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dre day22's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
All Star Baseball 2000 - Game Boy Color 6 00:00 05-21-2012 2936 20:39:48 Unknown
All Star Baseball 2001 - Game Boy Color 4 00:00 04-10-2012 2978 15:34:04 Unknown
Bad News Baseball - Nintendo 14 00:00 10-31-2012 2774 13:35:57 Unknown
Baseball Stars Professional - Coin Op 8 00:00 01-23-2012 3056 15:23:24 Unknown
Bases Loaded 2: Second Season - Nintendo 4 00:00 06-11-2012 2915 17:19:23 Unknown
Blades of Steel - Coin Op 2 00:00 02-07-2012 3041 09:21:04 Unknown
Bottom of the Ninth - Coin Op 4 00:00 05-29-2012 2929 09:01:09 Unknown
Boxing - Atari 2600 75 00:00 01-13-2014 2335 14:26:07 Unknown
Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs - Genesis 89 00:00 10-08-2018 606 13:41:48 Unknown
Champion Baseball - Coin Op 38220 00:00 12-24-2015 1625 10:28:59 Unknown
Coach K College Basketball - Genesis 146 00:00 12-19-2013 2360 15:22:44 Unknown
Double Dribble - Nintendo 76 00:00 10-04-2012 2801 12:10:51 Unknown
ESPN National Hockey Night - Genesis 8 00:00 10-09-2012 2796 13:11:04 Unknown
Excite League - Coin Op 3750 00:00 02-06-2012 3041 18:30:18 Unknown
FIFA Soccer 95 - Genesis 5 00:00 07-17-2012 2880 12:47:42 Unknown
FIFA Soccer 97 Gold Edition - Genesis 1 00:00 11-09-2012 2765 13:24:31 Unknown
Football Frenzy - Coin Op 36 00:00 01-17-2012 3062 11:47:01 Unknown
Great Basketball - Sega 2 00:00 11-18-2012 2756 08:46:11 Unknown
Great Sluggers '94 - Coin Op 9 00:00 01-28-2012 3050 17:40:30 Unknown
Hardball! - Genesis 4 00:00 12-11-2013 2368 14:29:09 Unknown
Ikari Warriors - Nintendo 67400 00:00 06-29-2012 2898 12:28:29 Unknown
Ikari Warriors - Coin Op 274100 00:00 07-17-2012 2880 15:42:26 Unknown
Ikari Warriors - Atari 7800 153600 00:00 06-28-2017 1073 05:08:19 Unknown
Jitsuryoku!! Pro Yakyuu - Coin Op 1 00:00 11-09-2012 2765 12:37:45 Unknown
Jordan vs Bird: Super One on One - Genesis 11 00:00 10-16-2012 2789 03:39:38 Unknown
Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League Bas - Game Boy 3 00:00 07-08-2012 2889 10:18:20 Unknown
Lakers Vs Celtics & the NBA Playoffs - Genesis 110 00:00 10-08-2018 605 21:56:05 Unknown
Magic Johnson's Fast Break - Coin Op 6 00:00 09-11-2011 3190 11:37:29 Unknown
Magic Johnson's Fast Break - Nintendo 81 00:00 06-04-2012 2923 14:10:25 Unknown
Major League - Coin Op 15450 00:00 06-21-2019 349 16:59:20 Unknown
Major League Baseball - Nintendo 37 00:00 01-27-2012 3051 16:28:36 Unknown
Mousetrap - ColecoVision 429580 00:00 01-17-2016 1600 20:13:07 Unknown
MVP - Coin Op 2 00:00 10-05-2011 3166 01:28:30 Unknown
NBA Action '94 - Genesis 9 00:00 12-19-2013 2360 14:03:54 Unknown
Nba All Star Challenge - Game Boy 34 00:00 12-14-2012 2730 08:13:22 Unknown
Nba All Star Challenge 2 - Game Boy 17 00:00 12-11-2012 2733 11:48:14 Unknown
NBA Allstar Challenge - Genesis 4 00:00 11-28-2012 2746 14:26:11 Unknown
NBA Live '95 - Genesis 149 00:00 03-07-2014 2282 14:05:18 Unknown
NBA Live 95 - Super Nintendo 138 00:00 01-13-2014 2335 11:45:25 Unknown
