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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for GG
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for GG
Published by Kong
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for GG

Underground Zone

Act 1.
Go right and stay on the top. Jump over the first hole; keep going right and avoid the falling spikes. After the second lot of spikes, jump on the spring for an extra life. Drop down and keep going right staying on the top. Go slowly down the last slope to the springs in the air. Use them to get over the larva to the exit. If you can stay on the top ones, you can jump right to another extra life then drop down and right to the exit.

Act 2. (Chaos Emerald)
Go right, fall down and smash the left wall. Collect the rings and use the right spring to get back up through the gap you left in the wall. Run right. You will see a wall with a spring on top and another on the right of it. Use the right spring to smash through some more walls to get some more rings and an extra life. (kill yourself here and repeat the process to collect lives!) Do not fall down after the extra life! Go back left and jump up to the ring monitor. Keep going right. Get in the cart and fall down then go right over the larva. You will get to another spring. Bounce left on the spring up to a slope with a ring monitor on top. Sonic back down the slope right and jump off into the cart. When the cart is in mid-air, jump out into the far right corner and collect your first Chaos Emerald! Now drop down left and then right to the exit.

Act 3.
Get in the cart and jump right in mid-air. Keep going right and sonic down the next slope. Robotnik will pick you up and take you to the end-of-level baddie.

Stand on the edge where the angle of the ground changes. Jump over the rocks and get back to that position. The low bouncing rocks are easy. The high ones are not and require good timing! When a high one is close, jump diagonally up-right then push up-left in the air to jump around the rock. After the baddie has received a few hits, Robotnik will attack you. Jump over him and he will destroy the baddie instead.

Sky High Zone

Act 1.
Go right over the bridge and jump the gaps to the spring. Jump right again for an extra life then jump back onto the spring. Smash the walls all the way left. There is an upward spring. Jump on it up to another one and then into the left corner. (Jump over the extra life and push it from the left to watch little birds appear out of no-where!) Collect the extra life and jump off the slope right. Bounce your way up the big cliff. Get the invincibility and sonic into the hand-glider. Press diagonally up-left to guide the hand-glider through the rings to the exit.

Act 2. (Chaos Emerald)
Ignore the hand-glider and go right. Ignore the spring and jump onto the next two cliffs; then jump onto the small bouncing cloud with rings on it. Right next to this cloud is a big cloud with a row of rings on it. Jump onto it and walk right off of it onto the big cloud below. To the right in the air is another little bouncy cloud. Stand under it. If you jump right, you will land on another small bouncy cloud not far from where you are. Okay? Now you need to jump diagonally to your far right, and you will land on another big cloud. If you jump up, you will be able to see the Chaos Emerald. Now it gets tricky! Go to the left corner of the cloud you are on; you can see where it ends because the cloud gets thinner. If you jump left from the edge you can land on another small bouncing cloud. Use this cloud to jump diagonally to the far right to collect your second Chaos Emerald! Now run right into the hand-glider and go through the rings until you fall to the exit. (if you fall and get lost on this level, you can get the extra life in the bottom left corner of the level, kill yourself, and start again).

Act 3.
Jump and run right to the cloud.

Bounce on and destroy the bounce-bots. You will fall through the cloud to some eggs. Destroy the hatching bounce-bots and eggs. When the mother appears, bounce on her head to destroy her.

Aqua Lake Zone

Act 1.
Run right and keep pressing jump to skim the water. After the loop, smash the wall with the spring. Skim across the water and get the hidden extra life. Go left; fall down and right to the exit.

Act 2. (Chaos Emerald)
Walk right until you fall down. Go left down the slope to the shoot. Pull down in the shoot and keep left as you fall through rings to an invincibility monitor. Now run right over the spikes to a dead end. Jump in a big bubble and travel upward then left and up, and left and up again. Go right and stop before the slope; another big bubble will take you up through a passage of rings and springs. Go right into the shoot and keep pressing left to get the third Chaos Emerald! Jump back into the shoot and donít press anything. Youíll land at an extra life. Jump right, down, and go right to a dead end. Jump in a big bubble and travel upward through a tricky passage full of lobsters, spears, and rings! (my strategy here is to keep to the right wall and push up to avoid the lobster, then rush to the left wall. Once you have avoided that lobster, go back right, but be careful to go left again through the passage before the spikes at the top get you!) At the top, go left and up to the exit.

Act 3.
Keep going right, skimming over the water and staying at the top until you get to the baddie.

Jump on him as soon as he starts to blow a bubble then go to the very other side of the screen and jump up. The seal will bounce you (donít move) and then throw you off. Repeat the procedure until he is defeated.

Green Hills Zone

Act 1.
Run right collecting all the rings on the way. Sonic down the slope to get the extra life on top of the loop. Use the spring to get the extra life on the next loop. (kill yourself here and repeat the process to collect lives!) Stay on top of the cliff and run right to the exit.

Act 2. (Chaos Emerald)
Stay on top of the cliffs and run right as in the last act. You will come to a slope which has two springs with a lot of rings above them to the right of it. (if you pass this, you will come to a tall thin cliff wall with springs and more rings on top that you canít reach). You need to use the springs near the slope to bounce diagonally up-right onto the unreachable wall. From this wall, jump diagonally up-right again to a cliff on which is the fourth Chaos Emerald! Keep going right to the exit.

