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Sonic the Hedgehog for GG
Sonic the Hedgehog for GG
Published by Kong
Sonic the Hedgehog for GG

Sonic the Hedgehog is a great game, the object is to save floating island from Dr. Robotnikwho turns animals into robots. You fight Robotnik at the end of each area. If you get all the emeralds you get a little bonus ending if you beat the game. In all the Genesis games and later Game Gear games you have to find your way into special bonus stages to get them, but here they are hidden in the acts.

Green hill. In level 2 after you go hit the first continue marker (the box with an arrow) jump to a ledge at the left but do not jump on the spring. Instead run left and drop into the gap. Right of you is the emerald.

Bridge. Near the end of level 1 you see the emerald on a ledge, but there is a wall between you and it. Jump on the collapsing bridge at the right. Stay on it until you are about to fall off the screen, then jump left to the emerald. This is quite hard, jumping of the bridge as it collapses at just the right time.

Jungle. In level 1, after the log with spikey parts you see a small log floating down a waterfall. Instead of jumping onto it, drop straight down from the edge. When you land on a platform jump left and you see a barrel floating in the water. Jump onto it and run left on the barrel to the emerald.

Labyrinth. This one's so easy it seems like a bonus! In level 2, after you get past the crow heads that shoot missiles run left, and use the platforms to jump to the top, just to the left is the emerald.

Scrap brain. In level 2 after you drop down the hole with rings in it run right, jump up to a platform, and continue right to a door. Then continue right jumping over two gaps. Drop into the third one. From the bottom run right to a transporter. When you come out run left to the emerald. (Hint: after you get the emerald climb to the top and go left, pressing the switch once. Then go back down, past the gaps, through the door, and back to the bottom of the hole with rings. Now run right and don't jump to the platform above, instead go right through a door. Now go down but don't jump into the gap at the right. At the bottom run right, jump over a gap, and get in a transporter. Now you can go left from the place near the switch and follow this path to the goal.

Sky base. Somewhere near the bottom of the huge battleship is a platform going right. I don't know exactly where it is, and I suggest you don't go for this emerald unless you have a lot of lives. If you can get on this platform ride it right, you will reach the 1-Up. Continue right on another platform. It's extremely hard to get past the guns. At the far right there is another platform that takes you to the emerald.
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