NBA Showdown 94 - Genesis 56 00:00 05-11-2012 2946 22:35:08 Unknown
Pele 2: World Tournament Soccer - Genesis 1 00:00 11-06-2012 2768 12:08:29 Unknown
RBI Baseball '93 - Genesis 23 00:00 01-09-2014 2338 19:50:36 Unknown
RBI Baseball 3 - Genesis 12 00:00 07-26-2016 1410 15:52:30 Unknown
Realsports Basketball - Atari 5200 40 00:00 07-09-2012 2887 21:43:23 Unknown
Realsports Boxing - Atari 2600 7 00:00 06-16-2019 354 16:54:04 Unknown
Rim Rockin' Basketball - Coin Op 47 00:00 03-26-2012 2993 12:43:10 Unknown
Senior High School Baseball - Coin Op 74900 00:00 01-27-2012 3052 14:13:29 Unknown
Skate or Die! - Nintendo 13400 00:00 12-27-2013 2352 10:45:43 Unknown
Soccer - Nintendo 20 00:00 12-19-2013 2360 13:02:40 Unknown
SportTime Bowling - Coin Op 109 00:00 04-22-2015 1871 11:10:33 Unknown
Spy Hunter - Nintendo 187840 00:00 02-03-2009 4140 04:47:58 Unknown
Spy Hunter - Coin Op 135010 00:00 06-10-2013 2552 14:05:51 Unknown
Stadium Hero - Coin Op 10 00:00 08-31-2011 3200 21:53:04 Unknown
Super Bases Loaded 3: License To Steal - Super Nintendo 1 00:00 11-05-2013 2404 13:06:01 Unknown
Super Champion Baseball - Coin Op 2 00:00 09-11-2011 3190 11:49:47 Unknown
Super World Stadium - Coin Op 11 00:00 01-31-2012 3048 14:12:51 Unknown
Super World Stadium '92 - Coin Op 4 00:00 02-01-2012 3047 08:45:34 Unknown
Team USA Basketball - Genesis 44 00:00 05-06-2012 2952 12:20:50 Unknown
Tecmo Baseball - Nintendo 12 00:00 01-07-2014 2341 12:10:33 Unknown
Tecmo Super Hockey - Genesis 7 00:00 05-20-2012 2938 12:50:33 Unknown
Tecmo World Cup Soccer - Nintendo 5 00:00 11-06-2012 2768 13:11:15 Unknown
Touch Down Fever - Nintendo 26 00:00 10-08-2012 2797 12:48:12 Unknown
TouchDown Fever - Coin Op 8 00:00 11-18-2012 2756 09:27:15 Unknown
Triple Play '96 - Genesis 11 00:00 06-07-2012 2919 17:05:19 Unknown
Triple Play Gold - Genesis 2 00:00 06-08-2012 2919 13:37:16 Unknown
Turbo - ColecoVision 40728 00:00 12-24-2015 1625 09:54:00 Unknown
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All Stars - Genesis 2 00:00 05-30-2012 2928 15:53:40 Unknown
Player Details for dre day22
World Records: 0
Cleared: 16
1st Place: 73
2nd Place: 44
3rd Place: 27
Top Ten: 208
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 208
Total Scores: 387
Games Played: 5766
Time Spent on Scores: 5 05:40:39
Leaderboard Points: 3098
View Profile: dre day22
dre day22's Cleared Games
BasketballCoin Op
Bill Walsh College Football '95Genesis
Break Time: National Pool TourNintendo
Double Dribble: Playoff EditionGenesis
Legends of the DiamondNintendo
Madden Football '93 Championship EditionGenesis
Madden NFL '96Genesis
Magic Johnson's Fast BreakNintendo
Nba All Star ChallengeGame Boy
Pete Rose BaseballAtari 2600
Realsports FootballAtari 2600
Realsports SoccerAtari 2600
Ring KingNintendo
Sprint MasterAtari 2600
Super Mario BrosNintendo
dre day22's Favorites
10 Yard FightNintendo
32 In OneAtari 2600
4 Player Bowling AlleyCoin Op
Aces: Iron Eagle 3Nintendo
Ah Eikou no KoshienCoin Op
Air Sea BattleAtari 2600
AjaxCoin Op
