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R-Type for SMS
R-Type for SMS
Published by Kong
R-Type for SMS

Sound Test
On the continue screen a countdown will start. Rotate the Directional Pad counter-clockwise until the countdown stops. Release the Directional Pad and you will enter the sound test.

Super Sound Test

Press 2+R.

Ten To Thirteen: When you have died three times and the continue screen appears rotate the Directional Pad on Control Pad one clockwise. Depending on how quickly you do it, you will receive between ten and thirteen continues.
Ninety-Five: After accessing the sound test, push and hold BUTTON #1 on Control Pad #1 and hold the Directional Pad to the LEFT. The number 00 will change to 95. Then, rotate the number down by pressing LEFT and BUTTON #1 after each number all the way back to 00. Be sure to pause briefly after each number before changing to the next one. When it gets back down to 00, press BUTTON #1 until the countdown resumes. Then, rotate the Directional Pad clockwise and you will see credits counting up. Then, press BUTTON #1 before the counter gets to 00 or the credits will not count.
Alternative 95 method: Play sound effect 62 three times. Then rotate the D-pad clockwise at the continue screen.
Unlimited: Another source says the first 95 method gives unlimited continues.

Invincibility Mode
Before you turn on the power press and hold the LOWER RIGHT corner of Control Pad #1 and the UPPER LEFT corner and BUTTON #1 on Control Pad #2. Turn on the power while holding these down and wait until you see the R-TYPE logo appear. If done properly, when you release all the buttons, you will be invincible.Hidden Round In Round 4
To get to the hidden stage in level four, look for two blank spots at the top of the screen. The first blank is the entrance to the stage. Be sure you don't have the Satellite on the back of your ship, then fly into the blank area and back your ship into the left wall and you will enter the secret stage. Directions on how to kill the boss of this stage are located below!

The Bosses
Round One - Frontline Base: Krell: Shoot the satellite at the green face in his stomach, then continuously shoot. It takes 10-20 shots to defeat.

Round Two - Bydo Caves: Gomada: Position your ship to the left, and right above the creatures blue eye. Shoot the eye 8-10 times, while avoiding the snake coming out of his body.

Round Three - Mega Battleship: Mega Battleship: Shoot everything, satellites are a must in this round. Eventually, the ship will fall. For extra challenge, try going directly under the ship, destroying all of the parts of the ship. Then, when the ship is all the way to the left, move above the ship and continue shooting all the parts that are shooting at you.

Round Four - The Terrible Mechanical Cells: Monpaira: Shoot the green windows when separated on all three parts of the ship.

Round Four - Secret Round: Secret Round Boss: Continuously shoot all of the coloured circles that he shoots at you while shooting the boss. Eventually, he will die (he doesn't show any signs of dying).

Round Five - Under Water Caves: Kraken: Shoot all the rocks that surround the star, then when they are destroyed, shoot the star in the middle 5-10 times.

Round Six - Wherehouse Labryinth: There is no boss for this round, but to get past it there will be several yellow squares to defeat. To defeat them, stay on the left hand side of the screen and shoot them as they come out of the ceiling. They take two full powered shots to defeat.

Stage Seven - The Eroding City: Buranko: Continuously move right to left, shooting the blue spot on the creature to the right until destroyed.

Stage Eight - The Bydo Empire: Bydo: Wait for the orange protection to disappear, then shoot your droid into the mouth of the creature, while avoiding the blue spirals
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