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Psycho Fox for SMS
Psycho Fox for SMS
Published by Kong
Psycho Fox for SMS

Round 1: Mad Tumbler - He is easiest to beat as the Monkey. Jump on the gun and shoot at his mid-section. Then, run to the left (he will land wherever you are when he starts to move). Then, run back to the right and jump on the gun again. Repeat this procedure until only his head is left.
Round 2: Robo Fly - He is easiest to beat as the Monkey. Punch the spray can to the edge of the ledge and stand on top of it. Jump when he comes close to spray him. If he gets behind you, continuously jump to avoid him.
Round 3: Doramaru - He is easiest to beat as the Monkey or the Tiger. Jump on his head three times to destroy him. After each hit, he starts moving faster, so try to adjust to his speed.
Round 4: Robo Fly II - Follow the same procedure as Robo Fly.
Round 5: Mad Tumbler II - He is easiest to beat as the Monkey. Jump to the right, onto the gun. Then, when his body parts start moving to the left, jump. Eventually, his head will move over, so jump on it. he will not move until you do, so move to the left (the further you move, the further he will). When he gets far enough away from the gun, move to the left, then immediately jump to the right. Then, continue the previous procedure until destroyed.
Round 6: Doramaru II - Repeat the same procedure as Doramaru.
Round 7: Madfox Daimyojin - He is easiest to beat as the Tiger. Run to the right and punch the launcher. The gun will release bombs that will fly up and hit him (when he's hit, he will stand up). Then, run to the left and avoid his lightning bolts. Turn around, run to the right, and punch the launcher again. Hit him three times to destroy.

Warp zone locations:
Warp zones are special places which, if you attack them by punching or using your Bird Fly, will warp you to later levels. To open one, attack it until it turns into a black hole (it will show and sound whenever you hit it) and jump in. Then find a pipe in the floor, stand on it and press D.

Level 1-1 (tricky): Go as high as you can from the start. When you get to a platform with two trees with nowhere further to go, take a low running jump to the right, but press L just after takeoff (then press R again). You should hit a "whiplash" pole at full speed; then bounce upwards using the bounce blocks on the right. Run along the broken platform and over the water, and jump up to another platform with two trees. The warp zone is to the right. The first pipe takes you to level 7-1; the second takes you to 2-1.

Level 1-3 (easy): Locate the jumping platforms near the end of the level. Near the top are three bounce blocks in a triangular arrangement. The warp zone is to the right of the top bounce block. The far right pipe leads to level 4-1; the one to its left leads to 5-1.
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