RobinsonGame Gear
NBA Give 'N GoSuper Nintendo
NBA Hang TimeGenesis
NBA Hang TimeSuper Nintendo
NBA HangtimeCoin Op
NBA Hangtime (USA)Nintendo 64
NBA JamGenesis
NBA JamSuper Nintendo
NBA Jam Hack: Old School EditionSuper Nintendo
NBA Jam Tournament EditionCoin Op
NBA Jam Tournament EditionGenesis
NBA Jam Tournament EditionSuper Nintendo
NBA Live '95 Retro Uprising Member HackGenesis
NBA ShowdownSuper Nintendo
Nettou World Heroes 2 JetGame Boy
NFL Blitz 2000Game Boy Color
NFL Hard YardageCoin Op
NFL Prime Time Starring Deion SandersGenesis
Nibbles, GGGame Gear
Night DriverAtari 2600
Niji no SilkroadNintendo
Ninja Emaki Coin Op
Ninja Gaiden ShadowGame Boy
Ninja Hattori KunNintendo
Ninja Ryukenden Game Boy
Ninja SpiritGame Boy
Ninjakun Majou no BoukenCoin Op
Nitro BallCoin Op
No ExitAmiga
North and SouthNintendo
Oira Jajamaru Sekaidai BokenGame Boy
Oliver And CompanyAmiga
Omega RaceGenesis
On The BallSuper Nintendo
One on One BasketballColecoVision
One On One BasketballAtari 7800
OSmanCoin Op
OverrideTurbo Grafx-16
Pac ManCoin Op
Pac Man, SuperAtari 5200
Pachislot Kids 2Game Boy
Packy And MarlonSuper Nintendo
Panel Action BingoGame Boy
Pang PomsCoin Op
Paperboy 2Nintendo
Paperboy 2Genesis
Paperboy 2Super Nintendo
Parallel TurnCoin Op
Peter Pan and the Pirates: The Revenge of Captain HookNintendo
Pga Tour '96Game Boy
Phantom PanzerAtari 2600
Pharaoh's CurseAtari 2600
Philly FlasherAtari 2600
Pinball Action Coin Op
Pinball FantasiesSuper Nintendo
Planet of the ApesGame Boy Color
Plaque AttackAtari 2600
Play Action FootballGame Boy
Plotting Coin Op
Pocket CollectionGame Boy
Pole PositionAtari 2600
Pole Position 2Coin Op
Pole Position 2Atari 7800
PooyanCoin Op
Pop 'n BounceCoin Op
Pop Up KillerFlash
POW: Prisoners of WarCoin Op
POW: Prisoners of WarNintendo
Power BlazerNintendo
Power MissionGame Boy
Power RacerGame Boy
Predator 2Sega
Pretty Soldier Sailor MoonCoin Op
Pri PriGame Boy
Primal RageSuper Nintendo
Pro WrestlingGame Boy
Psychic 5Coin Op
Psycho Nics OscarCoin Op
Psycho PinballGenesis
Puyo PuyoGenesis
Puyo Puyo 2Game Gear
PythonCoin Op
Qbert 2Game Boy
QBert 3Super Nintendo
Quad ChallengeGenesis
Quarter Back Scramble: American Football GameNintendo
Quest: Fantasy ChallengeGame Boy Color
R TypeCoin Op
R Type 2Game Boy
Rabbit HunterFlash
Raccoon WorldCoin Op
Race DaysGame Boy
Radar ScopeCoin Op
Radar ZoneCoin Op
Radial SnakeFlash
Raging FighterGame Boy
Raid on Bungeling BayNintendo
Raiden TradGenesis
Rainbow Islands The Story of Bubble Bobble 2Nintendo
Rally XCoin Op
Ranma 1/2: Hard BattleSuper Nintendo
Rapid MotionFlash
Ray ThunderGame Boy
RC Pro AmNintendo
RealmSuper Nintendo
Realsports FootballAtari 5200
Red ClashCoin Op
Red HawkCoin Op
Red Kens Pigeon CullFlash
RenegadeCoin Op
Renegade 2Super Nintendo
Return Of The NinjaGame Boy Color
Ribbit!Coin Op
Riding FightCoin Op
Rim Rockin' BasketballCoin Op
River City Ransom 2Super Nintendo
River PatrolAtari 2600
River RaidColecoVision
River Raid 3Atari 2600
Road RunnerCoin Op
Road Runner and Wile E Coyote, Desert DGenesis
Robin HoodAtari 2600
Robotnik's RevengeGenesis
