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ECInc2XXX 03-08-2010 06:26 PM

R.C. Pro AM II
Eric Corp Gamer's RU Exclusive Review 10
R.C. Pro AM II

According to what I read on Wikipedia about this game, it wasn't as successful as the hit original R.C. Pro AM (I'll review that later), mostly because the SNES was already released (August 1991), and people were moving on to 16-bit gaming. So, this game is kinda under-rated at the time this was released.

Graphics: B+
The graphics are in a similar style to the original, which is actually not half bad. But considering it was released 4 years later, it kinda pales in comparison to other games released in 1992. However, for NES standards in 1992, it's actually pretty good.

Sound: A
The sound in this game is nicely done. The music is also pretty good, though it barely has any music (other than the beginning of the race, title screen, and the shop screen etc.). The sound effects are pretty cool, too. I know that some people may hate the sound due to lack of music, but it adds to the atmosphere of racing (other games like the original, Rad Racer (if you want to), Super Sprint, and Championship Sprint did this, too.). Overall, pretty good for NES games for the 1990s.

Gameplay: A+
The gameplay is of course, the same style as the original, but improves it on so many levels. For one reason, you can play FOUR PLAYERS (with the NES Four Score) with this game (while the original was only one player, which sucked), which is really fun to play with. Also, the game adds more upgrades and extra stuff, which adds more to the game. Like the other, you have to be at least 3rd place to continue on, while if not, you have to use up a continue to move on. To add more to the gameplay, there are many obstacles like oil spills, planes shooting at you and other cars, and so on. It's hard to explain all the gameplay with words, but it's damn brilliant for a NES racing game.

Replay Value: A+
This game has high replay value, because this game is almost flawless! You'll be playing this game along with others, for several hours and onwards. While single player is awesome enough, but more than two players will raise the replay value up the roof. I'm just speechless's worth the time and money.

Overall: A+
This game is probably one of the best racing games on the NES, and the 1990s in general. This game improved on what the original did, and it really shows up. This proves that high-tech looking graphics don't make it a good racing game. This game is PURE AWESOMENESS, and it's worth playing many times.

Video of the game:
[ame=""]YouTube - R.C. Pro Am II - NES Gameplay[/ame]

2010 Eric Corp Incorporated

CatalystiCam 03-08-2010 06:35 PM

Re: R.C. Pro AM II
I did not know that they made a sequel to this. I like the overhead racers, nothing beats super off road. :)

fenrir1887 03-09-2010 12:05 PM

Re: R.C. Pro AM II
I know. It's hard to remember. The only time I ever played this was a real long time ago. I was 6 then.

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