Al Unser Jr's Road To The TopSuper Nintendo
Al Unser Jr's Turbo RacingNintendo
All Pro BasketballNintendo
All Star Baseball 2000Game Boy Color
All Star Baseball 2001Game Boy Color
Alpine SkiCoin Op
Amazing MazeCoin Op
American Speedway Coin Op
Antz RacingGame Boy Color
Arcade ClassicsGame Gear
Arcade ClassicsGenesis
Arcade's Greatest HitsSuper Nintendo
Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1Super Nintendo
Arch Rivals Coin Op
Arch RivalsGenesis
Arch Rivals: Basket Brawl!Nintendo
ArkanoidCoin Op
Arkanoid 2Nintendo
Arkanoid TournamentCoin Op
Arlington Horse RacingCoin Op
Armor AttackCoin Op
Arnold Palmer Tournament GolfGenesis
AsteroidsCoin Op
Astro Fang: Super MachineNintendo
Atari BaseballCoin Op
Atari Mini GolfCoin Op
AWS Pro Moves SoccerGenesis
B Rap Boys Coin Op
Back Street SoccerCoin Op
Bad News BaseballNintendo
BadlandsCoin Op
Base Wars, Cyber Stadium SeriesNintendo
BaseballGame Boy
Baseball '91Game Gear
Baseball Simulator 1.000Nintendo
Baseball StarsNintendo
Baseball Stars 2Nintendo
Bases LoadedNintendo
Bases Loaded 2: Second SeasonNintendo
Bases Loaded 3Nintendo
Bases Loaded 4Nintendo
Batter UpGame Gear
Battle Cruiser M12Coin Op
Battle Out RunSega
BerzerkCoin Op
BerzerkAtari 2600
BerzerkAtari 5200
Bill Walsh College Football '95Genesis
BilliardCoin Op
Bimini RunGenesis
Bionic Commando: Elite ForcesGame Boy Color
Birdie KingCoin Op
Birdie King 2Coin Op
Birdie King 3Coin Op
Birdie TryCoin Op
Blades of SteelCoin Op
Blades of SteelNintendo
BlazerCoin Op
Blockbuster Competition 2: NBA Jam And Judge DreddGenesis
Bloody WolfCoin Op
BMC BowlingCoin Op
Bomb BeeCoin Op
Bottom of the NinthCoin Op
BoxerCoin Op
Boxing Legends Of The RingGenesis
Break Time: National Pool TourNintendo
Breakout, SuperAtari 5200
Buggy BoyCoin Op
Bull FighterCoin Op
Bulls Vs Blazers and the NBA PlayoffsGenesis
Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA PlayoffsGenesis
Burger TimeCoin Op
Cal Ripken Jr BaseballGenesis
Caliber 50Coin Op
Capcom BaseballCoin Op
Capcom BowlingCoin Op
CarnivalCoin Op
CarnivalAtari 2600
CentipedeCoin Op
CentipedeGame Boy
CentipedeAtari 7800
Champion BaseballCoin Op
Champion Baseball 2Coin Op
Champion BoxingCoin Op
Champions World Class SoccerGenesis
Championship SprintCoin Op
Checkered FlagAtari LYNX
Checkered FlagAtari Jaguar
CircusCoin Op
City BomberCoin Op
City ConnectionCoin Op
Classic Donkey KongFlash
Clay ShootCoin Op
Clutch HitterCoin Op
Coach K College BasketballGenesis
College Football USA '96Genesis
College Football USA '97: The Road To New OrleansGenesis
CombatCoin Op
CommandoCoin Op
CommandoCoin Op
Competition Golf Final RoundCoin Op
Congo BongoCoin Op
Continental CircusCoin Op
CrashCoin Op
Crazy KongCoin Op
Crowns Golf In HawaiiCoin Op
Curve BallCoin Op
Danny Sullivan's Indy HeatCoin Op
Danny Sullivan's Indy HeatNintendo
Datsun 280 ZzzapCoin Op
DefenderCoin Op
Demolition DerbyCoin Op
DestroyerCoin Op
Dock ManCoin Op
DodgemCoin Op
Donkey KongCoin Op
Donkey KongAtari 2600
Donkey Kong JuniorCoin Op
Double ClutchGenesis