Robotron: 2084Atari 7800
Rocket Racer MXFlash
Rolan's Curse 2Game Boy
Rollerblade RacerNintendo
Room Of DoomAtari 2600
Rough RacerCoin Op
Roundball 2 on 2 ChallengeNintendo
Route 16 TurboNintendo
Rugrats MovieGame Boy Color
Run and Gun: B Ball Show TimeCoin Op
Run Sam RunFlash
SagaiaGame Boy
Saint DragonCoin Op
Samurai ShodownGame Boy
SCAT: Special Cybernetic Attack TeamNintendo
ScrambleCoin Op
Scramble SpiritsSega
Scrapyard DogAtari 7800
SD Hero Soukessen: Taose! Aku no GundanNintendo
Secret AgentAtari 2600
Secret QuestAtari 2600
SeicrossCoin Op
Seikima 2: Akuma no GyakushuuNintendo
Shadow WarriorsCoin Op
Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Tokon SanjushiGame Boy
ShinobiCoin Op
Shogun WarriorsCoin Op
Shoot OutCoin Op
Shooting ArcadeAtari 2600
Silver EagleNintendo
Simpsons: Virtual BartGenesis
Skate BoarderFlash
Skuljagger: Revolt Of The WesticansSuper Nintendo
Sky AdventureCoin Op
Sky SharkNintendo
Sky SkipperCoin Op
Slack ManFlash
Slap ShotCoin Op
SliderGame Gear
Slot RacersAtari 2600
SnapperCoin Op
Snoopy And The Red BaronAtari 2600
Snoopy Magic ShowGame Boy
Snow Bros: Nick and TomGenesis
Sol NegroAmiga
Solomon's KeySega
Son SonCoin Op
Sonic Blast ManSuper Nintendo
Sonic The HedgehogCoin Op
Space CavernAtari 2600
Space InvadersAtari 2600
Space MegaforceSuper Nintendo
Spanky's QuestSuper Nintendo
Speak & RescueCoin Op
Special Criminal InvestigationSega
Speed Attack!Coin Op
Speed BallCoin Op
Speedy Gonzales is an Action game, developed by Citizen SoftGame Boy
Spider Man 3: Invasion of the Spider SlayersGame Boy
Spiritual WarfareNintendo
SpirouSuper Nintendo
Splatterhouse: Wanpaku GraffitiNintendo
Spot: The Video GameNintendo
Spy Hunter 2 Coin Op
Star RaidersAtari 2600
Star RaidersAtari 5200
Star SoldierNintendo
Star Trek Generations Beyond The NexusGame Boy
Star Trek: Strategic Operations SimulatorColecoVision
Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Ewok AdventureAtari 2600
StargunnerAtari 2600
StarmasterAtari 2600
Starship LegendFlash
STED: Iseki Wakusei no YabouNintendo
Steel EmpireGenesis
Steel ForceCoin Op
Steel TalonsSuper Nintendo
Stick Hunter Exciting Ice HockeyNintendo
StockerCoin Op
Stone Ball Coin Op
Stop That Roach!Game Boy
Storm BladeCoin Op
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsCoin Op
Street Fighter II: The World WarriorCoin Op
Street Hockey '95Super Nintendo
Street HoopCoin Op
Street RacerFlash
Streets of Rage 2Game Gear
Streets of Rage 2Sega
Strike Force Coin Op
Sumo FighterGame Boy
Sunset RidersCoin Op
Super Big Brother Laughing Violent Fray ChapterSuper Nintendo
Super BombermanSuper Nintendo
Super BomblissGame Boy
Super Chinese Land 1 2 3Game Boy
Super Crown GolfCoin Op
Super Dodge BallCoin Op
Super Dodge BallNintendo
Super Fire Pro WrestlingSuper Nintendo
Super Fire Pro Wrestling: SpecialSuper Nintendo
Super GlobCoin Op
Super High ImpactGenesis
Super Ninja BoySuper Nintendo
Super Off Road: The BajaSuper Nintendo
Super PangCoin Op
Super Qix Coin Op
Super Rc Pro amGame Boy
Super Skateboardin'Atari 7800
Super Slam Coin Op
Super Star Force: Jikuureki no HimitsuNintendo
