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Crystal Warriors for GG
Crystal Warriors for GG
Published by Kong
Crystal Warriors for GG

1. General strategies, what you need to know to get into the game.
2. Monsters and their uses
3. General field layout
4. Walkthrough
5. Bestiary(to be completely filled out with HPs and everything later, right now
I'm just focusing on the walkthrough.)
6. Spell/Weapon/Armor list(See disclaimer by Bestiary.)

General Strategies:
Crystal Warriors, if I'm not mistaken, was one of the first Strategy/RPGs, in the tradition of such games as Shining Force, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc. As anybody who's played these type of games knows, they kick serious tail. But there are a few things you should know about this particular Strategy/RPG. The first is the Element System:


Each character has an affinity for one of those elements. The affinity affects how much damage that said person can do. If a person's element is stronger than the other person's, the former will easily beat down the latter, even if the latter is a level or two above him. But if the former has a weaker element, they get beaten down. Here are how the elements match up:

Wind beats Water.
Water beats Fire.
Fire beats Wind.

But what about Earth? Earth is "neutral," so the victor in an Earth battle will be determined by the classic RPG standard: who has the highest level. Magicians and healers are always aligned with earth, mainly because they're weak enough as it is, and don't need some overpowered goon turning insult into injury by exploiting an elemental weakness on them. However, they cannot tame the

MONSTERS: Okay, here we get to play Pokemon all over again! Well, not really, since you can only carry four monsters at a time. But still, they're a nice addition. Fighting monsters is optional, but there are so many of them guarding key thouroughfares that you'll probably end up killing plenty anyway. When you kill a monster, you "tame" it, and can bust it out later during a battle with some toughie where you want to hurt the guy but don't want to suffer the inevitable counterattack. Just be a coward and send your trained monster out to get killed! (Note: Your monster will almost certainly run away after it gets hit, since a trained monster is usually no match for a proven warrior, but you can easily call it back for your next turn.)And always remember Epo's monster tip: ALWAYS, and I do mean ALWAYS, try to fight the monster that you're elementally strong against. If you're Water, fight Fire monsters! Not only are they defeated easily, but *Fire beats Wind.* Water is normally weak against Wind, but now you can easily go take on a Wind enemy just by setting your Fire monster on the hapless chap. Maximize strengths, minimize weaknesses! If you're Earth(read: Princess Iris), however, you have two choices: You can either try to snap up all the Earth enemies on the board, or go for one Water, one Fire, One Wind, etc. It's up to you, really. Oh, and you CANNOT run from monsters. Sorry. But then again, if you're in the place where you need to run from a thing that does minimal damage, it might be time to reload and start the battle over again anyway.

General field layout:

All enemies will appear as guys with question marks over their heads at the start of a battle. They're revealed either when you fight them, or when you cast the SCAN spell. I do reccommend casting it; it's only one MP anyway. Besides, rushing headlong into a battle with MADD, especially if your element is Water, is a quick and easy way to earn yourself a free ticket to the Arlian equivalent of Valhalla. SCAN whenever you can!

Note that both you and your enemy start at a castle. Ostensibly, your goal is to occupy the other's castle. Forget it. YOUR goal is to slaughter all the enemies, and the monsters too, if possible. Experience and gold are more important than a quick victory. I don't care if you have a completely clear shot at the castle. Ignore it and crush your enemies with overwhelming force. That's what they get for oppressing the local populace. Send a message to all who would slaughter Arliel' sons! But BE CAREFUL if the battle reaches near your castle. The enemies have no need for experience, and once your castle is taken, the game is OVER.

You'll also lose if Iris is killed. KEEP HER HEALED! But don't be afraid to send her out into the thick of battle, because she WILL eventually become your most kick-butt soldier, as she can fight, cast spells, AND send out monsters. Use whichever strategy you like to fight effectively. Better yet, use all three!


Round 1:
Monsters: 1 Skorp, 1 Wisp.
Enemies: 2 Morbis, 2 Werms.

This will be a rather easy battle, as long as you remember what I told you about the Element system. Have Iris and Murak SCAN to see which enemy is which. Have Iris tame the Skorp and Dayne tame the Wisp. The rest is just elemental match-up. Murak's FLASH spell is horrendously effective against Werms and other Water creatures, but remember that if you want to hit them twice, you have to actually run up and BATTLE them-you can only cast one spell from afar. Frye should stay back and heal, unless you want to have her finish off some monsters and gain a little experience that way. Eldor will be a little problematic here: No wind enemies for him to destroy. Just have him attack the Morbis. You should win this battle handily.