Double DribbleNintendo
Double Dribble: Playoff EditionGenesis
Double DunkAtari 2600
Double PlayCoin Op
Drag RaceCoin Op
Drift OutCoin Op
Driving Force Coin Op
Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for HomeGame Boy Color
Dunk ManiaCoin Op
Dynamite LeagueCoin Op
EA Sports Presents MLBPA BaseballGenesis
Eight Ball Action Coin Op
Elevator ActionCoin Op
Elevator ActionNintendo
Elevator Action ReturnsCoin Op
Empire City 1931Nintendo
Enduro Racer Coin Op
ESPN International Track and FieldGame Boy Color
ESPN National Hockey NightGenesis
ESPN SpeedworldGenesis
European Club SoccerGenesis
Excite LeagueCoin Op
Exciting BoxingNintendo
Extra BasesCoin Op
Extra InningCoin Op
F Zero 2, BSSuper Nintendo
F1 Circus MDGenesis
F1 DreamCoin Op
F1 Exhaust NoteCoin Op
F1 Grand PrixCoin Op
F1 Grand Prix Part 2Coin Op
F1 Grand Prix Star 2Coin Op
F1 World ChampionshipGenesis
F1 World Championship Edition '95Genesis
Face Off Coin Op
Family FeudGenesis
Fast LaneCoin Op
Fastest 1Genesis
Fatal RunAtari 7800
Ferrari Grand Prix ChallengeGenesis
FIFA International Soccer 94Genesis
FIFA Soccer 95Genesis
FIFA Soccer 96Genesis
FIFA Soccer 97 Gold EditionGenesis
FIFA Soccer 98 Road to the World CupGenesis
Fighting Golf Coin Op
Final RoundCoin Op
Fishing DerbyAtari 2600
Frank Thomas Big Hurt BaseballGenesis
FrenzyCoin Op
FroggerAtari 5200
Fun Car RallyGenesis
G Loc Air BattleGame Gear
GalagaCoin Op
GalaxianAtari 2600
George Foreman's KO BoxingGenesis
Gimme A BreakCoin Op
Goal! TwoNintendo
Golden Axe 2Coin Op
Golden Par Golf Coin Op
Golden Tee '97Coin Op
Golden Tee '98Coin Op
Golden Tee '99Coin Op
Golden Tee 2KCoin Op
Golden Tee 3D GolfCoin Op
Golden Tee ClassicCoin Op
Golden Tee Golf Coin Op
Golden Tee Golf 2 Coin Op
GorfCoin Op
Grand ChampionCoin Op
Grand PrixAtari 2600
Grand Prix StarCoin Op
Grand Slam: Tennis TournamentCoin Op
Great 1000 Miles RallyCoin Op
Great Sluggers Coin Op
Great Sluggers '94Coin Op
Great WallNintendo
Greatest HeavyweightsGenesis
Grudge Match Coin Op
Guerrilla War Coin Op
Guerrilla WarNintendo
Guts and GloryCoin Op
Hang OnCoin Op
Hard Drivin' Coin Op
Hard Drivin's Airborne Coin Op
Hardball '94Genesis
Hardball '95Genesis
Hat TrickCoin Op
Head On Coin Op
Head On SoccerGenesis
Heavyweight ChampCoin Op
High Impact FootballCoin Op
High SpeedNintendo
High Way RaceCoin Op
Hit the Ice Coin Op
HoopsCoin Op
Hot Rod Coin Op
Hot Shots Tennis Coin Op
Ikari 3: The RescueCoin Op
Ikari Warriors Coin Op
Ikari WarriorsNintendo
Ikari WarriorsAtari 7800
Ikari Warriors 2: Victory RoadNintendo
Ikari Warriors 3: The RescueNintendo
IMG International Tour TennisGenesis
International RallyGame Boy Color
International SoccerAtari 2600
International Superstar Soccer 2000Game Boy Color
International Superstar Soccer DeluxeGenesis
International Track and FieldGame Boy Color
Iron Tank: The Invasion of NormandyNintendo
Ironman Stewart's Super Off RoadCoin Op
Ivan Nintendo
Jeff Gordon XS RacingGame Boy Color
Jennifer Capriati TennisGenesis
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000Game Boy Color
