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Fatal Fury Special for GG
Fatal Fury Special for GG
Published by Kong
Fatal Fury Special for GG

F = Forward
B = Backward
U = Up
D = Down

1 = Button 1 / Punch
2 = Button 2 / Kick
Taunt = Press the A+B buttons together

QCF = Quarter Circle Forwards / D, DF, F / Fireball Motion
QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards / D, DB, B / Reverse Fireball Motion
HCF = Half Circle Forwards / B, DB, D, DF, F / Yoga Flame Motion
HCB = Half Circle Backwards / F, DF, D, DB, B / Reverse Yoga Flame Motion
CBF = Charge B then F / Hold B for 2 secs, then F / Sonic Boom Motion
CDU = Charge D then U / Hold D for 2 secs, then U / Flash Kick Motion
CD, CDB = Charge D / Charge DB etc...
(..) = Press buttons together

Every character has a Move dubbed a "Fatal Fury". This move is somewhat of a desperation attack that can only be used when your life bar drops below 25%. Once this happens your life bar should flash and connecting with the Fatal Fury could decide the match! Fatal Fury Moves take around 45% off of the opponents' life bar. But be warned, if it doesn't connect.. You could be in for a beating!



"The moment we meet, it's game over for you, pal."
Stage: AMERICA (The Wild West)

Power Wave = QCF+1
Nice "Fireball"-style move.
Burn Knuckle = QCB+1
Terry flies across the screen with a energy charged punch.
Crack Shoot = QCB, UB+2
A forward somersault ending in an axe-kick.
Rising Tackle = CDU+1
@Inverted jumping clothesline. Good anti-air.

#Fatal Fury - Power Geyser = QCB, DB, F+(12)
Starts off looking like the Power Wave, but the result is a huge explosion.


"I love Terry, but this time I'm gonna make him eat his cap."
Stage: ITALY (Venezia)

Hi Sho Ken = QCB+1
Typical "Fireball" affair...
Sho Ryuu Dan = QCF+1
Nice Anti-Air, jumps up in a windmill kind of formation.
Zan Ei Ken = DB, F+1
Dashing elbow attack. Abuse it as it's Andy's best move.
Ku Ha Dan = DB, UF+2
Rolls forward the launches into a long dropkick. Fast and cool.

#Fatal Fury - Chou Reppa Dan = CD then QCF+(12)
A HUGE flaming version of the Ku Ha Dan. Damage is nice, speed is better.


"What, you don't know me? Well, after I bop your bean maybe I'll apply for one of those green credit cards."
Stage: THAILAND (Chiang Mai)

Hurricane Upper = HCF+1
Windy projectile attack, kinda slow.
Tiger Kick = QCF, UF+2
Excellent anti-air. It's a perfect deterrent for jumping in.
Slash Kick = DB, UF+2
Like Andy's Zan Ei Ken, Joe dashs acroos the screen with a Kick. Useful.
Baku Retsu Ken = 1 repeatedly
Multi-punches. Ok, but not that useful.

#Fatal Fury - Screw Upper = F, HCF+(12)
Joe breaks the wind barrier to create a HUGE column of spiralling gales.


"If you want to touch my body, you'll need to work first."
Stage: JAPAN (Aokigahara)

Ka Cho Sen = QCF+1
Fan-projectile. Kinda handy.
Ryuu En Bu = QCB+1
A quick spin, and flames appear. Ooh.. wish I could do that.
Shinobi Batchi = HCF+2
Cartwheel into a fast lunging elbow. Very useful.
Musasabi no Mai = CDU+2
Mai jumps to the side of the screen the launches herself at the foe.

#Fatal Fury - Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Batchi = F, DB, F+(12)
@Like the Shinobi Bachi, but with added flames. Pretty.


"With wisdom brings great power."
Stage: CHINA (?)

Shou Ha = CDB, F+1
A force wave cast in front of Tung. Nice.
Senshippo = QCB+1
@Think "Burn Knuckle" without the "Burn".
Ressen Kyaku = CBD, UF+2 (When close)
@Tung hops up and hits the opponent with a barrage of kicks.
Spirit Thunder = 1 Repeatedly
@Crouching low, Tung unleashes the power within.

#Fatal Fury - Tatsumaki Senpu Gouken = F, DF, D, U+(12)
Tung calls forth his hidden power as he commits to a spinning clothesline.


"Dance, Dance, Dance!!"
Stage: USA (Southtown)

Break Spiral = QCF+2
Anti-Air. Kinda like the "Rising Tackle", but hits with his feet.
Duck Dive = QCB+2
Lunging knee. Fast, quite useful.
Duck Spin = CBF+1
Rolls into a ball, and tries to hit the opponent.
Beat Rush = F,B,F+1
5-Hit auto-combo. Really useful.

#Fatal Fury - BreakDance Duck = HCF, UF, D+(12) (When close)


"How do you like my powered-up art of stick?"
Stage: ENGLAND (London)

San Setsu Kon = CBF+1
Billy extends the pole to blat the enemy with.
Suzume Otoshi = CDB, UF+1
Billy extends the pole upwards to stop jumping foes.
Sempu Kon = 1 repeatedly
Spinning the Bo, Billy can hit multiple times with this.
Hisho Kon = HCF+2
Billy vaults out of the screen and dives down toward the opponent.

#Fatal Fury - Chou Ka En Sempu Kon = QCF, HCB,UB+(12)
The Sempu Kon, with added flames and a launching of a fireball afterwards.


"I'll have my revenge on those Bogards..."
Stage: USA (Southtown)

Reppu Ken = QCF+1
Ground fireball.
Double Reppu Ken = HCF+1
Bigger ground fireball.
Shippu Ken = QCB+1 in Mid-Air
Air fireball (He's not that exciting!!)
Joudan Nage = HCF+2 (Counter)
Counters attacks, and throws them to the floor.

#Fatal Fury - Raging Storm = DB, HCB, DF+(12)
Geese slams the floor as a cage of energy blades rises to pierce the foe.


"Kyokugenryu OWNS YOU!!"
Stage: JAPAN (?)

Ko-ou Ken = QCF+1
It's a fireball!!
Haoushokoken = F, HCF+1
Blimey! It's a BIG fireball!
Zanretsuken = 1 Repeatedly
Multi-punch that sucks the foe in for the final blow.
Hien Shippu Kyaku = HCF+2
Ryo speeds across the screen with a flying kick. If it hits he kicks again.
Kohou = F, D, F+1
By any other name, it's still a "Dragon Punch"

#Fatal Fury - Ryoko Ranbu = QCB, HCF+(12)
Ryo's trademark super. Dashes in, beats them to death.
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