Town: In the towns, you can choose to hire new soldiers, get information from the grateful townspeople, or buy new weapons/spells. There's also a fortune teller, but with this walkthrough, who needs her? You can hire Zephi if you want, but I chose instead to buy a FIRE spell for Murak. It'll help a lot more in the long run, trust me. Save your game at the inn and exit the town.

Round 2:
Monsters: 1 Skorp, 2 Wisps.
Enemies: 1 Aya, 2 Morbis, 2 Werms.

Dayne can build up her Wisp collection here. And hurray! Eldor now has Aya to beat up on! Soften her up with a blast of FIRE from Murak and get Eldor to finish her off for some well-deserved experience points. The rest is pretty much the same as the first round...just try to get most of your fighters to Level 2, as it will help very much in the next round. Iris should be showing her strength already...

Town: Yep, you can hire Flare and Sophi if you want(and if you hired Zephi in the last town, you'll have your maximun limit...and one more fighter of each element. But the prudent shall pass on this offer, for reasons I'll explain later...) Buy a Curiass(what an unfortunate name) for Ratt, as she only has a poor little Robe to cover her elfin bod. Other than that, there's really nothing worth getting in this tiny town...but the Fortune-teller warns of a Mage and Healer amongst the enemy. Crap. You mean they can DO that?

Round 3:
Monsters: 2 Aquans.
Enemies: 1 Pyro, 1 Nadar, 2 Ayas, 1 Morbi, 1 Werm.

Six against six, if you didn't hire any other soldiers. Only now we have a little problem...THESE guys have a mage and a healer to go with them. Send Ratt down around the lake to pick up the Aquans, and have the rest of your team cluster around the bridge. When I played the battle, the computer was sent Nadar the healer out in front! Needless to say, he got finished off quickly. But be careful when dealing with him and Pyro...they're Earth enemies, so you can't destroy them as fast as you think. Keep Dayne away from Pyro's Flash spell, too! In fact, Pyro is probably the most problematical enemy you've faced so far. I suggest using monsters, as you probably want to kill one or two off to free up some monster inventory space anyway.

Town: No new soldiers to hire...OH DEEEAR. Go buy a shiny new Halberd for Eldor, and possibly a HEAL spell for Iris. You'll be fighting the "Masters of Fire and Wind" in the next battle, according to the fortune teller, and having an extra healer always helps...

Round 4:
Monsters: 2 Harpies.
Enemies: 1 Kem, 1 Rus, 1 Nadar, 2 Werms, 1 Morbi, 2 Ayas.

YEESH! Lots of enemies on this map. Fortunately, Pyro is nowhere to be seen. Unfortuantely, Nadar is staring you right in the face. Kill him as quickly as possible(use monsters to fight if he uses DARK on you.) Make sure Eldor gets the two Harpies posthaste; they WILL help immensely. Keep Murak healed, as you need his FIRE spells to quickly bring down the predominantly Wind enemies on this board. Send Princess Iris alone along the bottom to get the Skorp, and don't worry, by now she'll be tough enough to handle the enemies that surround her. Best to stay in a corner, however, so only two can attack at a time. It was funny, actually, Nadar tried to attack her. What was even funnier was that both of his DARK spells missed, allowing Iris to beat him down TRES fast! Rus and Kem...Yikes. You might not want to get too close to the castle too quickly; make sure you pick off at least one or two soldiers to even the odds before the all-out dogfight. Get rid of Kem(the one that tickles you to death) first, preferably in one turn so Nadar can't heal her. Take Murak up(assuming he has full life) and BATTLE her rather than trying to cast a spell from afar. Get two fire hits off and have Eldor move in for the kill(hopefully, he's at level 3 by now, and the Halberd works wonders.) Leave Rus for last, if you can. 50 HP is nothing to sneeze at.

Town: Ya wanna know why you shouldn't have hired those other people? Because the people in THIS town are a heck of a lot better! How does an extra mage and healer sound? Get Oryon and Romi and rejoice! Your troubles are half over. Buy Capes for both(forget the rods, they won't be using them much)and if you have ANY money left over after that, buy a COLD spell for Murak. Otherwise, sit tight and get ready for the next battle...

