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Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for SMS
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for SMS
Published by Kong
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World for SMS


Round 1: Kabuto

Scene 1-1

Continue right, picking up all the chests.

Scene 1-2

Proceed right, and kill the two green ninjas. Climb the stairs, all the way to the top. Then, go right and all the way down. To the left, there are two walls that are close to each other. Use the jumping technique (p. 8 of instruction manual) to get to the top. Then, go down and to the right and you will see a bar. Stand under it and jump while holding up on the Control Pad. Then, press and hold Button #1 to use your fire magic. Once at the top, you will see the exit.

Scene 1-3: Kabuto

To defeat Kabuto, continuously shoot darts at him until he turns small. Then, duck down and shoot him some more!

Round 2: Raid of Helicopters

Round 2-1

Continue right, killing all the green and yellow ninjas. When you come to a door with a red dot over it, enter. Follow the pathway, using the fire magic to the two chests at top. Then, head back to the door. Once out, proceed right to the door, and follow the passageway to the exit.

Round 2-2

Move right. For first time players, it will probably be easier to stay at the top of the water by jumping on it. For more advanced players, try killing all the Barracudas (this does take a lot of practice). Then, when you come to two chests, either continue right or drop down the hole. If you choose to go right, follow right until you see a door, and enter it. If you drop down the hole, continue right. On the next screen, the middle passageway leads to the exit, and the passage on the right leads to a chest.
Secret Room: Before exiting, head to the door on the left (the same door you would have taken if you went right), jump up on the ledge and head to the right. There will be a secret room with a chest.

Round 2-3: Heli

Stand on the left hand side of the screen and continuously shoot until the helicopter pictures at the top of the screen all disappear.

Round 3: The Jungle

Scene 3-1

In this round, it is easiest to walk on the logs and kill the birds. But, be sure to remember which logs fall and which don't!
SECRET ROOM #1: From the entrance, go right and drop down the hole. Get the chest on the left first. Then, get the one on the right (Ninja's Crystal Ball) and go up through the hole.
SECRET ROOM #2: Continue up the ropes until you see an opening on the left hand side. Position Alex to the right of the opening, and use your fire magic into the opening. A secret screen with three chests will appear!
After all the secret rooms have been found, continue all the way up to the top, and exit to the right. Then, when on the next screen continue all the way to the right to the exit door.

Scene 3-2

SECRET PASSAGE: When you first start this round, jump on the first ledge and jump towards the left. if done correctly, you will land behind the scene, and can bypass all of the enemies on the ground. After you get the two chests, you can go back to the left, back to the original starting position. Continue to the right, and the Bamboo spikes will have disappeared! Then, after you get the chest, you can either go back to the beginning, or continue to the right.
SECRET ROOM: Continue to the right until you see four fire droplets. Go past them, and get on the rope. Move to the top of the rope and use the fire magic to the right, and you will be in a secret room.
If you fall down the rope to the next level, jump on the orange carts and proceed all the way to the right and drop down the hole. Wait for the rock to come out of the lava, then jump on it. Wait for the rock to drop until it's almost in the lave, then jump to the next one. If the next one isn't out of the lave yet, jump straight up when the rock is almost all the way in the lava. If timed correctly, you will land on the rock again, without getting hit by the lava. Keep moving all the way to the right to find the exit.

Scene 3-3: Robster

Wait for him to jump. Right after he jumps, jump and shoot him with the darts. If you don't have the darts, wait for him to come down a little, then run and hit him. Continue these procedures to defeat him.

Round 4: Battle with the Dark Ninja

Scene 4-1

Move all the way to the right. If you drop down, continue right and watch out for the spikes overhead. When you reach the guy on the ledge, jump and hit him until he dies. Then, continue right to the bar.
SECRET ROOM: Drop down the bar and duck down while moving to the right. You will walk behind the scene, and be in a room with a bar. Use the fire magic on the bar, and go to the left.
Once back at the bar, use the fire magic and go up. The door is right there. Once on the other side, jump to the right, killing the birds (this takes a lot of practice). If you fall down, continue all the way to the right.
Getting The Chests In The Air: If you manage to stay on the top part (with the logs), you will come across two chests that seem to be impossible to get. To get them, jump to the left of them and you will walk on air! Then, continue to the right until you see two more chests in a similar position. Do the same thing to get these.
Then, continue right to the exit.

Scene 4-2

Go right and wait for the arrows to come out. Then, climb the stairs and wait for the arrows to come out again and drop down. Enter the door, and you will be faced with Kabuto. To beat him, hit him four times, while avoiding his fireballs. Then, when he turns small, duck and hit him three more times. Continue right and enter the door. Proceed right and wait for the block to get almost all the way up. Then, jump to the right, get the chests and wait for the block to go almost all the way up again. Enter the door and you will be faced with Robster. To defeat Robster, wait for him to jump, run underneath him and hit him. Repeat this until he is defeated. Enter the door and you will be in a room with blue pyramids floating in the air. Jump over them and wait for the red ledge to appear on the far right. When it appears, jump up on it and follow the red ledges that appear. When the ledge appears in the upper right hand corner, next to the door, jump to it to exit.

Scene 4-3: Hanzo

The first guy you face is the Glowing Ninja. To defeat him, perfect timing is necessary. When he jumps, get so you are almost touching him, then wait approximately three seconds, and stab him. Repeat this four times. Then, once he is defeated, he will turn into Tornado Ninja. To defeat him, stand in the same place, waiting for him to come to you. When he comes to you, stab him and he will back off. Repeat this until he is defeated. Once he is defeated, he will turn into Jumping Ninja. When he jumps, he will leave a white shadow, so kill it, then jump in his direction and hit him.
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