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Sim City 2000 Review
Sim City 2000 Review
Can you really slap a price tag on decades of fun - Cam3ron36
Published by CatalystiCam
Author review
Replay value
Average 88%
Sim City 2000 Review

Originally written August 16th, 2010

Sim City 2000

Sega Saturn


Can you really slap a price tag on decades of fun?

With todayís modern city building simulators youíd often ask yourself what an early installation in a franchise has to offer to you compared to that of its sequels. This is true for many gamers out there today; youíd assume newer is better, right? Well, no. Fact is, itís a matter of opinion and itís your decision and yours alone on whether or not itís good to you as an individual. In a manner of speaking; itís all what matters to you that decides what you buy but when a large group of people has a similar opinion on games as many others, you leave the classics in the dark, and you leave a console like the Saturn in the dark because popular contrast says the ps1 is better. What you now have is a rare version of a game in its peak of the franchise it belongs to, that franchise being Maxisí once powerhouse game series known as Sim City.

[ame=]YouTube - Sim City 2000: Theme Song And Intro[/ame]

What we have being reviewed today is in my opinion the greatest sim city game ever created, why do I say that? Like has been said, itís a matter of opinion but what I also notice that is funny is how one owner forms more of a bond with the games he remembers as a kid, the music he remembers as a kid, etc. But in all honesty Iíve been playing this game since I was real young. It has been at our lake since I was 2 or so. However, not for Saturn, no. back in the day Hewlett Packard packed in certain games with their computers for an extra selling point (Why canít that be done today?). What is real interesting is how weíve kept that computer at the lake for 15 years solely for the reason that it has Sim City 2000 on it and donít think we all donít because we all sit down for some of our time at the lake still and build a city of our dreams once again for 15 years. You know you have a good game when all the kids in the family still play it after so many years.

Iíve been dying to review this game for ages you donít know how many times I had to pick something else for a specific reason, that reason being that I wanted to get the Saturn version and play it through for a comparison in contrast to the PC version. That time has come, so now I can describe all the differences however little! What have we now? Well, not much of a difference other that superior sound and this is what Iíve always credited the Saturn for is how well it has ported all the PC games to its mainframe back in the nineties. So what we are left with is a very solid port of a great game made even greater. The sound on this version is so great compared to the pc version that it is like comparing game boy sound to that of the n64. Itís astounding and I love it, itís a nice touch. All there is to be said about the sound though, itís umpteenth times better and youíve got to love the remade classic songs.

Another few things Iíve really liked about this port of the game compared to the pc is the building models. Itís amazing, I mean in the original PC version you had a million different building models based on the density of the construction tool and the size you allotted for construction but now itís like there is all these things and more since they managed to make a million more combos based on what day and age youíre in, amazing! However small touch it is itís amazing to see the imaginative building designs created based on the year, however. When and where are elevated domes considered ďluxury homes in 2010, ahh I love how all the predictions about 2000 and beyond were wrong. Seriously, whereís my flying car? (No there is no flying cars in sim city 2000). Also, I really donít think weíll have giant flyable space domes that can support living anytime soon, not to mention to hold millions of people in such a small dome, but enough mocking future predictions since it is really cool to see all the engineered homes they come up with at maxis and I applaud them for their imagination, and why should I not?

[ame=]YouTube - Sim City 2000 - Gameplay (Sega Saturn)[/ame]

The Complaints I have are quite obvious, I mean as much as I love the Saturn controller nothing beats a mouse for this type of game. Using the Saturn controller is a lot sloppier than using a mouse but it is still very playable and the controls were planned out as perfectly as they could be. The next complaint I have, can you take a guess? Early Cd gamesÖ How about loading times? Luckily you only have to load the game before you can play it but you have to wait through two loading screens for some reason. First one takes like 2 minutes and the next takes like 30 seconds. My best guess is that they have to load the intro and the game separately, but itís ridiculous to expect that, at least thatís the only time it has to load a lot. In case you arenít aware the Saturn has a very small internal memory system. Your average game will take about a quarter to a third of this memory or none at all. Can you guess how much space it takes to save 1 and only 1 city in this game? Every last block! At least they had the courtesy to slap a ďBackup RecommendedĒ logo on the back of the box so you have some warning.

[ame=]YouTube - Sim City 2000 - Intro (Sega Saturn)[/ame]

With all of these things within the game it is by no means a bad buy and Iím not recommending the PC version over the Saturn version, far from it. Both are great and they are very similar, but if you want all the extra quirks the Saturn is ideal, but who has a Saturn. Probably not many of you reading this, both versions also have that excellent fully customizable map editor and the quick edit option where you select how much percentage of maps will be water/trees/landforms and the option to have a river or a shoreline (always have a shoreline for commerce boat shipping). Either way you spin it this game is not too complicated and not too simplistic. Itís the ideal city building game and I love it.

For Reading this review. I put time and effort in it and feel free to drop a comment!
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