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Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe for GG
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe for GG
Published by Kong
Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe for GG

Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe is much like Zelda 2, in that the overhead view is just an excuse to throw a few RPG functions, like TALK, SEARCH, and ITEM, into the mostly side-scrolling action sequences. You get into lots of random battles with various shady characters that you'd probably recognize if you played Golden Axe back in the glory days of the arcades. Yep, the skeletons are still the same bony pains in the butt that they always were. Unfortunately, there's no more of the fun of riding those dragons or those pink parrot-lizards although the latter make appearances both as friends to talk to and enemies to kill. And it's about as completely linear as you can possibly get. Still, it manages to be fun, though it gets rather hard rather quickly if you don't know what to do. Persevere, friend.

I have decided to arbitrarily divide this game into chapters:

Chapter 1: Crash! Bang! We have no memory to show any sort of cool graphics! So we use comic-book style exclamation points instead!

The King gives you the lowdown on the Death Adder character (actually, you, being the cool hero-type that you are, already know what's up with the Adder) and you set off on your journey. Talking to people is not usually necessary in this game, and is strictly for story value at this point. Visit the elfin-looking password guy if you're not using an emulator that can save-state your way through the tough spots. He's always in the building with the "PW" sign in front of it, just so you know. Head out of the castle and immediately go right to the cave. The Barbarians and Amazons you meet at this point should be easily dispensed with, but the Amazons have a tendency to jump and slash at you, so be watching for that. The cave itself is pretty easy: Duck to hit the snakes, stand away from the flames the flowers spit at you and hit them twice, and hit the skeletons once to send them back to the grave. Oh, and try to advance slowly, because the bats in here have a nasty habit of clawing your head if you rush through too fast. Stay along the top till the end, and jump down to reach the treasure chest with(suspenseful music plays here) A BOMB! Unfortunately, you can't throw this thing at enemies, so just head south past the bridge.

Chapter 2: The guy has a bomb that can level mountains, and he gets beaten by a skeleton.

Tips for dealing with skeletons: STAY back when the guy jumps, and after he swings when he lands, turn around and give him one for Tyris Flare!(Where IS she, BTW?) Or just use magic.

After crossing the bridge, go northwest to the town surrounded by mountains, get into ANOTHER skeleton(or neo-Barbarian, if you're lucky) fight, and throw your bomb at the mountain(use the "item" command,) completely destroying it. Hey, doofus, you might have wanted to use that thing on Death Adder! In any case, go into the town and head for the building with the sign saying "TR"(or go to the inn first if your life is low.) This is the training room, the site in every town where you fight in a steel-cage atch with a ravenous evildoer that got captured and put in the basement. Be careful, for this is not a normal barbarian you fight, it's a (GASP!) NEO-barbarian, with twice as much life and the deadly power of(double GASP!) JUMPING! No, really, he's actually a bit of a wuss. Put him out of his caps-lock inducing misery and learn the high jump, which changes your jumping power from "highly athletic human being" to "non-ninja anime character." Exeunt, head south.

Chapter 3: Egad! Those statues are following me!

Defeat the neo-Amazon in the town by the coast and get the wonderful UPPER SWING, a quite powerful move that takes off an entire blue life bar! If you're in the mood, go back to the bridges and start whacking a few skeletons to pieces with this. After you have fun with that, go west to the coastal tower, one of the harder dungeons in the game. Those statues that turn around and follow you take off one whole life bar with every spear-thrust, so turn around and upper-swing their pig hides as quickly as possible. On the second level, the best way to deal with the diving ghosts is to face forward against the wall and upper swing for all your worth until all of the ghosts foolhardy enough to dive near you are destroyed. This is another area where you want to have patience and observe the movements of the enemies before rushing into the fray. Eventually, you should make it to the next level. This one consists mainly of little Sonic-type hedgehogs(hit them when they're open and not rolling) and bomb throwers, but they're generally not too tough if you PATIENTLY watch their pattern and strike quickly. If all else goes well, you should reach the top of the tower and the crystal.

Chapter 4: See? The giant turtle COULDN'T hold the world up on his back. He can barely carry that village!

Go down to the discolored spot of land beneath the town and choose the crystal from your "Item" screen. This brings up a somewhat short sequence wherein you have to fight a bunch of fishes and fire-breathing lizards that come out of the water. It's completely linear, so I won't comment too much on it. You should come out at another town, where fighting a skeleton nets you the Jump Swing power. This is useful, being yet another ability that lets you take off an entire life bar with one hit.

Chapter 5: Yeah, you just go inside the pyramid and look for the "treasure." I'll wait around out here, sucker.

