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Rambo - First Blood Part 2 for SMS
Rambo - First Blood Part 2 for SMS
Published by Kong
Rambo - First Blood Part 2 for SMS

Be sure to collect all of the "S"s & "L"s. The "S" allows you to shoot four guys in a row with one shot. The "L" allows your bullets to last longer.
Begin game play in two player mode. Hold 1 + 2 and continuously sweep the D-pad in any direction until the continue option appears. Note: This may only be done through level 2.
Level 1
Two arrowbombs are needed to destroy the tanks. One arrowbomb is needed to destroy the round or square huts,
containing the P.O.W.'s. One shot will take care of the ground Guerrilla's. Attack the Guerrillas in front of the wall first, then go for the wall. One Arrow Bomb towards the wall when it flashes. You should only shoot at the wall after you have taken out 90% of the ground Guerillas in front of the wall. Watch out, because when you kill the Guerillas, little "aftershocks", will come after you. Avoid them, or they will harm you. Grenades come out from behind the walls, so watch out.

Level 2
Let the ground Guerrilla's come after you, then attack them. As you attempt to attack the Skull Wall of this level, keep shooting the guys in front of the wall, and the sides of the wall first. This will cause the wall to flash. Only when it is flashing, should you attempt to destroy it with one arrowbomb. Watch out for the "aftershocks", and the grenades.

Level 3
Attack the Tank with two arrowbombs, while watching out for the "aftershocks". Then attack the Guerrillas in front of the wall. Keep this up until the wall starts flashing. Fire at the X with one arrowbomb to take out the wall.

Level 4
The wall of this round is a Skull Face. Attack the guys in front of the wall until the Skull starts to flash. One arrowbomb to the face will take care of this wall.

Level 5
If you get three sets of "S"s & "L"s, you will get ninety-nine Arrow Bombs. If you collect one "S", one "L", and one "?", without dying, you will get an extra man!
The Guerrillas in this level are policemen. On the left and right side of this level are patrol cars. Destroy these cars with one arrowbomb. When given a choice to enter a wall on the left or right side, choose the left! When you come to the bridges, cross the bridge on the left side. The wall on this level looks like a large boulder. Shoot the guys in front of the boulder and keep your eyes out for the guys that jump out at you from the sides. Keep shooting in front of the wall until you have taken out at least 38 Guerillas. Keep your eyes out for the grenades that come at you from behind the boulder. After the wall starts flashing, one arrowbomb to the boulder will take it out.

Level 6
A good strategy in this level is to pull back and let the Guerillas come after you. Watch our for the Flame Throwers! The wall of this level is a full Human's face. It is a round old looking face. Take out the Tank with one arrowbomb. To take out the wall itself, use the following methods:
1. Launchers - On the left hand side of the level, are Rocket Launchers (grey). Use your gun to hit the tip of the Launcher 10 times. This will cause the left side of the wall to disappear. Then shoot the right side of the wall four times with arrowbombs. Then, shoot 4 arrow - bombs towards the face.
2. Shoot 5 arrowbombs towards the wall on the left side of the face. Then shoot 5 arrowbombs towards the wall on the right side of the face. Finally, shoot 5 arrowbombs towards the face itself.
3. 1 arrowbomb to the left side of the face, followed by 8 regular shots. Follow with 11 regular shots to the right side of the face. Finally, shoot 10 regular shots to the face. Look out, because the face in the wall, fires at you.
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