Act 3.
Be prepared to lose lives; it is really hard to get to this end-of-level baddie! Use the green trees to help you see where the springs are, and jump to the first cliff slope. Just run off the slope pushing right, and you will land on springs and bounce right onto a higher ledge. This bit is really hard! You need to hit the very right edge of the springs on this ledge to bounce up to a really steep ledge. Bounce off this one, pressing right to get to the end-of-level baddie.

The baddie, luckily, is not too hard! The dog will either roll straight at you, roll through the ditch, or curve in the air; he may also then come back. After an attack, the dog stomps about angrily. Bounce on him then. (when I jump to avoid an attack, I tend to land in the ditch and hit him from there. It is closer so you can hit him before he starts spinning, which will kill you).

Gimmick Mountain Zone

Act 1.
Jump on the spring and then onto the spinning wheels upward. At the top, go right across the conveyor belts and through the shoot. Pick up the invincibility to the right then go down the slope, and right across the spikes and conveyor belts. At the end, jump up the flat spinning wheels. Jump in the cart and stay in it until it crashes. At the right are some more flat wheels. This time use the moving platforms to get up. Get the invincibility to the right then run (donít sonic) down the slope to the left. Jump off it left onto another downward slope. At the bottom, run left across the spikes to the exit.

Act 2. (Chaos Emerald)
Go right across the conveyor belts and platforms and up the slope. Jump left through the wall into a hidden room. Keep going left across the conveyor belts, and up using the spinning wheels. Keep going right at the top and collect the fifth Chaos Emerald! Go back left down and right to the slope next to the hidden room. Go up the spinning wheels. Once at the top, continue all the way right staying at the top. (if you fall, you need to go right and up on the flat spinning wheels to the top) Go right until the end and drop. Go left, down, and right to the exit

Act 3.
Go through the two shoots, and right across the conveyor belts. Jump onto the platforms and travel up. (with the second one, jump off it near the top and wait for it to come back, or you will die) Go left on the platform, jumping over the ledge, and then spring up and right to the end-of-level baddie.

Jump over him as he runs to hit you then jump on him when he retracts his spikes. If you hit him fast enough, the small rocks wonít fall after he hits the wall.

Scrambled Egg Zone

Act 1.
If I havenít written push left etc. in the pipes, then donít do anything. The hardest level! Go right and jump in the pipe. Keep pushing right and then collect the rings. Jump back in the pipe and push up to collect more rings. Jump in the pipe again and push left then up. Go left to the spring and jump into the pipe. Jump right across the ledges and into the pipe. Drop left and go into the next pipe. Push left past two junctions, and then keep pushing down. Jump quickly left off of the platform before it falls into another pipe! Then into another pipe. Jump on the platform into the pipe above for an extra life, and then jump onto the left-moving platform. Stay on the platform, and jump into the far left pipe, and then into the next one. You should now be at the final pipe leading to the exit! Jump in and push down and then right (keep pressing right, and you will bounce left-right) Now push down then left to get to the exit!

Act 2.
Go across the ledges (past the bomb-bots) and into the pipe. Sonic down the slope leaping left. Here is a tricky bit. Jump in the pipe, and push right at a turn, left at a twisty bit, and then keep pushing up. Sonic down the slope leaping right, and collect the extra life followed by the 100 or so rings! Go back left and get the extra life again. Drop left and right to get another extra life. (kill yourself here and start again to collect lives!) Drop down and right onto the middle of the platform. Jump in the pipe and back onto the platform. Repeat this with the next platform. This platform then floats up to a pipe above. Jump in it and push left then down. You will land on the platform again. Jump back into the pipe and keep pressing left. You will land back on the platform. Now stay on the platform (jump over a ledge) until you get to a ledge with a pipe above it. Jump in the pipe for the exit.

Act 3. (Chaos emerald)
Jump in the pipe. Sonic will jump on springs. Push right after the last spring to avoid landing on spikes. Use the next lot of springs to bounce up to the ledge, and jump in the pipe to Silver Sonic.

Pretty straight forward. Hit him when he is not spinning. If you hit him when he is spinning, you will not die.

Once youíve defeated him, collect the sixth and final Chaos Emerald! If you donít have all six, the game will end here and you will not have saved Tails, but you do get an end sequence.

Crystal Egg Zone

Act 1.
Nice straight forward level after all your hard work! Head right and stay at the top if you can. Watch out for the falling blocks. They wonít hurt you if you are going sonic, nor will they hit you if you walk slowly. The exit is all the way right.

Act 2.
Go right until you get to an area with several rings. Bounce up and get the extra life then go left. Sonic down the slope and leap left to a spinning blue ball. Jump onto it, and work your way up then right. You will walk behind the scenery. Jump on the spring, and push left to get an extra life. Then go right, down the slope, and bounce up. Jump left off of the slope on the left to an upward going slope. Go left, then up, and right to the exit.

Act 3. (Robotnik)
Jump in the pipe. You will land in an arena, into which Robotnik will send lots of electric charges to zap you (some look a bit like flowers?!).

Hit Robotnik, and then jump into the pipe, pushing right (always go right in the pipe). You will start spinning around the arena. Remember that nothing can hurt you whilst youíre in the pipe. Now wait until Robotnik sends a short charge of electricity into the arena, followed by a long one. After the long charge, push diagonally up-right to fly out of the pipe and hit Robotnik. Then drop back into the pipe, pushing right as before.

Keep doing that until he runs away. Chase him, and he will teleport away; Tails will be teleported to you. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the proper end sequence!
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