Round 5:
Monsters: 1 Skorp, 1 Worm, 2 Aquans, 1 Siren, 1 Wisp.
Enemies: 3 Ayas, 1 Kem, 1 Morbi, 1 Werm, 2 Pyros, 1 Nadar.

9 against 8? Hardly fair, I say! They need at least 5 more people to come CLOSE to beating us! Seriously, with Oryon and Romi, this battle is a breeze. Send Iris down to take the two Earth monsters and send every other non-healer across the bridge. The enemy, rather than realizing that it would be a little smarter to all go for Princess Iris at once, decides to send one little Pyro around that side to check it out. If you know how effective spells are against Earth people, and ESPECIALLY against Princess Iris(who should resemble Sigourney Weaver right now, considering all the fighting she's been doing)you'll know how this battle turns out. Watch out for Kem, and make sure that your wizards choose to BATTLE rather than cast a SPELL whenever possible. Pick up ALL the monsters on this map before killing the last enemy; you'll need the money in the next town!

Town: Get a Falchion for Dayne and a COLD spell for Murak and Romi. The fortuneteller says that "those who fear the winds are wise"...what could be next?

Round 6:
Monsters: 2 Harpies, 1 Grivn(not enough room to spell "Gryphon," apparently,) 1
Siren, 1 Cyklo.
Enemies: 2 Kems, 3 Ayas, 1 Madd, 2 Nadars, 1 Warlord Ragar.

GAAAHH! First time killed in this battle! Good thing I had my game saved. Let's see: Predominantly Wind enemies here...looks like Eldor's gonna get a workout! Same with Iris, and...DAYNE? Yep, all those Wisps she's collected should be showing their strength about now! Anyway, we've got the full representation of Wind enemies here: Aya, Kem, and MADD! I was LUCKY that Madd didn't attack my guys until all the other enemies were defeated. Make SURE you kill all the Ayas that come up on the one side(Use Iris and a wizard) before you take on the trio of 2 Kems and a Madd. But even Madd'll seem like a pussycat(he does look like one, actually) compared to RAGAR, the warlord of Wind. It goes without saying that you WAIT until the two Nadars are killed before trying to take this big dude on. Ain't it a good thing that he stays by his castle until you get close to him? It takes long enough to kill him when its 8 against 1; just think how hard it would be if he went with the Kem/Madd group! Make sure that everyone goes into battle with him FULLY HEALED. He takes off big chunks of damage with each swing. Remember how you've been keeping your healers next to the castle? Try to bring them forward a little bit, now, because their HEAL spell can't reach quite as far as you thought it might. And yes, you CAN walk on water(Jesus moment) because it's shallow water, not that deep ocean/river water. Try to catch the Cyklo for Eldor too. You may want to have Ragar kill off a Harpy or two to free up space for it.

Town: Elsi, another water fighter, wants to join. Say no. You'll be able to use the money later. The fortune teller keeps seeing winds(dangit, I just beat the Wind Warlord! Haven't I smashed MOST of the Wind opposition so far? Maybe this fortuneteller's looking into the past! Who knows...anyway...)The shops, surprisingly, don't have anything you don't already have. Weird...just save and exit.

Round 7:
Monsters: 1 Grivn, 1 Repti, 1 Wurm.
Enemies: 5 Ayas, 1 Rus, 1 Orkon, 1 Kem, 1 Bane.

Compared to the last battle, this one is friggin' EASY! I just love how they fool you into thinking you need to cross the bridge when it's really just shallow water you can walk over! You nefarious level designers, you! Okay, most everybody here could admit that Nadar was a pansy. Unfortunately, now you have to deal with his annoying big brother, BANE! Basically, he casts things like Sleep(for fighters) and Peace(for magic users) and then whacks you with his cane/spear/stick thing. Oh, and did I mention he casts LIFE? Great spell...if you had it! Kill the five Ayas off in quick succession(a high-level Iris is a must, as is Eldor) and polish off your old pals Kem and Rus. Wow, we're being introduced to the higher-level Water guy, Orkon! Too bad that by now these "high-level" guys are fallling like ninepins before YOUR high level fighters...that is if you didn't accidentally kill any off. Oh yeah, and get the monsters, too(Repti is cool, IMHO. Look at his attack!)Yawn...all too easy...

Town: So I assume that the fortune teller means we're going to be seeing two Banes in the next battle. Crap. But there's some NICE new stuff in the magic a FLASH spell for Romi and BLAZE for Murak. Oh heck, but BLAZE for Romi too. Better now than later...

