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Shinobi for SMS
Shinobi for SMS
Published by Kong
Shinobi for SMS

Sound test
Up+1 at the title screen.

Selecting Levels
When the Title Screen with the face is up, hold the Directional Pad DOWN, and press BUTTON #2. You will be able to select your mission and scene, by rotating the numbers on the screen, with the Directional Pad.
Ninja Magic
You DO NOT automatically start the game with Ninja Magic. You earn it in the bonus rounds. In the bonus rounds, if you shoot the Blue Ninjas, and then proceed to beat the bonus round, you will get two Ninja Magics, instead of one. Ninja magic is not mandatory for beating the game, it just helps a lot.
Using Ninja Magic: To use the Ninja Magic, press and hold BUTTON #2, then press BUTTON #1 twice.

Additional Hint
The Green Ninjas are easiest to kill by hitting them in the feet twice.

Beating the Bosses
Mission One: Ken Oh
Stay on the left-hand side of the screen and continuously jump. When the fireballs get close to you, stop jumping and move to the right. Then, jump and shoot him, in the face. When the fireballs disappear, he will throw another set of them. Continue over to the left of the screen and follow the previous procedure.

Mission Two: Black Turtle
NOTE: The exit for mission 2-2 (the red room), is at the very top of the room on the left-hand side.
Jump and shoot the Helicopter, in the Nose, eight times. Try to hit him five or six times, before the Ninjas come out. That way you don't have to worry about the Ninjas too much. When they start coming, just avoid them, and always remember, your main objective is to hit the Helicopter in the Nose.

Mission Three: Mandara
Get as close to the rows of statues as you can and start shooting and backing up. Each statue will take four hits to be destroyed. When you have taken out all of the statues, you will come up against a face on a wall shooting fireballs. Jump and shoot the Red "eye", eight times, while avoiding the fireballs.

Mission Four: Lobster
Jump and shoot his head, when his sword is down. Do this as quickly as you can because once he comes after you, you may not get another chance!

Mission Five: Masked Ninja
There are four forms of the Masked Ninja:
Glowing Ninja: Shoot him three times when his glowing defence is gone.
Tornado (Whirlwind) Ninja: Crouch down and let him come to you. When he comes close enough, kick him. He will back away. Repeat this procedure three times.
Jumping Ninja: Every time he jumps and lands, he leaves a "White Shadow," that will also attack you. When he jumps, you jump and shoot him in the air. He will land (he won't leave a shadow, if you hit him in mid-air), and jump again. Repeat this procedure three times.
Masked Ninja: This guy runs real fast. Let him run past you once (this will drain your life meter a little, so be sure you have enough), then turn and face him, and shoot him as fast as you can. Keep shooting until he is destroyed.
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