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Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention
Probably everything you need to know
Published by bearhawk72
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Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention

Shining Force is a Strategy RPG, not your standard RPG. All battles are staged and there are no random encouters.

Unlike other SRPG's you may have played, you do not get to move all of your characters at once. The game decides who gets to move based on the agility of the characters. So you and the enemy could get multiple turns in a row, or alternate every other turn.

Like most RPG's out there, Shining Force has 2 modes:

1) Town Exploration

Just like every other RPG. You wander around, get information on where to go, buy/sell supplies, find new allies, and look for chests to open. There are 2 places to take note of in each city/town

Pressing A brings up the talk, item, search, and magic options. Magic has no use in exploration mode. Talk allows you to talk to people when you are next to them, item allows you to use/trade/equip items, and search allows you to open chests.

These guys you will be visiting a lot. They perform a lot of actions. They allow you to save your game, they can revive your fallen characters for a fee of 10 gold per level(ie level 11=110 gold), cure diseases for 10 gold and curses for 20 gold, and promote your characters(see the leveling section)

-NOVA Headquarters(shown as a building with shield and blue dot in the shield)
Here you can get advice on the upcoming battle, swap out party members, and trade items around.

2) Battle Areas
The meat and potatoes of the game. As said before, all battles are scripted and will always occur in the same place with the same number and types of enemies.

There are 3 ways a battle can end:
1) You kill all the enemies
2) You kill the Boss enemy (not necessarily a true boss but some battle have 1 enemy who if you kill ends the battle no matter how many enemies are left on the field)
3) Max(the main character) dies. If Max dies you go back to the last town you were in and you lose half your total gold. However, all experience gained is kept.

What happens in a battle?
You and your party (a maximum of 12 members can be brought into battle, Max must be one of them) start at one side of the map and the enemy may start spread out across the map.

Each character can move a specific number of spaces based on their MOVE stat. It is different for each character. The amount of spaces you can move is highlighted when it is that characters turn to move. Some characters can move much further than others so be careful not to have people lag behind or have others wander too far ahead.

Controls in battle
A and C confirm actions. B has 2 functions. One is to cancel actions. The second works as follow:

On a turn of one of your characters press B. A box will appear you can move. Highlighting any character, friend or foe, and pressing A will allow you to see all their stats, what they are carrying, and what if any magic they have.

Pressing B on an empty space on the map brings up a new menu. Here you can view a map of friendly and enemy locations, adjust come settings, and save you game mid battle(you will resume exactly where you left off)

Should you see a chest on the battle field you have 2 options: try to get it during battle or wait until the battle is over. To get the chest during battle simply walk up to it and search will be highlighted. click search to open the chest

Based on the character and what they have equipped they can attack from varying distance from as little as right next to an enemy, or as far away as several squares. When you can attack the menu will be set on attack, though you can also choose magic or stay.

On any attack your character may attack twice though it is randomly decided. When being attacked you can also be attacked twice, as well as counter attacking

Land Effect
This is determined by the terrain you are in. The higher the number the lower damage your attack will do. On the flip side, the higher the number actually helps you better defend attacks.

Certain characters have a hard time moving on certain terrains. Keep that in mind

Certain battles have bosses. You'll know them when you see them. They usually have high level magic and very strong attacks. they can and do recover health so you have to keep on them with several attackers

Special Enemies
Some enemies have 2 attacks, you cannot tell that by examining them. Usually one attack is very weak and you will rarely see it. The other usually resembles a magic attack, though they don't have any MP. Just be careful and note which enemies have multiple attacks

( Click to show/hide )
If the enemy has only a few units on a map, it's a trap. At some point in the battle more will appear. Be ready.

General Character Info

Shining Force has several types of characters, and the enemy usually has the equivalent(some characters have skills of a couple classes)

Melee: Your average grunt forces. Can usually only attack enemies right next to them. Included in this category are the Hero, Centaurs, Gladiators, etc

Ranged: These characters have to attack from several spaces away. These are your archers, and centaurs if equipped with spears. Archers have low defense, keep them behind the grunts

Mages: Magic users. May learn several different types of magic. There are 2 main groups, Healers and Attackers. Do not attack with them they do little damage and die very easily

Flyers: These guys fly and are not encumbered by any terrain. Very useful for flanking enemies.

As you defeat monsters, cast magic, attack monsters you gain exp. 100 points gains you a new level. Exp decreases as you fight the same enemies over and over

When a character gains a level, they are randomly awarded point into HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Speed. etc.

When a character reaches level 10 they can be promoted to a new class. When promoted you lose some of your stats and are slightly weaker. However, the stat gains you get become better and you will get stronger faster.

When do I promote?
This is subject to debate. Some people think you should not promote until level 20. You will be much stronger when you do this, however it requires lots and lots of grinding.

My general rule of thumb is this: Promote when there are weapons you cannot equip unless you are promoted.

It is completely possible and really not that difficult to beat the game when you promote everyone at level 10. It's your choice.

Secret/Hidden/Missable Characters

There are several in the game. Don't look if you want to find them yourself.
( Click to show/hide )

Gong: Exit the first battle and enter the little hut. Talk to him and he joins

Gort:After Guradiana is attacked talk to him in the pub

Aurthur: In Manarina. Talk to him after you use the orb of light.

Diane: Talk to her is Bustoke

Vankar: After Pao leaves the first time, he's wandering around.

Kokichi: After getting the moon stone in Bustoke, search his machine, talk to him, and watch his experiment. When Pao leaves he'll be there

Guntz: Talk the the experimenter in Rindo. Guntz will move but the suit will break. The second time you go to pao he'll be in the pig pen. Talk to him and he joins.

Domingo: Search the weird monster looking thing in Manarina and you'll get an egg. In your second visit to Pao someone will offer to hatch the egg for you. Domingo then joins

Lyle: Find him in Rindo

Musashi: In Prompt there is a small sign on a building. Search it after you have been imprisoned

Hanzou: Right as you enter Runefaust there is a bush that looks a little odd. Search it and he joins

General Tips
If a battle is going south, don't be afraid to egress out and approach it again. It's better to run then have Max die and lose half your cash

Do not promote a lot of people at the same time. Sure it seems like a good idea but you'll be much weaker and probably have to re-fight a battle a couple times until you're back to a decent strength.

Try for a balanced team. A good mix of melee fighters supported by ranged guys can be deadly if you do it right. Use the mages to weaken groups of enemies and it becomes even easier.

Don't fall in love with the people you start with. As you get more than 11 characters, try out the new ones. It may require a little grinding(letting the new guys kill everything) to get them up to your level but they may be far better than the people you are using

The final battle is in 2 parts, if you beat part one and egress out you'll have to fight part 1 again.

When fighting the final enemy have 2 weak characters stand where the armored skeletons spawn so they stop spawning.

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