My first and only survival tip: DO NOT GO INSIDE THE PYRAMID! As soon as you get through the desert portion, jump ON TOP of the brick that lets you go over the pyramid! A la Super Mario Bros, you warp right into the room that has the Key! If you want, you can suffer through the whole tomb, but I wouldn't advise it. Head into the next town, restore your life bar at the inn, beat up one of the Bad Bros.(he must have a LOT of brothers roaming around, considering how many I've met!) to get the "Super Swing," yet ANOTHER highly damaging technique, and steel yourself for the next EVIL cavern.

Chapter 6: Rolling skulls, flame spiders, arrows, hedgehogs, ARRGH!

This is the cave where all of your skills REALLY get put to the test. Make good use of the Super Swing and Jump swing to kill the bouncing skulls, try to run past the spiders if you can unless their flames are keeping you away from the platforms, and try to conserve your energy and go through slowly as much as possible. Be aware of the water currents, as they can quite often sweep you right into the path of a falling hedgehog or arrow pit. High Jump repeatedly to dogde any other projectiles that come your way. After you FINALLY get out of the cave, do NOT cross the bridge, instead go north to the town.

Chapter 7: I'm wounded! Here, take my compass!

As per the title of this chapter, talk to the soldier in the middle of the town to get the compass. Defeat the Knight in the training room(Hint: it REALLY helps to use the Jump Swing) to get the Tackle ability that the Bad Bras(!) have been using on you all this time, and go south across the bridge to the fairly evil forest. Since you usually can't SEE the friggin' bats that seem to drop on you every time you take a step, advance VERY SLOWLY through this infernal place, Super Swinging as much as possible. Note: You can't kill the wolfmen, so don't bother trying-just run through as quickly as possible and dodge their little star projectile thingies. As soon as you get out of the forest, go west to the single tree square surrounded by swamp stuff and use the SEARCH command. You'll pick up the FRUIT that the soldier was jawing about.

Chapter 8: Rocks and rolling don't mix.

Now head back north, go over the bridge, and follow the path to the mountain. You can smash the rocks rolling toward you, as well as the little monkey dudes throwing them, but there tends to be too many of them not to justify simply high-jumping your way through the barrage, taking whatever damage comes. Use your Tackle on the stone wall, then wait by the waterfall until three logs come down. Jump over them, avoiding the fish, and jump on the next set of platforms, avoiding more(sigh)falling rocks. Eventually, you should get to the eagle at the top. Now just run over the windswept back of the bird, easily dispatching the weak skeletons that pop out at you. ("Save me, there are nearly five of them!")

Chapter 9:
I...(rumble)...think...(rumble)...the...(rumble).. .avalanche...(rumble)...stopped. (RUMBLERUMBLERUMBLE)...

Worry not! The game's almost over! Head down the path to the last town and defeat a DEATH ADDER in the Training Room to get your last(and possibly the most useful) ability, the Jump Attack. Much like the Downthrust from Zelda 2(it become more like this game every second) it allows you to jump on enemies while thrusting downward with your sword. If you don't think it's useful, then the Neo-Skeletons roaming around this area should lay those doubts to rest. Oh, and that Death Adder character will sometimes get really mad and send a ground flame your way, so be watching for that, too. Head north of this town, cross the bridge, and search the single swamp square to get the magic stone, your last item, then stay at the inn for the ridiculously high price of 12 vials, get your last password, and go south. Welcome to Eskimo country! Rather than going up at the beginning, make your way DOWN the snow platforms until you get to a set of three across the bottomless pit. Jump over these as quickly as you possibly can, because if the avalanche covers them, future archaeologists will think that early man wore scanty armor in sub-zero climes during their daily life. As soon as you reach the waterfall, watch VERY CAREFULLY for the platform that comes-they're kinda hard to see behind all that water. And when you reach the third platform, STAY ON IT rather than facing the spider and the wolf down there-there will be another platform to the LEFT if you let the third platform take you upward a bit. Now, when you reach the top platform, IMMEDIATELY double-click to run, because ANOTHER avalanche will take out the platform you just landed on. Indeed, you'll probably have to high jump at the last possible instant before the snow hits your surface in order to make it.

Chapter 10: Courage and love for humankind ALWAYS triumph over spiky castles!

All roads lead to Death Adder's castle now, so grit your teeth, strap on your spike-resistant padding, and get to it. There are a few very important things to remember here:

1: Use the Jump Swing whenever possible to take out the hedgehogs on the non-spiked platforms-you most assuredly do not have time to hit them twice with regular swings.

2: You can use your sword to bat away the arrows, though this is very hard to do accurately. That section is just hard no matter what the case.

3: You don't see the mirrors that lead to different parts of the castle. But it's usually pretty easy to tell where the next one is.

4: Sometimes, there's a small section on the edges of the spiked platforms where you can stand to take a breather without getting skewered. Look for these.

5: Don't worry-THERE IS NO LAST BOSS! Without spoiling anything, the end of the game is settled entirely through textual description.
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Re: Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe for GG

It took me forever with save states to beat this game. I would get all possible armor from hidden stores and hidden places as you can or else.
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