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Spellcaster for SMS
Spellcaster for SMS
Published by Kong
Spellcaster for SMS

Instruction Book Correction
The correct way to use a spell, is to continuously press the Directional Pad UP and DOWN, while holding the fire button down.

The game begins at Summit Temple. Move to Mt. Enriku. After Tokak dies, report to Summit Temple. Move to Izumo and Talk with Kuma (have some Spaghetti). Then Move to Izumo Temple. Look at the Terrain and yellow square. Move to outside of Izumo Temple. Talk to the Mysterious Enemy and Look at the item he leaves behind. Take the Charm. Move to Izumo, and Talk with Kuma. Move to the Summit Temple, and Talk with Daikak. Move to the Attoro Shrine. Look at the item, and Take the Sword. Look at Jukak, and Take the Fake Sword. Fight the Mysterious Enemy. Move inside to main hall of the Shrine. Kill Wakahiko. Move outside to the Foothills of Mt. Miwa. Move to the Summit Temple. Talk to Daikak, then Move to the Kashima Temple. Fight the Enemy (use Hatten Spell) Look at the item, and Take the Sword of Branches. Move to the Summit Temple, then Move to Shimono-Seki after leaving the Sword of Branches and the Charm with Daikak. Once at the Shimono Port, look at the terrain. Look at the girl in the water. Use the Hatten Spell, then the Makiri Spell. Once the girl is saved, Talk to her, then use the Kannon Spell. Move to Midori's house. Look at, and Take the Food. Move to the pier. Move to the sea. Move square by square to upper right corner, always moving from the Ghost Spirits. Jump in the sea, kill the Monk (use Kannon Spell), and Take the Lute. After taking the Lute, Use it to kill the Ghost Spirits. From the location of the Lute, move back one square and all the way to the left. Kill the Ghost Spirit, and Jump into the sea to receive the Helmet. From there, Move Back one square, and all the way right. Kill the Ghost Spirit, then Jump into the sea to receive the Vajira. From the location of the Lute, Move Left two squares, to the stormy seas, and Use the Lute. Move up to the top center square and Use the Lute. You will receive the String of Beads. Use the Beads, to calm the Whirlpool. Jump in the Sea. While underwater, there will be pits, drop down one. Continue on past Lion Statues, to the Shrine on the ocean floor. Talk to, then use Kannon Spell on the Ghost. Look at, and Take the Real Sword of Kusanagi. Move Back to the boat. When the Iwato family attacks, Use the Sword of Kusanagi. Move to the Summit Temple. Move to Izumo (have some Spaghetti), then Move to the Izumo Temple. Confront Princess Asaka. When she changes into a Dragon, fight and kill her (hit her when her mouth is open.) Move Outside, and fight the Enemy (use Hatten Spell.) Talk to Utsuho, then Use the Ball of Shimazu. Continue to Talk, until Shimazu and Asaka die. Then Move to Izumo. From there, Move to the Kunomo Shrine. Look at the Terrain. Talk to Utsuho, then Use the Ball of Shimazu. When Utsuho disappears, Move to Kakogen. At Kakogen, go right to the well. Jump on the well, and press down on the Control Pad to get into the well. NOTE: Be sure to access the Makiri Spell right away, because if you don't, you will die. Proceed right, to the grey rock. Stand on the top of the rock, and pull down on your Control Pad. Continue all the way to the right. Look at the Terrain. Look at the object twice. Attempt to Take the Pot Lid, then use Indra Spell. Then Use the Ball of Shimazu. Look at the hole on the top of the Cauldron, then Move Inside. This will put you in the Ameno Spacecraft. Look at the terrain, and at the Blue Handprint. After all the information is received, go back to the grey rock to be transported to the original chamber. This is a perfect place to build up your spell points (they should be up to 990 before you leave!) To get out of this area, use the Makiri Spell to fly to the left ledge. Cancel the Makiri Spell, then set it again, but don't use it. Then stand on the left-hand side, run to the right, and jump up and out of the well. If you don't make it, use the Makiri Spell, so you won't die. If successful, you will be on top of the well. Once back on top, proceed left to the Kunomo Shrine. Talk to Utsuho, then Move to Mt. Hinokami.
