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Gyruss for NES
Gyruss for NES
Published by bearhawk72
Gyruss for NES

Aliens have invaded and taken over the Solar System. Starting at Neptune, fight your way through the solar system all the way to the sun and show those aliens who's the boss.

You have 2 control options when you start the game:

Control Scheme A- You use all the directions on the pad: UP, Down, Left, Right.

Example: With your ship starting at the bottom of the screen, Left and Right will move your ship anywhere up to 90 degrees to the left or right on the screen(X is where you can move using Left or Right):

To move back to the bottom or to the top of the screen(or anywhere past the 90 degree mark) you have to press Up or Down.

However, Up and Down will move the ship up to 180 degrees from at the top of the screen to the bottom or vice versa.

Control Scheme B- This scheme only uses Left and Right buttons. Pressing either will cause the ship to move in that direction, and holding it will make the ship move 360 degrees around the screen.

I personally find Control Scheme A to be easier to use(despite the explanation) but experiment with both and see which you prefer.

Once you choose your scheme, now it's time to get to business.

BUTTON B: Shoots your regular gun. There is no rapid fire option, keep pressing to keep shooting

BUTTON A: Shoots your special weapon. You have a limited supply shown by the red spiral icons in the lower right corner. Use them wisely.


All levels follow the same basic outline. Each planet has 3 warps to reach the next planet

Level 1:
Enemies come flying in in 4 waves. There patterns will not change for the 3 levels of each planet so use it to your advantage.

Level 2:
In addition to the 4 waves of enemies, you are faced with a mini boss of sorts. There will be 4 rotating aliens in the middle of the screen. They will shoot out other enemies that will try to kill you. One shot from your special weapon will destroy them, though they can be killed fairly easily with your normal guns.

Level 3:
Another 4 waves of enemies. Once you kill them all off you face a boss. The bosses are all different. I will say this, if it has pods attached to it that shoot things, one blast from your special weapon will destroy each pod. You get 30,000 points for beating each boss.

Special Stage:
After you beat the boss you go to a special stage. Four waves of 10 enemies will appear one after the other. Destroy as many as you can to earn bonus points. A Perfect Clear earns you 20,000 points. You may notice different colored enemies in the waves. Killing them earns you bonuses or upgrades(see bonus.upgrade section) to appear. Shoot them to gain the bonus/upgrade.


Extra Lives:
You can earn extra lives one of 2 ways:
-Points: First extra life comes at 50,000 points. Additional extra lives every 100,000 points after(150K, 250K, etc)
-1up icons appear on screen. Simply shoot them and you'll gain an extra life.

Fire Power up:
While playing you'll hear a sound and see something appear on screen. It will be two yellow plus signs with a plus sign with a blue circle in the middle. Shoot it and your gun will go from 1 shot to 2 shots at a time. Lasts until you die. Also appears in special stages but without the yellow guards around it

Extra Special Weapons:
Appears just like the fire power upgrade, though the circle will be yellow instead of blue. Shoot it to gain another special shot.

Blue Cannisters:
Appear in the later levels and in special stages. Shooting them destroys all enemies on screen(except the minibosses)

Yellow Cannisters:
Appear only in the Special Stages. Gives you 1,000 points when shot.

Special Enemies
Here I will briefly cover the non-standard enemies that you will see. I will try and describe them as best as I can.

-Rocks: Meteors that come at you from the middle of the screen. Cannot be killed so just avoid them.

-Purple Amoebas: Purple blob things. shooting them knocks them back towards the middle, several shots will kill them. However, there appears to be 2 versions. Sometimes shooting 1 will cause it to split into 2, shooting it again causes it to split into 2 once more. Not really a problems just be aware of it

-Spinning Shells/Porcupines: These things can be a real pain. At first you will see them spinning in ever increasing circles coming towards you. Shoot them once and they turn into spiked things. they move in the same fashion, yet much faster. However when they get close to where you are they speed up and move erratically. Ideally shoot them before they even get close to you or you can easily die.

-Ball Snakes: Set of 4 purple balls that moves like a snake. Shooting the head kills the balls until they are all defeated.

-Yellow Bricks: Kind of like the rocks, except if you shoot it, it will then split into 4 bricks. Again can't be killed and is fairly easily avoided.

-Metal Jellyfish: Look like jellyfish and are only vulnerable on their underside. They do slowly rotate to expose their vulnerable side. I find it best to just keep shooting them until you hit them.

-Shield generators: 2 aliens that shoot a beam of energy between them. Shoot one and the bean disappears.

-Binoculars: I know it's probably some sort of ship but this is what it looks like. It will just appear on the screen, usually in front of you. Shoot it quick and move in case it gets a shot off.

-Bomb Layer: It will come spinning out of the middle and start laying bombs around the screen that can kill you. Just shoot it and stay away from the bombs until they blow.

-Spinning Shell: It will come spinning out of the middle at you. It is invulnerable until it stops spinning. It will try to get in front of you, stop spinning, and shoot. Wait until it stops spinning, then shoot and move.

-White Ice: Like the rocks, but it will split and chase you slightly. I've killed it before but I'm not entirely sure how. Usually best to avoid it. When it splits move and keep moving so it's doesn't home in on you.

-Solar Flares: They track you slightly, can't be killed, and come in huge numbers. I wish you luck because you will need it.


Killing the enemy waves as they come and not missing earns you bonus points. The bonus goes up if you clear the next wave without missing.

1,000 for wave 1
2,000 for wave 2
4,000 for wave 3 and 4

Helps get extra lives and counts the same in the special stage.

If you miss enemies as they pass, they will gather in the middle. You can shoot them while they are there. Eventually they will start to come back at you and tend to shoot at you more.

Stock pile your special weapons. you will need them against most of the bosses. Bosses can be killed without them, but it's much much harder.

When a Boss has multiple pods that shoot, position your ship correctly and you can take out 2 of the pods with 1 shot of your special weapon.

When all else fails and it looks like something will hit you, try firing off a special weapon shot. It may just save your life.
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Re: Gyruss for NES

Nice guide, Bearhawk 72!
Gyruss is one of my all time arcade favorites.
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