Round 8:
Monsters: 1 Hydra, 1 Cyklo, 1 Golem.
Enemies: 3 Rus's, 2 Morbis, 2 Banes, 1 Orkon, 1 Sethe

It's kinda hard to believe they're still throwing MORBIS at you, of all things. And them with only 40 HP against your COLD spells. Sorry guys...but this comes out to be another easy battle. But watch out for Sethe. He knows both FIRE and FLASH...what doesn't he know....COLD! Send Eldor on in to split his horned head! Otherwise, mop up, bring all monsters to their respective users, and see what the next town has to offer.

Town: Really not too much here, except for a fire fighter named Borm. Borm. Seriously, even though the two swords are nice and all, I'd rather not have the enemies start laughing when you say "For the family of BORM!!!" Why don't you go...kill a few monsters or something.(Gives Borm the weird eye...)

Round 9:
Monsters: 1 Golem, 1 Repti, 1 Evius.
Enemies: 1 Pyro, 3 Morbis, 1 Brast, 1 Madd, 1 Bane, 2 Rus's.

Are these guys insane? MORE Morbis? Just send Dayne out in front(or Murak, if he's at the point where he's doing 20 DMG a blast.) You ARE remembering to look ahead and free up inventory space for the cooler monsters, aren't you? Mages are excellent monster-killers in this regard. Especially Pyro, who's all anxious to test out his new BOLT spell. Let him have his fun by sacrificing a few monsters to him, then try to kill him in one turn before that EVIL Bane tries to heal him. Get the devious Evious(I made a funny! Ha Ha!)Here you get to meet(trumpet fanfare intro...)BRAST!!! No, seriously, his name's Brast! What are you all laughing at, it's a perfectly valid name! Stop that, he was my friend in high school! Ok, that's it, you guys suck. I hope the Madd that lags behind kills you all.

Town: I'm assuming all the subtle hints the fortuneteller gives you involving fire means that there's a fire boss of some sort ahead. OOooh, FROST spells! How convenient! Get a Warblade for Ratt here. Also get a DRAIN spell for Iris, as it will prove useful shortly...

Round 10:
Monsters: 1 Fenix(darned misspellings!)
Enemies: 2 Brasts, 1 Morbi, 2 Rus's, 1 Pyro, 1 Sethe, 1 Bane, 1 Warlord Arium

Music's changed again...that means it's time for a boss fight! Keep your soldiers near your castle, as Brast and Rus seem to like going around to your undefended posts and attacking the healers or, worse, entering your castle! If both your wizards have FROST, and you use Dayne everywhere you can, the enemy should die rather quickly. As with Ragar, make sure everyone else, ESPECIALLY the healer, is dead before taking on Arium. For your fisrt attack, use Iris's DRAIN. It takes off 25% of the enemy's HP and gives it to Iris, and Arium starts out with 83! Don't lose the opportunity to clear up your monster inventory, either...and GET THE PHOENIX! That's gotta be the coolest looking monster attack ever! Besides, a Level 4 Fire monster is a great addition to Dayne's arsenal in any situation. As soon as the Fenix is taken, immediately send Dayne over to help with the Arium beatdown. With FROST, this fight should go a little easier than the one with Ragar.

Town: WOOHOO! LIFE! Get it for both your healers immediately! What's that fortuneteller babbling about? "Castle in an enemy's mind?" I never said this was a well-written or well-translated game anyhow...and darn it, I forgot the name of the soldier who offers her services. Don't hire her, but tell me her name so I don't have to replay it...(

Round 11:
Monsters: 1 Tut, 1 Evius
Enemies: 2 Shads, 2 Werms, 2 Orkons, 2 Morbis, 1 Rus

All right, now this is just SAD. No healers, no mages, just a bunch of fighters, and they're bringing out the WERMS, for crying out loud! I'm not going to waste valuable kilobytes on a description. Well, maybe a few: They're water enemies. If you have Life, this should be a piece of cake. FLASH should be doing from 20 to 22 damage by now, if you've leveled up a lot. Murak, Romi, and Oryon could take these guys on fact, why don't you try that for a change of pace?

Town: Buy as many Hauberks as you can afford. Better armor is good, especially for Iris. Not much else to say here. Maybe I'm getting lazy on the humor...

