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Golden Axe for SMS
Golden Axe for SMS
Published by Kong
Golden Axe for SMS

When on the Dragons, hit and move. This way, you won't get boxed in. When faced with two enemies, hit one at the top of the screen, then move to the bottom of the screen and hit the other one. Then, alternate between the two.

When faced with three enemies continually hit one, then move. This will make it so you don't get boxed in. When you get a chance to attack an enemy more than once (there is only one enemy standing), hit it until the other enemies get up and come after you.

When you knock down an enemy, run and do a shoulder block. If you time it just right, you will hit it right as it gets up, and it won't be able to harm you.

There are places that you can throw or hit an enemy off a ledge!

Move to the right slowly when you see the Go! arrow. Sometimes instead of facing two or three enemies at once, you can take on one or two!

Extra Continue
After you've used your last continue, press up while holding button 2 during the game over screen. Works only once per game...

Extra Credit
When the screen says game over, press UP, LEFT, and button 1 at the same time.
Day 1: The Forest
Kill all of the creatures until you see a ledge. Jump up on that ledge, and wait for the Amazonian Warrior on the Sweep Dragon to hop up on the ledge. Then, hit her, and get on the Dragon. Use the dragon to defeat the two guys. Then, go to the right and hit the dwarf to get a Magic Power bag. Then, jump down from the ledge, and hit the other dwarf several times. Continue to the right until you get to the two green Hammer Giants. Fight these guys one at a time and don't let them get on both sides of you. The run and Shoulder block works well on these guys.

Day 2: Proceeding to Turtle Island
Move to the right and fall down off the ledge to the next level. Be careful, because if you fall off towards the bottom of the screen, you will die. Then, stand right in front of the ledge and continue to swing your sword. You will hit the guy above you. Continue to the right and shoulder block the Amazonian Warrior on the Fire Dragon. Then, use the fire creature on all the remaining guys. There is no real boss on this round, only a Skeleton and an Amazonian Warrior

Day 3: Leaving Turtle Island
When you see the Amazonian Warrior on the Fire Dragon, knock her off. This dragon is very hard to use, so it is best to let her get back on and knock her off until the Dragon runs away. Continue right until you reach a hole in the ledge.
Getting over the ledge: Getting over this ledge takes a lot of practice. In order to get over it, run and at the last second, jump. You will land on the other side of the hole and be faced with two green Hammer Giants.
Killing the Hammer Giants, made easy: Get up on the ledge that you landed on, and wait for one of the Giants to jump up with you. Move to the right, so that he is on your left. Then, either run and shoulder block him, or hit him. If done correctly, he will fall off the ledge and die! Be careful though, because they can do the same to you!
After you have killed them, there will be two dwarves, so be ready for them to stock up on the Magic Power bags. Continue to the right, and you will be faced with an Armoured Knight and an Amazonian Warrior. To kill the Armoured Knight, run and do shoulder blocks into him (he is almost defenceless against them). If you try to attack him with your sword, he will kill you.

Day 4: Proceeding to Eagle Island
Move to the right and jump up on the ledge. Stand there and constantly swing your sword. They guys on the left will jump up and you will hit them every time. They take a little longer to kill this way, but they will not be able to harm you! Once you've killed the three guys, continue to the right and you will be faced with two Skeleton Soldiers. Try to get them on the lower ledge. Wait for them to jump up. When they jump up, run and do a shoulder block to knock them down again. Repeat this until they are dead. Continue to the right and fight the three guys (2 Skeleton Warriors, and 1 Club Swinging Attacker). These guys are very difficult, so try to take them one at a time. When you hit one, move so the other ones don't box you in. There are two sets of these to defeat.

Day 5: To the Temple Balcony
Use the jumping and slashing technique on the two Skeleton Warriors at the beginning. Then, continue to the right and you will fight 2 sets of 2 Club Swinging Attackers. After defeating them, there will be two Armoured Knights. To defeat them, run and do a shoulder block. When they start hitting you, change to the jumping and slashing technique. After them, you will be able to receive Magic Power bags. Then, you will be faced with a green Hammer Giant and Club Swinging Attacker. Use the jumping attack on both of these guys. After them, you will be faced with 2 Skeleton Warriors. Use the jumping attack on these guys also. Then, the final confrontation with one Skeleton Warrior and Death Adder.
Beating Death Adder: Right when you come on the screen, the Skeleton Warrior will appear. Death Adder is not on the screen yet, so take advantage of this time. Get in as many hits on the Warrior as possible. Then, when Death Adder comes on the screen, start moving around the screen. When you come close to him, hit him, then move. Continue this procedure until he dies.
Another Death Adder Strategy: He attacks in set patterns - when he unleashes his fireballs, jump and swing your sword downwards. Do this twenty times and he'll be defeated.
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