Super Star WarsSuper Nintendo
Super StingrayCoin Op
Super TurricanSuper Nintendo
SurvivalCoin Op
Survival RunAtari 2600
SWAT PoliceCoin Op
Swords and SerpentsNintendo
T MekSega 32X
Take Em OutAmiga
Taloon's Great Adventure: Mystery DungeonSuper Nintendo
Target: RenegadeNintendo
Task ForceAtari 2600
Tax AvoidersAtari 2600
Tecmo Super BowlNintendo
Tecmo Super BowlSuper Nintendo
Tecmo Super Bowl 2014Nintendo
Tee OffAmiga
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFlash
Tekkaman BladeGame Boy
Terra CrestaNintendo
Terra ForceCoin Op
Test Drive 2: The DuelGenesis
Texas Chainsaw MassacreAtari 2600
Think TwiceAmiga
Thunder DragonCoin Op
Thundercade / Twin FormationCoin Op
Time CruiseTurbo Grafx-16
Time PilotCoin Op
Time Pilot '84 Coin Op
Tinkle Pit Coin Op
Tiny Toon Adventures Babs' Big BreakNintendo
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden TreasureGenesis
Title Match Pro WrestlingAtari 2600
Toki: Going Ape SpitGenesis
Tom and Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse!Nintendo
Tony And Friends In Kelloggs LandAmiga
Top CatAmiga
Top GunAtari 2600
Town and Country Surf Designs Wood and Water RageNintendo
Toxic CrusadersGenesis
Trak Masta TomAudio
Triple PunchCoin Op
Trivia Whiz 3Coin Op
Trouble ShooterGenesis
TsumegoGame Boy
Tumble PopGame Boy
TurmoilAtari 2600
TutankhamAtari 2600
Tweety's High Flying AdventureGame Boy Color
Twin EagleNintendo
TwinBeeCoin Op
Ultimate PaintballGame Boy Color
Ultimate QixGenesis
Ultra BalloonCoin Op
Ultraman Coin Op
UN SquadronSuper Nintendo
Undead LineGenesis
Undercover CopsGame Boy
Universal SoldierGenesis
Unnecessary Roughness '95Genesis
Uno Small WorldGame Boy
US ClassicCoin Op
Vampire: Master of DarknessGame Gear
Vapor TrailGenesis
Vastar Coin Op
Vattle GuiceGame Boy
Vegas GamesGame Boy Color
Vegas StakesSuper Nintendo
Victory RoadAmiga
Vs ExcitebikeCoin Op
Wagyan LandGame Gear
Wall BallAtari 2600
Wanderer TheAmiga
Warp & WarpCoin Op
Wcw Main EventGame Boy
Wheel of FortuneNintendo
Wheel of Fortune: Featuring Vanna WhiteNintendo
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?Nintendo
WindjammersCoin Op
Wings of FuryGame Boy Color
Winnie The Pooh In The Hundred Acre WoodAmiga
Winnie the Pooh: Adventures in the 100 Acre WoodGame Boy Color
Winter GamesNintendo
Wizards & WarriorsNintendo
Wizards and Warriors Chapter 10 The Fortress of FearGame Boy
Wolfenstein 3DSuper Nintendo
World Grand PrixSega
World HeroesGenesis
World HeroesSuper Nintendo
WWF AttitudeGame Boy Color
WWF BetrayalGame Boy Color
Wwf RawGame Boy
WWF RawSuper Nintendo
X MenCoin Op
X MenGenesis
X Men 2: Clone WarsGenesis
X Men: Gamemaster's LegacyGame Gear
X Men: Wolverine's RageGame Boy Color
Xenon 2: MegablastGenesis
Yannick Noah TennisGame Boy
Yars' RevengeAtari 2600
Yars' RevengeGame Boy Color
Yogi Bear's Goldrush, Yogi Bear inGame Gear
Zeewolf 2 Wild JusticeAmiga
Zennihon Pro WrestlingSuper Nintendo
Zero ToleranceGenesis
Zock OutAmiga
T to the C's Other Scores
2Awesome Possum Kicks Dr Machino's Butt!Genesis

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