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Ghostbusters II for NES
Ghostbusters II for NES
Published by bearhawk72
Ghostbusters II for NES

Ghostbusters 2 is based on the movie. It can be pretty hard at points but like a lot of NES games if you put the time in to memorize the patterns it becomes much easier. But be warned, while the monsters are always in the same place they may react slightly differently each time(the bouncing things may bounce differently)

Your main weapon is the slime cannon from the second movie, but oddly your slime is green and not pink.


There are 7 stages in Ghostbusters 2
  1. The Pneumatic Train tunnel(sidescroller)
  2. Tenements(Driving Ecto 1)
  3. Courthouse(sidecroller)
  4. Central Park(Driving)
  5. Abandoned Railroad
  6. Statue of Liberty(2 parts)
  7. Museum(must go through 4 times, 1 for each Ghostbuster. Each time is different and harder)
As a Ghostbuster:

Left/Right-Move your Ghostbuster in said direction. Unlike pretty much every game ever, you start on the right side of the screen and move left.

Up/Down: Change the angle of your slime cannon. Slime shoots in an arc. Slime shot straight up will come back down and possibly cause problems for you. Same goes for slime shot with the cannon parallel to the ground(slime dissolves fairly quickly)

A:Shoots the slime cannon. Press rapidly at all times and never stop
B:Jump: You do not jump straight up. All jumps move you in the direction you are facing, even when standing still. You can move your Ghostbuster while in the air and you will need to in order to dodge certain sets of obstacles

Start: Set a trap. Stays open for a short period of time. Kick it to make it go off the screen. Only one can be on screen at a time

Left/Right: Speed upor slow down Ecto-1

Up/Down: Move Ecto-1 up or down on the screen

A:Shoot the gun. Notice one shot comes out of the front and one comes out of the top.

B Jump: That's right, Ecto-1 can jump and you'll need to use it.

Statue of Liberty:

Left/Right: Move left or right

Up/Down: Once the torch upgrade(see upgrades) is gotten, up and down allow you to angle the torch forward or backward to hit more ghosts

A: Shoots the torch
B: When you have a book it shoots up and destroys everything on the screen

Slime Meter: This goes up as you get hit by enemy slime. You can take a few hits but when the meter fills you lose a life.

On all levels, shooting the floating Ghostbusters symbols add them to the tally on the bottom of the screen. Shoot 20 and you gain and extra life

On the driving stages, you'll see green bubbles floating above the road. Hitting them with the slime that comes out of the top of Ecto-1 pops them releasing a small bouncing blob. Grab that and you'll get some upgrades:
  1. Shield: Renders you immune to ghosts and their attacks for a short period of time
  2. Gun upgrade: Comes in 2 stages. Stage one the slime turns into a red ball and shoots much faster. Stage 2 looks like a little lighting bolt. Shoots the fastest, goes through ghosts, and can be moved by moving up and down with Ecto-1
  3. Bomb: Launches a pinkish blob out the top of the car and destroys all enemies on screen
Also in driving stages look for arrows. They will speed Ecto-1 up and allow it to clear the large gaps on the road. Be warned sometimes the arrow will move.

When playing as the Statue of Liberty there are 2 upgrades. Extra book bombs and a floating torch. The Torch allows you to move Liberty's arm and lasts until you get slimed.

General Enemy Info
Ghosbusters levels:
  • 3 types of ghosts. All are green. If they hit your character you get slimed and lose a life. One looks like Slimer and shoots red slime at you. Red slime doesn't hurt you but makes you run in place. Another ghost is about the same size but has a pointy head. He shoots out white circles that will stun you if it hits you. Getting stunned makes you lose a life. The third ghost is huge, and cannot be killed by the slime cannon. He also shoots things at you than can kill you. Must be trapped to be gotten rid of
  • Flying Object: They come at you and do not change height or speed. Either walk under them or jump over them
  • Bouncing objects: They come bouncing at you from the right, usually in sets of 2 or three. They have a bouncing pattern and can be walked under or trapped.
  • Crushing Enemies: They do nothing but move up and down. There is another version that moves up and down and in a figure 8 pattern. Can be trapped or walked under.
  • Sheet Ghosts(look light a kid wearing a sheet as a ghost). They move around slightly and occasionally shoot slime at you. Shoot them before they get too close
  • Barriers. Exactly what you think they are. Go around them or jump the lower ones. Hitting them doesn't lose a life.
  • Green Ghosts:Like the sheet ghosts but they move faster.
  • Bouncing balls:Appear only in Central Park. If they kill you turn the game off and never play it again
  • Chasms: Big holes in the ground you must jump. If you don't hit the arrows right before them, you will not clear the jump
Statue of Liberty
  • Generic Ghosts: They come in waves, have a bunch of different forms and follow patterns. Just blast the crap out of them and avoid the slime they shoot
  • Horizontal Ghosts: The only ghosts that will fly from left to right across the screen. 2 versions. Both shoot slime at you. The more skeletal version is a standard enemy. One that looks similar but shows no bones will grant temporary invincibility if shot.
  • Clouds: Apparently even mother nature hates the Ghostbusters. Clouds appear and shoot lighting at you. Hard to avoid. Shoot them before they can shoot at you
Useful tips:
-As stated before, shooting 20 GB symbols gets you an extra life.

-All levels have a timer, but you'll never really be up against it.

-See that little spider following you? He's there to keep you moving. If he catches you, you lose a life

-The Statue of Liberty levels contain multiple bonus rounds. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but if you use a book when there are 4 or more enemies on screen you may get a bonus round. Instead of the ghosts, GB symbols appear following the ghosts patters. This can be done multiple times in the level and not only does it make the level mush easier, you can gain more lives you will most definitely need for the final level

-If you are unsure what is coming next, slightly creep forward in small increments. Makes it easier to know whats coming next until you have it memorized.
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