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Zillion II: The Tri Formation for SMS
Zillion II: The Tri Formation for SMS
Published by Kong
Zillion II: The Tri Formation for SMS

Continue Feature
When the Game Over screen appears, press the control pad UP and BUTTON ONE. This will allow you to continue three times.
Another source says U+1+2.

Extra Men
When in the narrow corridor in stages 1,3,5,and 7 pick up the A and change into the ARMORATOR carefully ease J.J. into one of the bottomless pits. Line his shoulders up with the top of the pit. Slowly press up on the control pad and fire at the on coming flying creatures. You will reach a level where you are even with the creatures and you can maintain this position as long as you do not move or re-adjust your control pad. Just keep firing you will get free guys at 30,000, 70,000, 120,000. You can have a maximum of four.

To keep from getting hit by the flying Skofu-Site (when you're on the motorcycle), keep pressing down on the directional pad in the lower right hand corner and keep firing.

Don't go down Electric Coils in the odd levels.

Use your Zillion 3. This is the best weapon.

On level five, try to have both Apple and Champ in reserve.

When your life meter is at "I", or "L", in the word LIFE, switch partners.
Level One
Always keep shooting! You can get many Norsa Warriors before they shoot.
Learn how and when to jump.
If you jump and move in a diagonal direction, you can jump higher. When you have the three Zillion laser pieces, you will be able to take down many enemies quicker., and with less shots.
The pulsating areas on the floor will decrease your life meter, so watch out!

Level Two
When on this or any other even-numbered level, you must watch out for Noza Noza. Get as close to the edge of the pits as possible, and shoot any Norsa Warriors, and Noza Noza before jumping across.
When fighting the Olivian Platoon Captain, stay where you start and just shoot. be ready to turn quickly when he appears behind you.

Level Three
This level is much like Level One, except things move faster. Sometimes, there will be a multi-level floors. There is likely to be less fighting on the tops of these levels.
When fighting the Norsa Raker (With the Armorator), shoot a couple shots, that are level with him. Then move up or down, so he doesn't hit you.
Fighting the Norsa Raker (Without the Armorator), shoot as much as you can, and when he fires at you, jump over it.
If you complete fighting the Norsa Rakers (Without the Armorator), go as far to the front as you can, duck down in the Turbo Cycle, and shoot.

Level Four
The Black Noza Noza takes two shots to destroy. If you don't have enough room to get two shots off, jump or dodge him.
When the Jet Soldiers attack, duck down, and they can't hit you.
When fighting the Radjian Defense Leader, stay in the middle of the screen. When he is on the ground, duck and shoot. When he jumps, turn towards where he is going to land, and repeat the same procedure.

Level Five
Change to Armorator, when you first start this level.
Learn to dodge the Gun Batteries.
There will be two sets of Norsa Rakers. After you destroy them, there will be two or three Norsa Warriors on Aerobats coming from behind you, so be prepared!

Level Six
Notice the blocks on the ceiling. Norsa Warriors will drop out of them and attack you. To get by the Warriors, shoot them as quickly as you can.
When the Norsa Mini Rakers come at you, duck and dodge their fire.
Fighting Alleevia Suprese is tricky. The best way to attack, is to dodge his missiles, and shoot continuously. When he comes very close, jump over him, turn around and keep firing.

Level Seven
This is the hardest level, although having a complete Zillion Laser will help you tremendously. Learn to dodge the various enemies coming at you. Change to the Armorator immediately.
The pulsating areas on the floors will not hurt you.

Level Eight
This level is much like level six. Watch out for Gun Batteries. They shoot mega Skofu Sites.
To defeat Baron Rick, jump and shoot toward the right. Keep firing at him, while dodging his laser fire. When he gets hit, he flashes and while he is flashing, and you are able to walk through him. Repeat this procedure, and continue shooting at him. This is not a timed fight.
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