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Rocky (Sega Master System)
Rocky (Sega Master System)
Published by mario90s
Author review
Replay value
Average 88%
Rocky (Sega Master System)

Very good..... for the Sega Master System that is, Rocky is very colorful and graphical for its time. The music is top notch. You have all the challengers from the first 3 films, and the title is very welcoming meaning its good. Even the game play is good.

Sadly the difficulty is a little jumpy at times. Like when you fight Apollo, its a little challenge but not something to fork over. He does tend to get up every time you knock him out but he'll finally stay down. Its seems like a game you'll wanna play right? Well when you get to Clubber Lang this is where it gets tricky because now Clubber Lang MURDERS you he doesn't give you an open shot. I mean I know he was an animal in the movies but jeez he wasn't a BEAST! Oh and when YOU get knocked out you don't control yourself no the computer does it for you and no recharge on you're health! And the training sessions can be a little annoying too because you do 'em every time you win AND you have to press buttons. And if you think Clubber Lang was a beast what about Drago? How bad is he? Well I'm done with this one overall this is a good game just look at the ratings.

Game play:100%
Releationship to the movies:90%
Training sessions:78%;D
Replayability:67% (While, some people might not stand its sudden challange jump, I can at least say, they might play it more twice.)

Ratings. 7/10
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