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supernintendosp's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Player Details for supernintendosp
World Records: 0
Cleared: 0
1st Place: 0
2nd Place: 1
3rd Place: 4
Top Ten: 26
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 26
Total Scores: 137
Games Played: 1043
Time Spent on Scores: 21:14:10
Leaderboard Points: 149
View Profile: supernintendosp
supernintendosp's Cleared Games
supernintendosp's Favorites
1941Coin Op
1943 Modified: Midway Naval BattleCoin Op
1943: The Battle of MidwayCoin Op
19XX: The War Against DestinyCoin Op
64th Street A Detective Story Coin Op
Acrobat MissionCoin Op
Aero FightersCoin Op
Aero Fighters 2Coin Op
Air AttackCoin Op
AlcahestSuper Nintendo
Alien vs PredatorCoin Op
Alpha Mission 2Coin Op
Altered BeastCoin Op
ArkanoidCoin Op
Arkanoid ReturnsCoin Op
Arkanoid Revenge of DOH Coin Op
Armed Police BatriderCoin Op
Battle GareggaCoin Op
BattletoadsCoin Op
Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic OceanCoin Op
Bio Hazard BattleCoin Op
Bio Hazard BattleGenesis
Captain CommandoCoin Op
Carrier Air WingCoin Op
ContraCoin Op
Darius Gaiden: Silver HawkCoin Op
Double Dragon: Neo GeoCoin Op
Dr Mario World: House CallsSuper Nintendo
Dragon BreedCoin Op
Dragon ViewSuper Nintendo
Eco FightersCoin Op
Fantastic Parodius! - Surpassing Its Former GloryCoin Op
Final Fight Coin Op
Gaia CrusadersCoin Op
Gain GroundCoin Op
GauntletCoin Op
Gauntlet 2Coin Op
Gradius 3 Coin Op
Gratia: Second EarthCoin Op
GyrussCoin Op
It's Parodius!: From Myth to LaugherCoin Op
King of DragonsCoin Op
Knights of the RoundCoin Op
League BowlingCoin Op
Legend of Zelda: Timecrisis: Fall of the MoonNintendo
Mario's Amazing AdventureSuper Nintendo
Mega Man and BassSuper Nintendo
Metamorphic ForceCoin Op
Narc Coin Op
NemesisCoin Op
Night SlashersCoin Op
NostradamusCoin Op
Ordyne Coin Op
P47 AcesCoin Op
Pit-FighterCoin Op
R TypeCoin Op
R Type 2Coin Op
R Type Leo Coin Op
RaidenCoin Op
Renegade 2Super Nintendo
Saint DragonCoin Op
SalamanderCoin Op
Salamander 2Coin Op
Samurai ShodownCoin Op
Saturday Night Slam MastersCoin Op
Seiken Densetsu 3Super Nintendo
Space MegaforceSuper Nintendo
SpinmasterCoin Op
Street Fighter Coin Op
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsCoin Op
Streets of Rage 2Coin Op
StriderCoin Op
Strike Gunner STGCoin Op
Super Battletank: War In The Gulf, Garry Kitchen'sSuper Nintendo
Super ContraCoin Op
Super Earth Defense ForceSuper Nintendo
Super Gem Fighter Mini-MixCoin Op
Super Street Fighter II: The New ChallengersCoin Op
Super XCoin Op
Thunder CrossCoin Op
Thunder Cross 2Coin Op
ThunderForce ACCoin Op
Total Carnage Coin Op
UN SquadronCoin Op
Violent StormCoin Op
Xevious Coin Op
Xybots Coin Op
Zero WingCoin Op
supernintendosp's Other Scores
2Battle TankNintendo

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