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Abadox for NES
Abadox for NES
Published by EJT2012
Abadox for NES

Your home planet of Abadox has been swallowed whole by the deadliest menace in space!Its name: Parasitis. Its prey: All surrounding life forms. Its goal: To feed on the entire Universe! You are Second Lieutenant Nazal, the only surviving warrior of The World Alive Force. Parasitis has crushed The Force's attack ships and consumed a hospital ship - with the beautiful Princess Maria still on board! Your Mission: Blast your way inside Parasitis' gruesome body and battle your way to its Core. Hurry! Princess Maria may still be alive! Hurtle down Parasitis' throat, blast through its cellular walls! Fend off vicious, bloodthirsty organisms with guided missiles and lasers in Six Stages of Internal Combat! Kill each Stage's guardian monsters so you can reach the Core! Destroy Parasitis, rescue Princess Maria and save the Universe! The game was originally released on 12/15/89 in Japan and in March of 1990 in USA.

Abadox is just your average space shooter game wherein you fly around and blow up aliens... within the body of an alien. It's similar in story and gameplay with Life Force, but as this is the NES we're talking about here, there's really not much you can do here... unless you want the game to be overcomplicated. Anyway, I'm here to lead you through the basics of this game, as well as to help you out in some of the game's hardest moments.

Controls: --------

D-Pad is used for moving your character, Second Lieutenant Nazal A button is used to control your defense shields. But first you'll have to get some. B button is used for firing your weapon. START button is used for pausing/resuming gameplay.

The Walkthrough: ----------------

STAGE 1 -------

Be aware that you must not get hit (if you don't have defense), or else you'll die. That's why you have to stay cautious at all times. You start the level by flying in space and facing various enemies. Kill the blue powerup thingies, flying eyeballs, jaws from afar, try not to get too close to them, or else you may not hit them in time, and you'll have to start all over again. With three- range shooting it should not be too hard. Soon you'll see flying skulls, and purple birds, kill them to get defensive shields. The thingies that are crawling on the land are your top priority to kill, cause they shoot a lot of fireballs in front of you, thus making it much harder for you to navigate. So murder them right away. Sometimes the enemies will come in groups of two or three, making it easier to shoot the hell outta them. You'll be ambushed by Bau, the skeleton "dog" in the middle of the level. It's not hard, just stay away when it jumps to the sides and do not fly above him, or you may get hit by his little lasers. After dealing with the puppy, shoot your way forward and you'll fly into the "underground" part of this stage. You'll see pink flowers at the top and the bottom, kill them fast. Also beware that now enemies will start appearing from behind, thus always keep moving. The blue shining fangs are easy to fly over. Next you'll see some moving purple pillars, not too hard too. Finally, you'll arrive to the real boss of this stage, the Death Face. BOSS: Death Face Keep shooting missiles at his floating eyeballs and straight in the face. He will sometimes shoot some blue balls at you from inside his mouth, though there's only three of them at a time, so it's nothing hard. But make sure you don't farm them and steal my highscore, oh wait that has already happened! Soon the bastard will die.

STAGE 2 -------

Wow, this one's vertical. And fast-paced too. Shoot the enemies from above, but be also cautious cause you can get hit from the sides. The red "crippers" are fast and they go zig-zag. Just stay at one side and keep firing. Once you will get lasers, it's gonna get easier to take out those lizards and crippers out of the way. At some point in time, you'll see red hands trying to grab you so now's not the time to fly to the sides, better just stay in the middle. Soon you'll be ambushed by some kind of a snake (?). It'll keep circling round you and shooting little energy balls at you. Always keep moving and kill it rapidly. Now it'll get tougher, cause the passage will get thinner. Be very careful here. This nightmare is not too long, as soon you'll arrive to the place where the boss of this stage awaits you. BOSS: Death Stomach I just couldn't find a better name for that thing This shouldn't be hard, just look out for the flying balls and lasers that thing and its minions shoot and you should be fine. It will go down in about 7-8 precise missile launches.

