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Ghostbusters for SMS
Ghostbusters for SMS
Published by Kong
Ghostbusters for SMS

D-pad + button to select stuff.
D-pad to drive the car.
To choose equipment, use D-pad + 1 to move the forklift and 2 to start.

Map Screen
Shop - buy stuff
GHQ - Ghostbusters HQ, go there when you have no power, full traps or 1 man left.

PK Meter
Psycho-Kinetic energy meter - top-left of screen, goes up over time, when roamers enter the temple of Zule, when ghosts leave a building before you get them.

Level 1
Go to flashing buildings. To get out of the car, press U+1+2. To capture ghosts, use the D-pad to move the ghostbusters, 2 to start the beams, then 2 to use the trap when the ghosts are above it. You need to get $10,000 before the PK meter turns red.

Level 2
Get 2 out of 3 past the Marshmallow Man.

Level 3
Get through without 3 ghostbusters being hit. D-pad to move, 1 for diagonal shots, 2 for side shots.

Level 4
To destroy Gorza, D-pad to move and 1 and 2 to shoot.

Selecting Your Car
Use the pink arrow displayed to the left of the cars to choose the desired car. Using the Directional Pad, move the arrow next to the desired car and press Button #1. Recommended car: Common (holds 11 tools) $6,000

Selecting Your Equipment
Using the Directional Pad, move the Forklift up or down to the desired tool. Press Button #1 to pick up the tool and run the Forklift around. Press the lower right corner of the Directional Pad to move the forklift with the tool towards your vehicle. Press Button #1 to unload the tool into your car. Repeat this process until all the desired tools are chosen. Recommended tools:
Ghost Bait $400
High capacity trap $2,500
Laser confinement system $8,000
Super anion beam $3,000
Super ghost vacuum $3,200

Round One
Once you have finished your shopping, the next screen you will encounter is the map screen. There are three main points of interest on this screen; Zule, the Shop, and GHQ. Locate those places on the map and remember where they are. It is necessary to return to GHQ to restore slimmed men to duty, to empty traps, to restore the Ion beam and to obtain "extra" men.
Manholes/barricades rarely appear between lanes. While driving, try to centre your car over the white lane-dividing lines. When centred, you can usually drive right past open manholes/barricades without hitting them. (It will be close, however.)
Stay away from the Gatekeeper and the Master of the Key, they take money from your account. When a building starts to flash, go to the side and press towards the building while pushing Button #1. This will allow you to enter the street. Avoid the obstacles and trap the ghosts. The number on the bottom corner of the screen is the distance from the building. The lower the number gets the closer you are to the building. Once at the building, you will see your guys. Use the Anion beam to trap the ghosts.

Round Two
After the city's energy reaches maximum, and you have $10,000 in your account, you will be sucked into Zule, where you have to get past the MARSHMALLOW MAN. To get past him, you need to get your character over on the right side of him and sneak him past when he moves to the left. You need to sneak two of them past him.

Round Three
You will want to move through the building as quickly as possible, but you will also want to shoot every ghost. More ghosts will often reappear behind you. The only ones that are safe to leave behind are the slimers. The other kinds of ghosts will all follow you if you do not shoot them.
The roamers are pretty easy to beat. Watch out for the slimmers, you must anticipate their moves. If they look like they are going to attack, shoot.

Round Four: Gorza
The best way to fight Gorza is to stay on the opposite side of the creature and to continue firing as you cross over. It takes 5 to 6 shots to kill him.
Alternate method: Stand off to the side, in front of either the Gatekeeper or the Keymaster. The closer you are to Gorza, the less spread-out his lightning will be, and therefore it will be easier to dodge. However, you want to stand back far enough that you will be able to move if the Gatekeeper or Keymaster shoots fireballs. The best time to shoot at Gorza is right after he fires a burst of lightning. After you hit Gorza, he will be immobilised for a very short time. Try to set up a pattern by continuing to hit him while he's not moving.
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