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Shining in the Darkness
Shining in the Darkness
Published by bearhawk72
Shining in the Darkness

Shining in the Darkness is the game that kicked off the great “Shining” Series and the precursor to Shining Force 1 and 2(though it takes places after those two game in the timeline)


The Kingdom of Thornwood is in danger. The Princess and your father have disappeared, and a powerful magician known as Dark Sol has appeared and is wreaking havoc upon the land. You must enter the ancient Labyrinth and pass the Trials of the Ancients to prove you are worthy to become the Shining Knight and defeat Dark Sol.


There are two modes of play in this game. Town mode and dungeon mode.

Town mode:

Unlike Shining Force 1 and 2, there is no town exploration. You can go to the castle, the town proper, or the Labyrinth. This is more in line with the Gaiden line of games for the Game Gear.

-Castle: Go here to talk to the King and his advisors. They will give you information or items you need to proceed on your quest.

-Town: This is where you buy supplies, heal, and save your game. There are a few areas:
  • Weapons dealer: Buy and Sell weapons
  • Tavern: Ring the bell and pay 30 gold to rest which restores everyone’s HP and MP
  • Armorer: Buy and Sell armor
  • Alkemist: Buy and Sell healing potions and other useful items
  • Shrine: Here you raise dead characters for a fee, cure status ailments, and save your game. The priest will also tell you how many more experience points each character needs to reach the next level
  • Trader: Not available initially. Opens after you complete the Trial of the Ancients. He can craft items from material you find, or repair damaged items.


Here is where the majority of the game takes place. This game is a first person dungeon crawler. You wander around a giant maze fighting monsters. Certain segments are blocked off until you have the proper items to proceed.


You only have 3

Hiro: Your main character. He/she cannot use magic. Will become the strongest character in the game.

Milo: Milo is a cleric. He gains the highest use of the Heal spell and becomes a strong attacker, just below Hiro. He also as some offensive magic.

Pyra: Pyra is the mage of the group. She has the best offensive magic, as well as some support magic and Egress.

Important information

-Before you play get yourself some graph paper. The game does not have an in game map and unless you make your own maps as you go(or use one online) you will get hopelessly lost.

-If everyone dies, you go back to town with a penalty of half your gold.

-Early on, you will be alone. Make sure you do not wander too far away from the main entrance until you can handle the enemies. Also carry with you medical herbs and an angel wing

-Every time you complete a level or trial, go to the Castle and talk to everyone. They may give you an item you need to access the next area.

-Anything you sell to a dealer can be bought back at a later time.

-Sometimes you can access a higher level than the one you are currently on. Be careful because enemies may be too strong for you.

-Some areas have trap floors. You can't see they are traps until you step on that area. You will not die, but you will most likely have to backtrack to get back to that area.
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