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Published by Kong

Round 1: Rescue Little Cindy!
Walk to the right, while ducking and shooting the enemies.
Boss 1: Stand up, so he'll shoot fire at you. Then, when he's shooting fire, duck down and hit him. Do this until he starts spinning. Once he does, jump over him and continue this procedure. He takes 11 shots to destroy.
Continue to the right, shooting the guys above and to the right.
Boss 2: Jump and time your shot so that you hit your enemy in the head but miss the girl. You can duck under the boomerang. He takes 6 shots to destroy.

Round 2: Enter the Enemy Zone!
Go right, shooting all the enemies.
Boss 1: Stand up and shoot. Once you shoot, duck down and avoid this fire (sometimes, he will shoot low). If you can save the special weapon and use it to beat this guy quickly. After you beat him continue to the right. If you fall of the edge you will die so be careful.
Boss 2: Pick up the special weapon from the previous part, and use it on him. When he gets close, jump over him. Move to the other side of the screen then shoot at him again.

Round 3: Peril At Pier 36!
When you reach the cars go quickly to the right. Do not stop to shoot the Air bikes and they will not hit you. Continue to the right past the ship and you will face several ninja's. Stop only to shoot at them as you continue to the right.
Boss 1: Use your special weapon on it to take out the majority of things firing at you. Once you have done that continue to hit him until he explodes.
Take the next part very slowly. A lot of stuff will come at you at once. Keep an eye out for the gun turrets in the ground, they will pop out and shoot at you.
Boss 2: Use your special weapon on him. Otherwise, shoot and then jump over him.

Round 4: Unfriendly Confines!
Look out for the things above you. They will shoot at you, it's a good idea to take these out as soon as you can.
Boss 1: Shoot at the head, use your special weapon. Don't use all of your special weapon because you'll have a hard time defeating the second boss if you do. Each head takes 10 to 15 shots to defeat.
Walk to the right taking out everything in your path. There will be plenty of Ninja's and air enemies.
Boss 2: Shoot at the guy until he gets close to you. Then jump over him and continue the process. After you've hit him with about 8 shots he will turn into a green jumping guy. You'll need to keep shooting, while avoiding his missiles, until he dies. There are two of these bosses to defeat.

Round 5: (Final Round)
Walk to the right taking out all of the enemies in your path.
Boss 1: Use the special weapon on this boss right at the beginning of the fight. Then take out everything that is shooting at you.
Boss 2: Take out the green balls first with regular shots. Then the final boss will appear. The final boss will have a shield around him, to take out the shield use your special weapon. Once the shield is gone shoot him while standing then when he shoots duck, then stand and shoot again (continue this until you defeat the boss).
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