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Wonder Boy 2: Wonderboy in Monsterland for SMS
Wonder Boy 2: Wonderboy in Monsterland for SMS
Published by Kong
Wonder Boy 2: Wonderboy in Monsterland for SMS

Extra Gold
You will receive 45 pieces of gold when you hit the pause button 73 times. You can repeat as often as you like.

Round One
Jumping around in front of trees, on top of building and along the seams of buildings will give you gold in this round.

Round Two
During this round you'll find the LETTER TO CATHERINE when you visit the fortune teller in the cave. You'll find extra gold along the seams of the buildings, by jumping in front of small cactuses, jumping on clouds, and jumping on top of doorways.

Round Three
You'll find a hidden armour store marked by a question mark enclosed in a square. Turn and knock on the wall. To defeat the Red Knight, aim for his feet.

Round Four
CATHERINE is located on the upper level of the city of Baraboro. She is located next to the shield shop on the platform. Turn and knock on the blank wall after you have killed the bouncing rat. CATHERINE will give you the FLUTE. To defeat the Kuracken, stand behind his head and attack - it takes six shots to defeat him. Proceed underwater to the shop. If you have used your revival potion, you can purchase another one here for 100 gold pieces. Return to the Kuracken if you wish, this will give you more money and a large heart.

Round Five
In the Mam desert enter the bar and order two of the most expensive drinks and you will receive the NOTE TO BETTY. If you choose to fight Giant Kong you will receive the GREAT SWORD. The key to this round is located between the Mam Desert bar and the underground pyramid.

Round Six
At the end of the spike area there is a hidden weapon shop. Turn and knock once on the last upper gold platform. After you pass the spike area you will come upon two blue snakes. Here you will need to drop down two levels and go to the left. Enter the door and meet BETTY. Order two of the most expensive drinks and she will give you a clue to the Sphinx's question. Also located in the pyramid is the legendary boot shop.
Answers to the Sphinx's Questions
If the clue you got from the Barmaid was:
Sphinx was seasick: Afterburner.
Sphinx has strange glasses: Missile Defense.
In the morning, the Earth will erupt: Jogging.
The Sphinx's specialty: Drinking.
Yesterday our Chicken was stolen: Fried Chicken.
Recently our Sphinx has been on a diet: No dinner.
Recently, I have heard sounds of breaking glass: Golf.
So noisy at night: Karaoke.

Round Seven
In town there are a variety of stores. You are able to purchase boots, get healed, buy drinks and fight to get the EXCALIBUR SWORD. After you fight the BLUE KNIGHT move to the right and climb the ladder on the haystack, here you will play the flute. Continue to the right and you will find a floating brick. Jump on the brick, turn and knock on the wall. You will find the WIZARD there and he will give you the STAR CHARM. You then have the choice of fighting the blue knight again before you exit the screen.
Note: The winged boots work well in the cloud scene.

Round Eight
When you enter this round, keep going to the right. Jump over the well and keep to the right. You will come to a deserted town. At the end of this town is a WIZARD, he is located in the building with the platform. Stand to the right of the boarded up door, turn and knock and you will enter a secret door. Upon defeating him you will receive nine THUNDER FLASHES. Enter the cave and make your way towards the end. Here are two small platforms, a large platform, and two small platforms with coin takers flying around. To find Medusa stand on the large platform and knock on the wall.

Round Nine
Once you are in the cave and you are dropping down the well, stop on the second small platform in the centre of the drop. Turn and knock on the wall and you will fight to receive the SWORD OF LEGEND. When you come to a blue fireball, stand on the ledge in the middle of the screen and knock. You will then be faced with King Demon.

Round Ten
In the Ice Castle you will find lots of shops hidden on the platforms. Just stand on the platforms, turn and knock. When you come to the red door, prepare to fight Snow Kong.

Round Eleven
Proceed to the right, go underwater and swim to the left. A shop is located there, go in twice and the GREAT CATFISH will appear. If you have the STAR CHARM he will give you the HERO'S EMBLEM. When you meet the fortune teller she will ask you if you want the RUBY or the BELL. The bell will help you through the maze and the ruby will help you defeat the Dragon. Note: When the bell rings you are going in the right direction.

Round Twelve
Keep going to the right, ignore the first small floating brick, jump down and proceed to the right. Jump down the first well you come to. When you reach the bottom go left. Jump down the next well you come to and take the first right. Aim for the first right passage. Enter the next well and take the first right passage. Keep going right, you will come to a large floating brick. Jump on the brick and jump left to right using the little brick steps. Do not take any exits. At the top go left and you will come to another large floating brick, use this to boost yourself up to the upper portion of this level. Proceed to the left and drop down the first well you come to, take the first right passage you come to and continue right. Jump on to the large floating brick to boost you up again and proceed left. Jump down the first well you come to, once you're at the bottom proceed to the left. You will notice the background will change. Keep going left and you will come to a red door with a skull and crossbones on it. Knock and you will find the Dragons. To defeat the Dragons aim for their faces. Thunder flashes work well if you do not have the ruby.
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