Jitsuryoku!! Pro Yakyuu Coin Op
Jordan One on oneGame Boy
Jordan Vs BirdGame Boy
Jordan Vs Bird One On OneNintendo
Jordan vs Bird: Super One on OneGenesis
Joust & Defender, Midway Presents Arcade HitsGame Boy Color
Joyful Road Coin Op
Jr Pac ManAtari 5200
Jump ShotCoin Op
Kaitei Takara SagashiCoin Op
KangarooCoin Op
Kick OffNintendo
King of BoxerCoin Op
Knight RiderNintendo
Konami Hyper SoccerNintendo
Kung FuNintendo
Kung Fu 2Nintendo
Kung-Fu MasterCoin Op
Laguna RacerCoin Op
Lakers Vs Celtics & the NBA PlayoffsGenesis
League BowlingCoin Op
Legends of the DiamondNintendo
LEGO RacersGame Boy Color
Little League Baseball: Championship SeriesNintendo
Lock'n'ChaseCoin Op
Looney Tunes RacingGame Boy Color
LoopingCoin Op
Lunar PoolNintendo
Mach RiderNintendo
Mad CrasherCoin Op
Madden Football '91Genesis
Madden Football '92Genesis
Madden Football '93Genesis
Madden Football '93 Championship EditionGenesis
Madden NFL '96Genesis
Madden NFL '97Genesis
Madden NFL '98Genesis
Madden NFL 94Super Nintendo
Madden NFL 95Super Nintendo
Magic DartsNintendo
Magic Johnson's Fast BreakCoin Op
Magic Johnson's Fast BreakNintendo
Main EventCoin Op
Marble MadnessNintendo
Marble MadnessGenesis
Mario Andretti RacingGenesis
Mario BrosCoin Op
Mario BrosNintendo
Mario BrosAtari 2600
Mario Lemeiux HockeyGenesis
Mario TennisGame Boy Color
Max RPMCoin Op
Metal Gear SolidGame Boy Color
Michael Andretti's World Grand PrixNintendo
Michael Jordan Chaos In The Windy CitySuper Nintendo
Mickey Mouse's Racing AdventureGame Boy Color
Micro MachinesGenesis
Micro Machines 2: Turbo TournamentGenesis
Micro Machines Turbo Tounament '96Genesis
Mike Ditka Power FootballGenesis
Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!Nintendo
Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles RallyCoin Op
MillipedeAtari 2600
Minnesota Fats Pool LegendGenesis
Moero Pro Yakyuu HomerunCoin Op
MonopolyGame Boy Color
Monte CarloCoin Op
Moon Patrol & Spy Hunter, Midway Presents Arcade HitsGame Boy Color
Motocross RacerAtari 2600
Mouse Trap Coin Op
Ms Pac ManFlash
Ms Pac ManCoin Op
Ms Pac Man Nintendo
Ms Pac Man Nintendo
Ms Pac ManGame Gear
Ms Pac ManSega
Ms Pac ManSuper Nintendo
Ms Pac ManAtari 5200
Ms Pac ManAtari LYNX
Ms Pac Man Champion EditionCoin Op
Ms Pac Man FastCoin Op
Ms Pac Man: Special Color EditionGame Boy Color
Muhammad Ali's BoxingGame Boy
NBA 3 on 3 Featuring Kobe BryantGame Boy Color
NBA Action '94Genesis
NBA Action '95Genesis
NBA Allstar ChallengeGenesis
NBA JamGenesis
NBA JamSuper Nintendo
NBA Jam '99Game Boy Color
NBA Jam 2001Game Boy Color
NBA Live '95Genesis
NBA Live '95 Retro Uprising Member HackGenesis
NBA Live '96Genesis
NBA Live '98Genesis
NBA Live 97Super Nintendo
NBA Show Time: NBA on NBCGame Boy Color
NBA Showdown 94 Genesis
NBA: In the ZoneGame Boy Color
NBA: In the Zone 2000Game Boy Color
NES Play Action FootballNintendo
New Rally XCoin Op
Newman Haas Indy Car RacingGenesis
NFL Hard YardageCoin Op
NFL Quarterback ClubGame Gear
NHL '96Genesis
NHL '97Genesis
NHL '98Genesis
