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The Warriors
The Warriors
Published by joz
Author review
Replay value
Average 80%
The Warriors

The Warriors is a beat'em up game published by Rockstar Games. It was released in 2005 for both the PS2 and XBOX, then in 2007 for the PSP. The game is based on the 1979 cult classic film, The Warriors.
Read my movie review here

The game works as a sort of prequel as it starts a few months before the events in the movie, giving you a deeper story behind all the members of the gang before joining The Warriors. You take control of all the members at one point or another and are always in a small group or a pair throughout the game.

The Warriors

The Warriors is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic street gang from Coney Island, on the edge of Brooklyn. Their gang uniform consists of a red-orange vest with the Warriors' logo embroidered on the back. Their logo consists of a death's head with an Indian war bonnet shaped like eagle wings. This theme is accented by the Indian-style bead necklaces and armbands worn by some members. Their main turf is among the many amusement parks of Coney Island, particularly Deno's Wonder Wheel.

Cleon: The Warlord. Cleon used to be a Destroyer with his former best-friend and leader Virgil.
Swan: The Warchief, second in command of The Warriors. Quiet and cool-headed, but possesses strong fighting and leadership skills.
Ajax: The Muscle. A fearless and cocky womanizer, who is always up for a fight.
Vermin: Like Cleon, he is a former Destroyer. A very pessimistic Warrior yet very loyal and can take care of himself in a fight.
Rembrandt: The Writer. The gang's talented graffiti artist, he wears the standard Warrior's vest and an afro.
Fox: The Scout. Fox is very familiar with other gangs and their rackets, territory, and numbers.
Snow: A stoic African-American Warrior with an afro parted down the middle. A bit more reserved, he is nevertheless a very talented fighter.
Cowboy: A Warrior who wears a Stetson Cowboy Hat. He is an optimistic, happy-go-lucky Warrior.
Cochise: A heavy brawler, who's always looking for a good time. He wears Native American-style jewelry, leather pants and boots.
~c/o Wikipedia

Each character has his strengths and weaknesses, but all of them are equally important. However, being as this is a BEAT'EM UP game, the better fighters are generally the best characters and you'll have less trouble when you are in control of them. In my opinion, the top fighters would be Ajax, Cleon, Cochise and Swan. Even though fighting is the main attraction of the game, there are also other skills which need to be mastered. There are parts in the game where you need to time your button pressing in order to break through doors and jump fences. There is also a graffiti challenge where you take control of
Rembrandt and you have to tag walls to let everyone know The Warriors were here.

Tag teaming with a buddy is fun in this game as you can actually hold on to a rival in a full nelson while your buddy (or your AI controlled partner when close enough will tag team automatically) wails their mid section with punches and kicks. The fights usually involve multiple enemies and you are usually out numbered 2 to 1. So you'll need to use everything you can to bop your way back to your turf. There are tons of weapons lying around from knives, baseball bats, two by fours, trash cans, bricks and even throwing bodies towards a crowd.

As you move along the game, you'll run into all the gangs that came out in the movie and more. Each gang has a leader whom you need to fight in order to move along. These bastards are tough! Especially since they also fight along side their gang. If you get a hold of a baseball bat, try to keep it along as it delivers big damage and excellent range with good recovery after each swing. On top of all the gangs that are out for your head, you also have to keep an eye out for the Pigs. When they appear, they'll knock you down and cuff you and your crew. If your main character gets cuffed, it's game over. If any of the other Warriors are cuffed, you need to beat the crap out of all the cops and then unlock the cuffs to move on.

The Gangs
( Click to show/hide )
[ame=""]YouTube - The Warriors Gangs[/ame]

Game Trailer
( Click to show/hide )
[ame=""]YouTube - Videogame The Warriors[/ame]

The Warriors break into the scene with some solid graphics commonly used in the GTA series, also by Rockstar Games. Not the best when up close to the characters, but works well with the big levels, massive brawls and other details like broken wood and glass shattering effects.

The music in the game is top notch! Just take a look at the soundtrack this game boasts.

~c/o Wikipedia
[ame=""]Barry De Vorzon[/ame] "Theme from The Warriors"
[ame=""]Arnold McCuller[/ame] "Nowhere to Run"
Mandrill "Echoes in My Mind"
[ame=""]Barry De Vorzon[/ame] "The Fight"
[ame=""]Joe Walsh[/ame] "In the City"
[ame=""]Genya Ravan[/ame] "Love is a Fire"
[ame=""]Barry De Vorzon[/ame] "Baseball Furies Chase"
Johnny Vastano "You're Movin' Too Slow"
[ame=""]Desmond Child[/ame] "Last of an Ancient Breed"

[ame=""]YouTube - Joe Walsh - In the City -[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - The Warriors - Nowhere To Run[/ame]

Replay Value
This isn't that high since it's a very straight and forward story. It does have a VS Battle option where you can go head to head with the computer or a buddy. You can fine tune the battle format by making it one on one or battle royal.

It's pretty difficult to finish on your own the first time around, but once you get used to the controls and how it plays, you should be able to finish the game off. You do tend to get ganged up on since you are after all fighting off GANGS!

Overall this is a solid game with a great combat system that helped bring the good old beat'em up genre a breath of fresh air. Good story that follows true to the movie that inspired it. Excellent soundtrack, solid graphics and multiplayer capability. This is a great title to rent as it can be finished in one sitting but would probably take you a couple of days to fully complete all the side quests. I wouldn't buy it unless you are a collector or a big fan of The Warriors.


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Re: The Warriors

Ajax is the coolest warrior of them all
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