To get through Mt. Hinokami: Fly to the right, using Makiri, shooting the things that come at you. If you get hit by the enemy, you can catch yourself from falling! To do this, hold down the Fire button, while wiggling the Directional Pad UP & DOWN. You will access the Makiri spell again, and catch yourself from falling. Once you are through Mt. Hinokami, Fight Kezeus, and when Diakak appears, use the Hatten Spell. NOTE: You must hit him when his eye is open! Once Diakak is beaten, Look at the Terrain, and the item on the ground. Take the Armored Glove (Armor Bracers.) Move to the Kunomo Shrine. Talk to, then Use the Armored Glove on Utsuho. Then Move to Kakogen. Proceed inside of cockpit, and Use the Armored Glove. You will be taken to the Pyramid. Move to the East side of Pyramid, and Use the Fudo Spell, to find the entrance. Move Inside the Pyramid, and proceed right to the Pyramid Point. Jump and touch the Pyramid Point to get it. Exit the Pyramid, and use the Makiri Spell. Use the Pyramid Point. Then use the Makiri Spell to fly down. Move to the South side of the Pyramid, and Move Inside.
TO GET THROUGH THE PYRAMID MAZE: Go right, and up the stairs. Kill the monster and get the Hammer. Go back down the stairs, and to the right, to the second door. Go in the door, and then go three doors to the right. Once on the other side, go right to the Destructible Blocks. Break the top four blocks to find the Leg Armor. Go left to find the Buddha. In his left hand, is the Trident. Go right, and up the stairs, to the second door. Go left, hit the top four blocks of the first set of Destructible Blocks, to find the Body Armor. Keep going left, to the first door. Fight the Ram, kill him, and then follow the passageway to the right. You'll come upon a set of three doors right next to each other, take the middle door. Go one door to the right. Continue to the right, and the stairs are the exit.
Once out of the Pyramid, a Demon appears. Demon disappears, and Regina attacks. Talk to her six times. Fight the Demon. Grab Regina, and head for the Ameno Spacecraft. Move to the Summit Temple. Talk to Diakak. Kane boards the Spacecraft, and heads for the Underworld. Talk to the Guard, Use the Sword of Kusanagi, and Talk to the Guard again. Move to the Misty Crossing (Ferryman is asleep). Move to the Gate. Talk to the Guard. Move to the Chizu Sea, and Talk to Princess Toyo. Take the Nectar. Use the Sword of Kusanagi, and Dance. Look at the Bottle. Move to the Misty Crossing. Use the Nectar, and talk to the Ferryman. Move to the Yomotsu Shrine. Go right to the first tree, and enter. When Amano appears, Use the Sword of Kusanagi. Move Outside. Go to the right, and up the stairs to the Izanami Shrine. Talk to Izanami. Move Outside, and go down the stairs. Go right, and up the stairs to Yomotsu Shrine. Talk to the Dog, then Move Outside. Go back to Amano's house, then to Toki Fields. Look at the Terrain. Then, Look at the black crevice under the rock. Go to the Ferryman, and Look at the Oar. Take the Oar. Move back to Toki Fields, and Use the Oar on the rock. Take the Mystic Harp. Go to Toyo in Chizu Sea. Use the Mystic Harp (she shows you how to play the Harp). Move to Misty Crossing, then Move to the Yomotsu Shrine. Go right to the Yomotsu Shrine, and Use the Mystic Harp. Talk to Yomotsu, then proceed back to the Ferryman. Move to the Underworld. Fight the Enemy. If you are fighting him and he flies off the screen, you took too much time to beat him. If this happens, turn the game off, and go back to your last password. Once he is beaten, Jump and take the Sword of Fury. Go back to Yomotsu, and Use the Sword of Fury. Move Outside, and proceed down the stairs, back to Amano's house. Talk to Amano. Move Outside, and proceed all the way to the right. When you see the sword stuck into the rock, Move Right four times. Use the Sword of Fury. Move Inside. Fight the enemy. Once beaten, jump up on the platform, and get the Sacred Mirror. Move Left four times, then Move Outside. Go to the Izanami Shrine, and Use the Sacred Mirror. Head for the Summit Temple, and Talk to Diakak. Take the Sword of Branches, and leave the Mystic Harp. Move to the Kashima Temple, and Use the Sword of Branches. When the Serpent God appears, Use the Mirror. Use the Sword of Kusanagi. Fight the enemies, by shooting at them from the bottom of the screen.
TO DEFEAT THE DARK LORD: Use the Fudo Spell on the Eyes, until the screen stops. Then use the Fudo Spell on the three remaining eyes. Once they are destroyed, lightning bolts will come at you. Dodge them, until the screen fades.
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