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Miracle Warriors for SMS
Miracle Warriors for SMS
Published by Kong
Miracle Warriors for SMS

You begin the game at the castle of Arasia, on the continent of Arukas. In order to collect your three companions, you must visit the ancient Sage Kosama. He is located on the continent of Arukas, above the mountains, in the Austel Providence. He will let you begin your quest.

Companion One: Guy
Guy is your first companion. To awaken him you will need the SWORD OF WARRIOR. This is found in the forest, south of the city of Orcho, on the continent of Marula, in a hidden castle. You will also need the spell "AWAKE GIANT". This is also found on the continent of Marula. If you head to the south-west corner of the Baton providence, you will find a city that is not on the map. It is here that you will buy the Spell and get your first companion.
NOTE: Buy the spell (Awake Giant) in the shop that sells Healings, Spells and Herbs.
Special Weapons:
Guy's special weapons are located on two continents, Marula and Apheidas.
The TUROS SWORD is located in a castle, in the mountains, surrounded by the forest, to the left of the Dirke providence.
The ARMOR OF TITAN is located on the peninsula of Kadmos, off the continent of Marula, in the mountains.
While on the peninsula of Kadmos, go to the village, and you will be able to purchase the first ship for $30,000. NOTE: This ship will NOT cross the Stormy Seas.
The SHIELD OF HECTOR is located on the continent of Apheidas. It is in the forest, in the Idmon desert.

Companion Two: Medi
Medi is your second companion. She is located on the continent of Eratos in the city of Doris. To get Medi you must have the ARMOR OF LEGEND, which is located in a cave in the mountains, on the continent of Apheidas.
Special Weapons:
Medi's special weapons are located on the continents of Eratos and Arukas.
The EROS SWORD is located in the castle of Elatoria, on the west side of Eratos.
The ARMOR OF ATHENA is located in a cave that is in the forest, next to the mountains, on the continent of Eratos.
The SHIELD OF CELENE is located in the mountains, to the left of the city of Galia, on the continent of Arukas.

Companion Three: Treo
Treo is your third companion. He is located on the island in the middle of the peninsula of Iphis. To get Treo, you must have the SHIELD OF ULYSSES, which is located on the island of Ikaros.
Special Weapons:
The HALBERD OF BABEL, ARMOR OF KASO, and SHIELD OF KIMAIRA are all located in the monument on the northern tip of Iphis. NOTE: To get into this monument, use the spell "TREO HAS COME". In order to use the spells, when the spell screen comes up, pull down on the Directional Pad until the arrow on the left is next to the correct spell.

Now that you have Treo, your party is complete. You should have all of their weapons and spells by now. From here, venture to the island above the Gorphonos desert, on the continent of Apheidas. This is where you will get the ship that will cross the Stormy Seas.
From here, venture south and sail through the Stormy Seas, to the continent of Areos. This is the continent where you will find the keys needed to enter the Gorkis shrine.

The Keys
The keys are hidden in three secret shrines on the continent of Areas. To find them start from the town of Tegea. Move 16 spaces South, press BUTTON TWO, and use the spell "COME, IASON" NOTE: This procedure will be the same for all keys. Proceed through the maze and you will find the KEY TO HEAVEN. From there, move 16 spaces West, and enter the shrine to find the KEY TO EARTH. From there, move 10 spaces north, enter the shrine, and you will find the KEY TO HELL. Finally, move 6 spaces west, and you will enter the GORKIS SHRINE. Proceed through this three level shrine with care, because if you take a wrong door, you will end up in a different shrine, in a different area, and you will have to find the Gorkis Shrine again. If you make it through the shrine, you will find the stairs that lead to TERRARIN, THE DARK LORD.

Terrarin, The Dark Lord
To defeat Terrarin, you will need to be at full power, and have the following items:
THE WHITE SPHERE: This is found in the middle of the Kithairon Desert, in a village.
THE STAFF OF EARTHQUAKES: This is found South of Eratos, on the island of Karme.
THE SACRED NUTS: You will get the nuts by killing the Liphants, in the forests, on the continent of Marula.
RESURRECTION POTIONS: To get these, you will need to kill the Sea Dragons, off the coast of Areos.
To fight Terrarin, use your magical items first, then attack until your power bar is almost gone. Then, use the Resurrection Potion, and continue to fight. Use the Potion only when the need is dire.

Other Items of Interest
The VILLAGE OF RESTORATION is located in the mountains, surrounded by a forest, above the Penteus providence.
The MANTLE and CRYSTAL are located in a monument, in the Silvius desert, on the continent of Eratos.
The HELM is located in a monument, in the Julus forest, on the continent of Marula.
The STONE OF PROTECTION is located in a village, on the eastern tip of the Iphis peninsula.

Additional Hints
When you first begin the game, only attack the Evil Merchants. They have a lot of money, and are easy to kill.
DO NOT attack the Villagers, Travellers or White Monks, talk to them, and they will help you with your quest.
Return to the villages frequently to replenish your strength.
Save the game often.

"Power Off" Cheats
As you know, killing Liphants in the forest just north of the Castle Arasia will earn you the Sacred Nuts. At first I could only collect 3 nuts and had to use them before I could collect more. Then I found that if I collect 3, then save the game, and turn it off and back on that I could collect 3 more. You can do this once more for a maximum of 9 Sacred Nuts. They come in handy when you go to fight Terarin.
I THINK the same is true for Resurrection Potions. I got 1 and turned the game off and got another and fought Terarin carrying 2 potions. That was all I needed to beat her (along with all the other the magical items, of course). The Resurrection Potion comes from killing a sea creature in the rough seas. It will cost you 1000 character points to get it, but it's worth it.

Raising Experience Tip
When you use the Sacred Nuts or the other magical items, ALL of your characters gain experience at the same time. This saves time building experience.

**********************************      SILVIUS MONUMENT
*          S ****                *
*  ********  ****  ****  ******  *      S = Stairway
*      ****  ****  ****  ******  *      C = Crystal
*****  ****              **      *      M = Mantle
*****        ********  ****  *****
*****  **************  ****  *****
*      **          **            *
*  ******  **  **  **  ********  *
*          **  **      ********  *
*************  ******  **        *
***** C          ****  **  ****  *
*      ********  ****  **  **    *
*  ************            **    *
*                ******  ****    *
*****  ******    ****    **      *
*****          ******    **  M   *

**********************************      ERATES MONUMENT
*             **                 *
*        **    ********  ******  *      S = Stairway
*    **  **              **      *      K = Key of Earth
*    **    ****          **  *****
***    **      ************    ***
***    **            **   K      *
*****  ************  **        ***
*  **            **    **    **  *
*  ********        **    ****    *
*        **    ******            *
***      **  **        ********  *
*******                    **    *
***          **********        S *
*    **********      **    **    *
*    **          **  ********    *
*            ******              *

**********************************      JULUS MONUMENT
*******                          *      S = Stairway
*    ********      **********    *      F = 100 Fangs
*    F             **      W     *      H = Helm
*  **        ********    *********      W = Writing
*  ******    **                  *
*      ********  ************    *
*                **              *
*  ************  **    ********  *
*  **            **    **    **  *
*****    **********    **        *
*        **            ***********
*        **  ************        *
*        **            **        *
*    ************      **  H     *
*    **            **            *
*  S **    **************        *
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