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King's Quest for SMS
King's Quest for SMS
Published by Kong
King's Quest for SMS

Golden Walnut/Bowl/Pebbles/Four Leaf Clover: Explore the forest and look on the ground for Golden Walnut, a Bowl, Pebbles (discoloration near a river), and the Four Leaf Clover.

Pouch: Look for a screen with two tree stumps, one upright, and one sideways on the ground. Look into the upright stump, and you will find the Pouch.

Dagger: Look for the screen with the single grey rock. Stand below the rock, push it, look in the hole, and then take the Dagger.

Carrot: Go to the garden above the castle and get the Carrot.

Golden Egg: Near the garden is large tree. Climb the tree to get the Golden Egg.

Note/Cheese: Find and enter the candy house and take the Note and the Cheese. NOTE: If the witch is home, push her in the fire, then take the Note and the Cheese.

Fiddle: Go to the log cabin and give the woodcutter the bowl. Fill it for him, and he will allow you to take the Fiddle.

Mushroom/Leprechaun's Den/Magic Shield/Sceptre: Go to the screen with the large cave and wait for the bird to appear. Jump on his back and he will fly you to a screen with a hole. Go one screen to the left and find the Mushroom. Return to the screen with the hole and proceed down the hole. When approached by the rat, give him the cheese and go through the door. This is the Leprechaun's Den. If you have the clover, the leprechauns will not hurt you. At this time, play the fiddle and enter the throne room. The king is unguarded and you can take the Magic Shield and the Sceptre. Go through the door and carefully climb the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a small door. Eat the mushroom here to exit. Go to the pen with the goat in it. Show him the carrot and lead him to the bridge with the troll. He will knock the troll off, and let you by to see the gnome.

Rumplestiltskin/Golden Key: Go visit the gnome (Rumplestiltskin) on the other side of the bridge. If you guess his name incorrectly three times, he will give you the Golden Key. Take the key to the door in the mountain side and carefully climb the stairs to the land in the sky.

Slingshot/Chest: In the land of the clouds, go one screen down and look in the tree, and you will find a Slingshot. Take the slingshot and find the giant. Use the slingshot on the Giant to kill him, then take the Chest. Go back down the stairs.

Well/Bucket/Dragon/Boulder/Mirror: Find the Well, stand on the right side of it and cut the rope with the dagger. Get the Bucket, lower the rope and climb down the rope. When in the well, fill the bucket with water and enter the Dragon's Lair. Get close to the dragon and throw the water at him when he breathes fire at you. This will make the dragon push the Boulder and leave. Get the Mirror and return to the King. When you return to the castle, bow to the King, talk to him, then walk up and touch the wall.
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