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Fantasy Zone for SMS
Fantasy Zone for SMS
Published by Kong
Fantasy Zone for SMS

You will need to go through each world twice except Pocarius. Round 51, the last round in Mockstar, is the final round of the game. There are no weapons in round 51.

Save up your money in the easy early rounds. You will need it for weapons in the more difficult rounds. Fireballs are very effective, but they become scarce in later rounds. Big Wings are helpful, but are generally not needed until later rounds.

As you progress in the game, touching the orange spot will become crucial to prevent the creation of a second generation of enemies.

If you buy four engines and then buy a weapon, you will be able to keep that weapon until you die.

Hamburgers are worth $1000 during the first 30s of level 1.

Round One - Planet of Greenery
Shoot the mouth of the wood-shaped creature as he shoots leaf bullets at you.

Round Two - Planet of Fire
Use the Seven-Way Shot to shoot the three rotation shells through the gap between the outside shell. Ten shots are required to destroy each cell.

Round Three - Planet of Sand
Use the Heavy Bombs or the Twin-Shot to destroy the Batteries. Try destroying the bottom two batteries first; then work your way up.

Round Four - Super Planet
Shoot the tongue with the Twin-Shot or Laser Beam 30-40 times.

Round Five - Planet of Ice
Shoot the creatures with the Wide Beam in order of their size, from smallest to largest. The creatures will take 2, 4, 16, and 32 shots respectively.

Round Six - Planet of Clouds
Keep moving while dropping 32 Heavy Bombs on the creature's head.

Round Seven - Planet of Water
Escape and wait for the head to take shape, then shoot the face approximately 65 times.

Round Eight - Planet of Evil Spirits
Defeating the six small creatures will take 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48 shots with the Twin-Shot.

Extra Men
During the demo mode press the Directional Pad 50 times or more (any direction) and then start the game. Collect $10,000 before going into any shop; and then enter a shop. You will be able to buy 9 ships for $9,000.
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Old 04-18-2009, 09:07 AM
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Re: Fantasy Zone for SMS

Also, for the final boss, after you fight the enlarged version of your own ship, you will need the fastest engine you can buy because one of his attacks slow you down so he can attack and kill you with ease.
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