NHL All Star Hockey '95Genesis
NHL Blades of SteelGame Boy Color
NHL Blades of Steel 2000Game Boy Color
NHL HockeyGenesis
NHL Hockey '94Genesis
Nicktoons RacingGame Boy Color
Nigel Mansell's World ChampionshipGenesis
Nigel Mansell's World Championship RacingNintendo
Night DriverCoin Op
Nitemare At Sunshine Bowl A RamaAtari 2600
Omega RaceCoin Op
One on One BasketballColecoVision
One On One BasketballAtari 7800
Operation Thunderbolt Coin Op
Out RunCoin Op
Pac ManCoin Op
Pac ManColecoVision
Pac Man Nintendo
Pac ManGame Gear
Pac ManAtari 5200
Pac Man FastCoin Op
Pac Man PlusCoin Op
Pac Man, SuperAtari 5200
Pebble Beach Golf LinksGenesis
Pele 2: World Tournament SoccerGenesis
Perfect BilliardCoin Op
Perfect BowlingNintendo
Pete Rose BaseballAtari 2600
Pete Rose BaseballAtari 7800
PinboCoin Op
Ping Pong Masters '93Coin Op
Pit & Run Coin Op
Power GolfTurbo Grafx-16
Power League All Stars GoldTurbo Grafx-16
Power PlayCoin Op
Power Spike Pro Beach VolleyballGame Boy Color
Pro PoolGame Boy Color
Pro Sport HockeyNintendo
Pro SportsCoin Op
Pro WrestlingNintendo
Pro Yakyuu World StadiumTurbo Grafx-16
Pro Yakyuu World Stadium 91Turbo Grafx-16
Punch Out!!Coin Op
Punch Out!! Featuring Mr DreamNintendo
Qix Coin Op
Quarter Back Scramble: American Football GameNintendo
Race Drivin' Coin Op
Racin' Ratz, Tyco RC: Game Boy Color
Racing DamashiiGame Boy
Rack 'Em UpCoin Op
Rad RacerNintendo
Rad Rally Coin Op
Rally XCoin Op
Rambo 3Coin Op
RBI Baseball 2Nintendo
RBI Baseball 3Nintendo
RBI Baseball 3Genesis
RBI Baseball 4Genesis
RC Grand PrixGame Gear
RC Grand PrixSega
RC Pro AmNintendo
RC Pro Am 2Nintendo
Realsports BasketballAtari 5200
Realsports FootballAtari 2600
Realsports SoccerAtari 2600
Realsports SoccerAtari 5200
Realsports TennisAtari 2600
Realsports VolleyballAtari 2600
Redline RacerCoin Op
Relief PitcherCoin Op
RHI Roller Hockey 95Super Nintendo
Ridge RacerCoin Op
Riding HeroCoin Op
Rim Rockin' BasketballCoin Op
Ring KingNintendo
Rip CordCoin Op
River PatrolCoin Op
River RaidAtari 5200
River Raid 3Atari 2600
Road FighterNintendo
Road RashGenesis
Road Rash 2Genesis
Road Rash 3Genesis
Road Riot 4WDSuper Nintendo
RoadblastersAtari LYNX
Rock N Roll RacingSuper Nintendo
Roger Clemens MVP BaseballNintendo
Rolling Crash / Moon BaseCoin Op
Rolling ThunderCoin Op
Rough RacerCoin Op
Roundball 2 on 2 ChallengeNintendo
Route 16Coin Op
RunawayCoin Op
Rush'n AttackCoin Op
Satoru Nakajima F 1 Hero '91Game Boy
Sensible World Of Moon SoccerAmiga
Shuttle InvaderCoin Op
Side PocketCoin Op
Side PocketNintendo
Side PocketGenesis
Side TrackCoin Op
Skate or Die!Nintendo
Skeet ShootAtari 2600
Sky DiverCoin Op
Sky SkipperCoin Op
Slam Dunk 2 Zengoku He No TipoffGame Boy
Slap ShotCoin Op
SlipstreamCoin Op
Snoopy TennisGame Boy Color
Space InvadersNintendo
Speed CoinCoin Op
Speed FreakCoin Op
Spider ManGenesis
SportTime BowlingCoin Op
Sprint 1Coin Op
Sprint 8Coin Op
Sprint MasterAtari 2600
Spy HunterCoin Op
Spy HunterColecoVision
Spy HunterNintendo
StargateCoin Op
StockerCoin Op
StreakingCoin Op
Street HoopCoin Op
