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Turbo Outrun for Mega Drive
Published by Journeyman1
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Turbo Outrun for Mega Drive

This game can actually be a pain in the neck because the title appears to apply that you need to use the turbo feature a lot to finish the race. But this isn't totally true.

Safe places to use the turbo, generally speaking, are: At the start of every sector, after you pass the highway signs just before the checkpoint in each of the first five stages, and on the final straight in the last stage where you could, conceivably, opt to do it twice. Since turbo can still work with reduced effect if you let off the gas, you may be able to create your own safe spots during the game where traffic is weak.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in this game is to kick in the turbo immediately after a crash to make up for the time you lost from it. Usually this is not a good idea, especially if you're in a spot where it is very easy to lose control of your car and crash again. Even though the time limit (preversely) decreases by five seconds for every sector, you can actually afford around four crashes (first two sectors) or three of them (last two sectors) before you should panic.

Don't bother with turbo boosts in stages 6 and 7. There are too many continuous S curves for it to be of practical use. It's safer to just anticipate the turns and navigate those stages cleanly. The same goes for the end of stage 11.

The unmarked turns in sectors three and four can be run wreckers. Some go right, but a few go left. The first few times through the second half of the game, you may just want to familiarize yourself with where the unmarked turns are so you can be ready for them.

There's no bonus for keeping the girl at the end of a sector and no penalty for losing her. Since it really doesn't matter, then, if you beat your rival or not -- unlike the arcade version where you do get a bonus for keeping the girl (I don't remember if it applies to all arcade versions, though) -- your rival is nothing more than an annoyance who has a gift of staying close. This is another reason why it's not recommended to turbo immediately following a crash.

The police cars are an annoyance, too. But they can't turn as fast as you, so it's fairly easy to shake them in the S curves (stages 6 and 7 in particular). Otherwise you'll usually need a turbo to get rid of them. They come randomly so knowing the course -- which doesn't change from game to game -- will be part of the battle in shaking the often-annoying cruisers.

The part upgrades after each sector can be played with to an extent with regards to the order that you use them, but I go with the high-grip tires first because sector two is so technical.

  Nice tips! :)
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