Round 12:
Monsters: 1 Geni(Okay, now I KNOW this game was badly translated. They have a five-character limit on names, and this is only FOUR characters! WTF happened to the "E," huh?)
Enemies: 3 Madds, 1 Brast, 1 Nadar, 1 Bane, 1 Sethe, 2 Shads, 1 Pyro.

Have Eldor immediately take the Geni, he's the second-coolest looking monster in the game, next to the Fenix. For some odd reason, all three of the Madds decided to squeeze themselves down the bottleneck on the right. I was still wondering why they did this as I put Eldor in the pass and Murak up on the terrace. The rest of the group went with Iris to handily dispatch the enemies that came down the other side. Oh, say hello and goodbye to Nadar again. That should be the last you see of him, so make the parting sweet!

Town: Get Iris's best weapon, the Claymore, first. Then head next door to the magic shop to pick up CHANT, a handy little spell which lets you restore MP to others. Funny thing is, I never really had problems with running out of MP...oh well. According to the fortuneteller, something having to do with water is coming your way...

Round 13:
Monsters: 1 Hydra, 1 Tenta(It's KRKEN, dude, KRKEN. Conjugate the classic names Final Fantasy-style, don't switch them for names that work but don't sound cool!)
Enemies: 1 Orkon, 4 Shads, 1 Bane, 2 Pyros, 1 Warlord Damun.

Water, water, everywhere...and Ratt should earn her keep. Dispatch the Tenta and the Hydra posthaste, they're the last monsters you can collect, so make sure you get them! Best strategy...I don't know. I just sent all my guys onto the first terrace and dispatched the enemies as they came. Slowly advancing, and ALWAYS making sure to use my healer's turns(somtimes you ignore the less-damaged ones until its too late)the waves of Water guys fell fairly quickly. So did Damun, actually, he's probably the easiest warlord yet. I didn't even have BOLT, and still he fell like a pansy. He does some pretty significant damage with that blade, though, so be careful nonetheless.

Town: Buy the Hauberks before you buy BOLT. Both are going to be in the next town anyway, so there's no need to worry. That fortuneteller's spouting cryptic nonsense again...

Round 14:
Enemies: 1 Madd, 2 Brasts, 3 Shads, 2 Pyros, 1 Bane.

No monsters, just your standard battle template with a mix of fighters and mages to make your life difficult. The Shads'll try to sneak around the right, put Ratt and maybe another fighter that way to intercept them before they get to your healers. If you haven't noticed, most of the enemies seem to be going now for either Iris or your healers. Iris can pretty much take care of herself between rounds, but the healers need to run away as much as they can without leaving the castle door open for capture. But make sure they don't run within range of one of Pyro's spells, either! If you're lucky, he'll only get one hit off, but be careful all the same...

Town: Now you can buy BOLT. And buy a DRAIN spell for Romi with the money left over. Your force should be pretty much unstoppable by now, and that's a good thing, because according to the fortuneteller, there's a mage battle coming up...

Round 15:
Enemies: 1 Madd, 1 Brast, 1 Shad, 2 Sethes, 3 Pyros, 1 Emperor Gyrm.

So HERE'S the guy that's been causing all the trouble! Oh curses, he knows BOLT, BLAZE, and FROST. Don't worry, as long as you don't get within the "firing range" of his spells, he shouldn't be too much of a problem. Look Ma, no healers! Which means that YES, you should be focusing all your fighters on one guy at a time. There will be no Bane with a LIFE spell to help these dudes out. Maybe we got rid of all of them in the previous any case, now is the time to attack without mercy! But be wary of the Pyros; make sure you don't give their particular spell an elemental match-up. Bad things happen. Actually, you might not need to worry about that, since everybody seems to be focusing on Iris. Just go through the drill: fight like a maniac, cast life on her, fight like a maniac again. Don't forget to use Iris's DRAIN spell, either! VERY useful in this battle! As far as Gyrm goes, just send Iris right up to him to get a few hits off, and have Murak and Romi stand off to fire their own BOLTs at Gyrm. As soon as he gets low on HP, send a fighter or two in close to put the final beatdown on him. The land is saved!!!...or is it...

Town: Hmmm...the fortuneteller says that Jyn is also the name of an evil entity which just HAPPENED to posses the emperor Gyrm and name his empire after itself. Is this plot cliched? Yes, but this was 1992, you'll recall. They could still get away with stuff like this. If there's any ultimate weapon or destructive spell you haven't bought yet, do so immediately. You're gonna need it.