Summer GamesSega
Super BaseballAtari 2600
Super Baseball Simulator 1000Super Nintendo
Super Bat Puncher DemoNintendo
Super Batter UpSuper Nintendo
Super BowlingSuper Nintendo
Super BreakoutCoin Op
Super BugCoin Op
Super Burger Time Coin Op
Super CarsNintendo
Super Crown GolfCoin Op
Super DK!ColecoVision
Super Dodge Ball Coin Op
Super Doubles TennisCoin Op
Super FerrariAtari 2600
Super FootballAtari 2600
Super Hang OnCoin Op
Super Mario BrosNintendo
Super Mario BrosTurbo Grafx-16
Super Mario Bros 2: USA Power Challenge 1, BS Super Nintendo
Super Mario Bros: Super Mario UnlimitedNintendo
Super Mario WorldNintendo
Super Mario World 2: Yoshis IslandSuper Nintendo
Super Monaco GP Coin Op
Super Monaco GPGame Gear
Super Monaco GPGenesis
Super Monaco Grand Prix 2: Ayrton SennaGenesis
Super Off RoadAtari LYNX
Super Pinball Behind The MaskSuper Nintendo
Super Punch OutSuper Nintendo
Super Punch Out!!Coin Op
Super Qix Coin Op
Super RacingSega
Super RBI BaseballSuper Nintendo
Super Rc Pro amGame Boy
Super Slams: From TV AnimationCoin Op
Super Speed RaceCoin Op
Super Sprint Coin Op
Super SprintNintendo
Super Volleyball Coin Op
Super World Stadium Coin Op
Super World Stadium '92 Coin Op
Super World Stadium '95 Coin Op
Super World Stadium '96 Coin Op
Super World Stadium '97 Coin Op
Suzuka 8 Hours Coin Op
Tag Team WrestlingNintendo
Tail to Nose: Great ChampionshipCoin Op
Takin It To The HoopTurbo Grafx-16
TazAtari 2600
Taz ManiaGenesis
Team USA BasketballGenesis
Tecmo BaseballNintendo
Tecmo Super BaseballGenesis
Tecmo Super BaseballSuper Nintendo
Tecmo Super HockeyGenesis
Tecmo World Cup SoccerNintendo
TennisAtari 2600
Test Drive 2: The DuelGenesis
Test Drive 2001Game Boy Color
Tetris The Soviet ChallengeNintendo
Thrash RallyCoin Op
TKO Super Championship BoxingSuper Nintendo
Tommy Lasorda BaseballGenesis
Tony LaRussa Baseball '95Genesis
Top GearSuper Nintendo
Top GunNintendo
Top GunAtari 2600
Top Speed Coin Op
Touch Down FeverNintendo
TouchDown FeverCoin Op
Track & FieldCoin Op
Track & FieldNintendo
Track And FieldAtari 2600
Track and Field 2Nintendo
Triple Play '96Genesis
Triple Play GoldGenesis
Triple PunchCoin Op
TurboCoin Op
Ultimate League SoccerNintendo
Ultimate SoccerSega
Ultimate TennisCoin Op
Ultra TankCoin Op
Uno 52Game Boy Advance
Up 'N DownColecoVision
Up N DownAtari 2600
Up Your AlleyCoin Op
Up'n DownCoin Op
Victory RoadCoin Op
Virtua BowlingCoin Op
Virtua RacingCoin Op
Virtual SoccerSuper Nintendo
VolleyballAtari 2600
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing TourGame Boy Color
Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All StarsGenesis
Wayne Gretzky HockeyNintendo
Winter GamesNintendo
Women's VolleyballCoin Op
Woody Woodpecker RacingGame Boy Color
World Championship SoccerGenesis
World Class BaseballTurbo Grafx-16
World Pro Baseball '94Genesis
World Series BaseballGenesis
World Series Baseball '98Genesis
WWF Superstars Coin Op
Zaxxon Coin Op
dre day22's Other Scores
2Arch RivalsGenesis

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