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Streets of Rage (Master System)
Streets of Rage (Master System)
A pretty solid 8-bit version of the original...
Published by ECInc2XXX
Author review
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Streets of Rage (Master System)

Eric Corp Gamer's RU Exclusive Review 28
Streets of Rage (Master System)

Moving away from the pirated games to give me more time to think of more games to review (summer 2011). Today is Streets of Rage for the Sega Master System was released in 1993 in Europe only, which is an 8-bit version of the Sega Genesis version back in 1991.


I'll admit for a 8-bit version of the popular beat 'em up game, it looks pretty damn good. The character sprites are commendable to look at and fittingly animated as it can possibly be for this version. The backgrounds are exceptional for the Master System, though it could have used some brighter color schemes in some of the levels, though. There's just little to say about it, but it's visually amazing considering its limitations. It may not manage to be on a similar level as Sonic the Hedgehog for the Master System, but it's one of the more sophisticated looking games on the system.

Gameplay: B-
The game attempts to replicate the gameplay style of the original, and is mainly executed well. One factor that figuratively blew me away is that most of the features from the 16-bit version was kept here, much to my surprise. This 8-bit version actually has all 8 levels of the game, but also including a boss never seen in the Genesis version. While the Genesis used the Round 2 boss twice in Round 6, this version actually has a new distinct boss in Round 6 which is some tiny old-man with a rocket launcher backpack-like thing on his back (I wonder why they never used this in the 16-bit version?). Also, this 8-bit version actually has all 3 characters (Adam, Axel, and Blaze) in the way they were before, which is just marvelous. As for the beat 'em up gameplay, it plays exactly like the original to my surprise with barely any signs of slowdowns or flickers. Despite these amazing achievements, there is one major problem is the lack of a 2-player mode, which I honestly find hard to believe. What kind of beat 'em up game can be without a 2-player mode included? I mean usually they are okay to play on your own, but with 2 players, it is much more enjoyable, right? Because of this, it makes me wonder why have all this but, not to be fun at its full potential. Despite that big setback, I'll still give it credit for having most of the features of the 16-bit version and still be somewhat amusing to enjoy anyways.

[ame=""]YouTube - Streets of Rage Sega Master System playtrough Part 1[/ame]

Sound: C+
To take in consideration that the Sega Master System isn't really recognize for making such spectacular audio, it still doesn't sound poor like most games on the system. The music of the game is decent enough replicating the amazing soundtrack of the original 16-bit version, but some of the choices are rather dumb. For example, why does it use the Round 1 music on the character select screen, and the character select music in Round 2? Was it necessary to switch the music around like that? The sound effects are decent enough that it won't make you turn down the volume. Anyway, the sound department is basically par for the course for the system.

Controls: A
Since the controller only uses 2 buttons, it seems relatively easy and simple to play without any sort of control problems. I'll give it some credit that you can use specials while the game is paused, which is pretty cool. Otherwise, the controls are pretty niche for the 8-bit version.

Replay Value: B-
Mostly fans of the series and/or people who acknowledge the game for featuring most of the ideas from the Genesis version will probably enjoy it. However, people who like the idea of playing 2-players on beat 'em up will probably stay away it. It depends on the taste of what you want.

Overall: B
This is obviously the better of the 8-bit versions (the other being Game Gear), but the 16-bit version still tops this nonetheless. It'll still provide some solid and thrilling entertainment for you considering that most of the features of the game 2 years ago, which is a nice touch. I would absolutely recommended it if not for the 2-player mode being absent here, which is a rather stupid choice of not having. Nonetheless, it is still a great port of the original and it's still recommended a play at least.

[ame=""]YouTube - Streets of Rage Master System - Pt 1[/ame]

2011 Eric Corp Incorporated
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