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Fantasy Zone II for SMS
Fantasy Zone II for SMS
Published by Kong
Fantasy Zone II for SMS

Extra health
In the shop in level 2, go to the bottom of the screen. Fire and walk to the right of the screen until a red potion appears, to increase health to 200%.

Be sure to purchase the "continue" for $20,000.00. Then, when you are killed, press the start button between the "Game Over" screen and the Title Screen.

The Clock
A clock will appear from time to time. It adds twenty seconds to the time you have your weapon.

Level One - Pastaria
Log Creature: Follow the path through the logs and keep shooting at the log creature with the Laser.

Level Two - Sarcand
Red Bottle: Bottom of the screen, left of the shop.
Totem Pole Creature: First, shoot him below the head with bombs or the twin shots. Then, shoot the lower part with the 3-way shots.

Level Three - Hiyarika
Hidden Shop: 2nd or 3rd area.
Blue Bottle: Next to the shop.
Clock: Under red warp.
Block Creature: With the twin shot, aim for any part of his body, especially the centre.

Level Four - Bow Bow
Blue Bottle: 1st screen, left of the shop.
Dragon Creature: Aim for the dragon's head witht the 7-way shot.
Another Dragon boss strategy:
1. Get the fastest engine you're comfortable with. I use the 2nd most powerful engine, but whatever floats your boat.
2. Get twin bombs NOT heavy! Heavy don't always register when you hit! I learned that the hard way.
3. After you destroy all the bases you'll find a series of warp gates starting from the shop which sells the Laser to the boss gate.
4. Buy the laser.
5. Fly like hell through said gates to boss. You should only lose about one tick off the timer.
6. Shoot boss in head flying over him when he attacks. Once the Laser's out, twin bomb till dead.

Level Five - Chaprun:
Chubby Cheeks Creature: With either the heavy bombs or the 7-way shots, attack this creature when he is at his largest size.

Level Six - Fuwareak
Blue Bottle: 1st screen, left of the shop.
Hidden Shop: In the Mountains (extra ship for $100.00).
Multiple Eyed Creature: There are six sections to this creature. Attack him the same way you attacked the Totem Pole Creature - with the 7-way shots.

Level Seven - Sbardian
Clock: Screen with a green cactus in the background.
Red Bottle: On the right side of the Red Warp, shoot the base, then shoot towards the Warp Door.
Cylinder Creature: Use your 7-way shots when his head is at an angle, not when he is looking directly at you.

Level Eight - Wolfin
House of Blackhearts: You face all the boss creatures once again. After all seven are destroyed, you will be faced with a creature, that looks like yourself. Try to force him to the bottom of the screen where you have a better chance to attack him.
Level 8 end boss tip: Make sure you have the Big Shot and Big bombs.
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