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Quartet for SMS
Quartet for SMS
Published by Kong
Quartet for SMS

Wide Beam Option
On the Title Screen, press the PAUSE button 14 times, then press BUTTON #1.Round 1
Items: Crawl under the platform by the exit and shoot the wall to the right ten times. A 10,000 Point-Ball will appear. Then, kill the boss. Once the boss is dead, head to the beginning of the level and a 5,000 Point-Ball will appear.
Getting Through The Round: Go all the way to the right. When you see the Jet Pack, pick it up. When you reach the boss, stay to the left of him, and shoot him 6-8 times, while avoiding the Fireballs he shoots at you.

Round 2
Items: Shoot just above the first Maback creature you encounter 6 times and an Invincibility Missile will appear. After killing the alien Boss, return to the place where you got the Star-Power and a $10,000 Power Missile will appear.
Getting Through The Round: Exit the warp door located at the right end. This will bring you to a blue world. This world is easily passed, if you stay along the bottom, going left. Get the Jet Pack before you fight the creature. Shoot him 8 to 10 times. Once he is killed, get the key, and go back to the right. Before you exit, pick up the star that is guarded by the three eyes (shoot the top eye, and the Star-Power will appear).

Round 3
Getting Through The Round: Jump and shoot away the stone walls. Take out the first flying creature that you opened the walls to expose. Proceed on the same level the creature was on, which is the second level from the top. Get the Jet Pack that is located in the second flying creatures den. Keep going to the right. Exit the first warp door you come across. This will put you into a gold and blue room. Fly and shoot going to the right. Get the clock just below and to the left of the next warp door. Go in the warp door. You will come upon a Dragon. The Dragon sways from side to side shooting bullets at you. Stay on the Dragon's left hand side, and hit him in the head 15-20 times. Once killed, take the key, and go back in the warp door. Go to the left, to find the exit.

Round 4
Getting Through The Round: Stay along the bottom going to the right. You will find the Jet Pack located in mid-air, right below a Skull-Head, to the left of the warp door. Fly up to the warp door. Once entered, there will be a slight change of colour in the screen. Proceed to the left and get ready to fight the bouncing/flying creature. In order to kill him, hit him 15-20 times. After beating this creature, go back to the warp door that you came through first. Go to the right, staying on the top portion of the screen, shooting the various enemies coming at you. Keep going right to the warp door. Once entered, proceed left, taking out the creatures on the steps one by one. After you have taken them out, go back to the right, to the warp door. This time, it will be guarded by a Snail. Kill the Snail, and enter the warp door. Once entered, proceed left, staying at the top of the screen. When the star appears, grab it. Proceed left to the exit.

Round 5
Items: In the Underworld, crawl under the bottom right stone under the warp door and shoot five or six times at the wall. Once done, a 10,000 point Power-Missile will appear.
Getting Through The Round: Go towards the right, staying at the top. The clock is located a ways down on the bottom of one of the platforms. Get the clock, and proceed to the warp door, guarded by the Snail. Jump and shoot the Snail, until he dies. Enter the warp door. Go to the left, to a wall, guarded by a moving Skull. On the other side of the wall, you will find the Jet Pack. To get to it, shoot the top portion of the wall, and then enter. Then shoot both sides of the den. A Star will appear, five bricks down from the top. Get the star, and keep flying on the top portion, going left. Fight the creature located all the way down to the left just above the exit door. Shoot the creature twelve to fourteen times (you know you have scored a hit, because you will hear a "ding"). After beating him, make your way to the exit door. You will need to shoot out the bricks then enter it.
Bonus Round: When you are in the surface world, shoot under the block which is located at the right and down from the warp door. You will find a spot where your bullet hits something. Keep shooting this spot, until your bullet goes through. When it does, enter the above warp door. If it should happen not to work, don't worry, go back through the warp door, and try again!

Round 6
How To Get Through The Round: Make your way to the right. Get the Jet Pack, which is in mid- air. Continue going right, to find the warp door. Once entered, proceed left, flying along the bottom of the screen. Find and beat the gold creature that flies in a circle. After beating him, proceed left, to the warp door. Once entered, shoot the colourful creatures, to get the key. If you need it, an extra Jet Pack is located to the right of the warp door. Proceed left, to the warp door in the lower left hand corner. Once entered, you are in the Generator room. In this room, there are five main points that need to be hit, concentrate on them one at a time. If you need it, there is an extra Jet Pack to the right of the
points. Once you have taken them out, a passageway shall be revealed!
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