STAGE 3 -------

Horizontal again. This time you will find yourself in some blue maze-like tunnel. Red amoebas are swarming here plus some green nasty green flowers that shoot things at you. By now you should've gotten the missile-laser combo to annihilate everything in your way. Just breeze through the level filled with flying scarabs, little blue balls and flowers that grow from the floor and the ceiling. Be sure to grab all the bonuses, you'll definitely need them later. A flying fish will pop out of nowhere, and it's nasty. Kill it quickly, and dive under it, or else its energy balls will crush you. It has measly health, so it'll go down fast. In the second part of the stage you may get some blue circle shooting supplies that cover a lot more area when shot. It'll help you a little. Just keep on flying, shooting everything with homing missiles until you reach the boss. BOSS: Mummy Its head is situated on the ceiling, while its "stomach" is directly in front of you. Shoot the stomach. The head sends out some red amoebas at you while the stomach shoots a five-ranged fire. If you're good enough, you should be able to survive. Always keep shooting. The boss will die shortly after.

STAGE 4 -------

Another vertical level. Nothing new here, except some new types of enemies like yellow crabs and snakes charging at you from the walls. As always, homing missiles should do the job. At the middle of the level you'll arrive in small room where a big crab will start shooting crap loads of energy balls at you. Move to sides like crazy. Some good ol' R-Type, huh? I must say that this thing gave me lots of game overs back in the days, so you might want to be extra cautious here. Keep on getting through hordes of enemies further, we're almost there. At some point the music will just disappear, right about when you be flying near some fanged larva. Be careful not to touch its moving fangs. The larva is pretty damn long, and cut in half, ey? XD You'll come to the end of the level where you'll see larva's little tail. Shoot the hell out of it to completely beat the stage. I don't really consider this thing a boss, so there's no BOSS tag for this stage. 2 more to go!

STAGE 5 -------

This mecha-level is filled with some new robotic enemies who shouldn't be an obstacle. Oh, and I also love the music in this one! Keep on ravaging the enemy's defenses until you'll be thrown into a fight with three pink robots. The robots don't move simultaneously, but once at least one of them dies, all free go down. The second part of the stage is up next. Quickly hover through the big green lasers, and don't forget about the enemies here. After a minute of unstoppable combat you'll come to the second last boss of the game. BOSS: Death Robot This is one helluva robot. Its head shoots white energy balls while its torso and arms pierce you with lasers. You should focus on staying in the top of the screen with little and CAREFUL moving to evade the energy balls. The missiles and blue rings will destroy the boss sooner or later. I even managed to take him out with just Tresbeam a couple of times. Final stage, here we go!!!

STAGE 6 -------

A tube-like vertical level. Now this is tough. You gotta be very precise in your movements here to stay alive. Move quickly and smash the ghosts and other menaces out of your way as soon as possible. Next, you'll find yourself in a passage crossed with yellow lasers, activating time from time. Be very careful not to get in the fire area when they activate. Thus, always try to move to the sides when evading energy balls and quickly move down to pass the lasers. A press thingie is up next. Ooh, I died many times here. After you've fled through it, you meet with a mini-boss. Five nasty eyeballs. They shoot homing "seeds" at you. Run away from the seeds or destroy them. When there are no seeds around, close up to the eyeballs and destroy them. The last part of the stage is pretty much awesome. Cannons from all sides will be firing energy balls at you that will form a bird-like cannonball that charges at you. Be sure to evade. Another set of yellow lasers follows. Next up is... FINAL BOSS: Parasitis Core I found this guy laughably easy. Just the green spheres at the sides, and don't forget about the head. Staying close to him will save you from some of his attacks. What will also help is having a large arsenal of weapons you should have gathered by now. Don't back down, this is the last fight in the game. Eventually, you'll make it. Watch a little scene. There's also the last, 7th stage of the game, although it's not really a stage. It's more of a pain in the ass. You'll have to fly through the level at a pretty high speed. I bet your fingers will be burning after this trip. Avoid the obstacles until you reach the black space. Watch last scene of the game and the staff credits. Congrats! You beat Abadox: The Deadly Inner War!!!
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Re: Abadox for NES

so how fun is this game on a 1 to 10 rating in your opinion?
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Re: Abadox for NES

Probably an 8 or 9.
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