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Shining Force Neo
Shining Force Neo
Published by StarfoxFan2009
Author review
Replay value
Average 88%
Shining Force Neo

Max is a 17 year old who is training to be a Force like his father, Gaia and his older brother Cain. However, Cain has disappeared, making Gaia reluctant to let Max take the Ordeal of the Force. However, all that changes when monsters start appearing in cities throughout the land. After Gaia is killed by the mysterious Man Under The Mask, its up to Max to save the land with friends and albeit reluctant allies.

[ame=]YouTube - Shining Force Neo Intro[/ame]

Graphics: 5/5 these graphics are amazing compared to the previous Shining game released on the Saturn.

[ame=]YouTube - Shining Force Neo To Larcyle Fort[/ame]

Replay value: 5/5

After you complete the game, you unlock a bonus dungeon to explore and combat many more enemies

Sound: 2/5
This is where it gets horrible. Some of the voice actors in this game did a poor job of voice acting, like one of Chiquitita's lines include "super-duper attack." Its not only the most ridiculous line, but it makes her sound kiddish even though shes older than what it seems.

Challenge: 5/5
It starts out really easy in the beginning, but when you get to a certain point it increases in difficulty, and in one area if you are not careful you die in one shot. Not recommended to newbs unless you have a cheat system like i do.

All in All, its a nice game to play if you like a RPG as detailed as the Shining Series, but for most they won't get why they switched to Real Time

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