Round 16:
Enemies: 1 Brast, 1 Shad, 1 Madd, 4 Pyros, 1 Bane, 1 EVIL warlord Jyn.

Knowing that in previous battles that sending out a whole gigantic force of enemies is a good way to get them wasted, Jyn tries to play a waiting game on you. Except he's not very patient. He'll send a Pyro out, send another Pyro out as the first one gets destroyed, then wait around for you to do something...there's nothing for it but to do an all-out assault. Keep your healers near your group, and close in around the two paths off the island Jyn has his fighters on. Classic pincer attack. Put Iris, Romi, and Dayne on one group, Murak, Eldor, and Ratt in the other. Match up your elements carefully, an remember that the Bane can't heal himself...if you cant destroy an enemy in one turn with your spells, fire one off at ol' Baney. If you're lucky, he'll get pissed off and try to attack you rather than use a turn healing his side. "Idiot" is all I have to say. Once you clear out the fighters, Jyn is...remarkably easy. Have Iris cast DRAIN to take off a good chunk of HP, have Murak and Romi attack from afar, have Iris attack from up front(keeping her healed, of course)and have any of your fighters attack as needed, since Jyn seems to want to go for Iris anyway. I think I beat this dude in one turn. Kinda stupid making him a fighter rather than a magic user, I think.



Monsters: Skorp, Wurm, Golem, Tut.
Enemies: Pyro, Sethe, Nadar, Bane, Gyrm, Jyn.

Monsters: Harpy, Grivn, Cyklo, Geni.
Enemies: Aya, Kem, Madd, Ragar.

Firethe cool set, IMHO)
Monsters: Wisp, Repti, Evius, Fenix.
Enemies: Morbi, Rus, Brast(snicker), Arium(stops snickering)

Monsters: Aquan, Siren, Hydra, Tenta
Enemies: Werm, Orkon, Shad, Damun.

Spell/Weapon/Armor List:

Spells and their everyday uses:

What should be noted about using elemental spells is that their effectiveness on other elements is a little tricky. Using a COLD spell on a Fire enemy is, of course, very effective, but fighting Fire with FIRE isn't too much worse, actually. FLASH is the weakest against Fire. Weird, huh? The same principle holds for Wind and Water, with FLASH being okay against Wind and COLD being..."useful," if not all that "butt-kicking" against water. Why am I bothering to go over this when YOU'LL always use the most effective elemental combinations? Because your enemies won't be. If a wizard has a BLAZE spell he's pulling on everyone who crosse his path, Dayne will get a lot less damage than Eldor would. So remember this little hint; it could save your life...

HEAL: Heals people. Duh.

LIFE: Heals people greatly. Would've been cooler if you could revive your own characters, but this WAS 1992, after games hadn't advanced to the point where you could pull Phoienix downs out of your arse whenever somebody got run through with a sword, spear, or rocket launcher. We had to take it and LIKE it back then.

PEACE: Make love, not war...or magic, come to think of it...

CHANT: Restores some MP. Only Iris can use it.

SLEEP: If you've played against Bane, you KNOW how annoying this spell is.

DRAIN: Takes 25% of the enemies hit points and gives them to you. Good for Iris, but Murak and Romi can use it too.

SCAN: Turns Mr. Question Mark into the guy who'll be going home in a box, depending on how good your strategy is.

FIRE, BLAZE: First and second level elemental fire attacks. Satan spends millions on these spells every year.

FLASH, BOLT: First and second level elemental lightning attacks, respectively.

COLD, FROST: 2 things you'll never EVER see in Orange County, CA. And the first and second level elemental ice attacks.

Wizards: Rod. The only thing you should know is that Oryon and Romi start out unequipped, so be sure to buy these for them.

Fighters: Warclaws, WarBlade, Sword, Falchion, Halberd. Simple, really. If they start with Warclaws, buy a Warblade. If they start with a sword, buy a Falchion or a Halberd, depending on whether they're a Fighter or a Lord.

Iris: Estoc, Claymore. If you can afford it, get the Claymore ASAP.

Cape, Robe, Curiass, Hauberk. Believe it or not, these are the ONLY pieces of armor in the game. All wizards should wear a Cape, all fighters(including Iris) should wear a Curiass in the beginning, and a Hauberk by the end. Rangers, like Ratt, can't wear Hauberks. Just get her a Curiass and leave it at that.
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