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Pirated Games Part 9: Super Donkey Kong '99
Published by ECInc2XXX
Author review
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Pirated Games Part 9: Super Donkey Kong '99

The Eric Corp Gamer's Retro Uprising Exclusive Review 37
Pirated Games Part 9: Super Donkey Kong '99

Yar, the ongoing hunt of pirated game reviews continue on... and (looks at title) oh no...why am I not surprised that they touched the Donkey Kong Country franchise with this one? Since the DKC series on the SNES were very big critical and commercial successes upon release (and even today), pirates saw this as an opportunity to make out a poorly-made games based on the franchise.And one of those games is Super Donkey Kong '99 (also known as Super King Kong '99) for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, which is a weird and terrible mixture of all the DKC series, though mainly the first and third ones.

Graphics: D+
At first glance, it's transition from SNES to Genesis fared pretty well in terms of visuals. The sprites and backgrounds don't look too shabby to look at and they look a bit presentable, especially considering the limitations of Sega's 16-bit system. The big thing that really bugged me about the graphics is the animation, which of course is really lacking compared to the official games. They are so incredibly choppy, awkward, and limited that even the first-generation of Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (1989 - 1991) had much better animation than this and the choppiness there was understandable at the time. This major graphical issue really mar the otherwise decent presentation. An okay looking game on the outside, but much much worse on the inside.

Gameplay: F-
The gameplay is typical of the DKC series, but in the worst way imaginable. Instead of being about 50 levels (not counting secret levels) in each of the DKC games and having an overworld of all the levels, there is none and only 5 worlds with 2 levels each (5 x 2 = 10). The level layouts here are so bad, it is almost up there with Super Mario Land 4's. It is plagued with awful level designs, ridiculous enemy, item, and platform placements, bad collision on platforms, and too many pixel-perfect jumps that has you either jump at the very edge while running or jump on the enemy at the right time to continue on. Even worse, the collision detection is very unforgiving and beyond awful here, even to the point where I say it is even worse than Sonic Jam 6's collision, It feels like everytime I'm trying to jump somewhere, whether to an enemy ,a platform, or over a projectile, I feel like I'm taking a gamble by trying to roll a 6 on a die (20-80 chance). The game really forces you to hit right under the enemy, or otherwise you will die. The platform's collision is ridiculous to the point, where sometimes you can't tell you are able to jump to it or not, or you'll have to jump where the middle of it or else. Plus, the hit box of a typical projectile is all messed up that you will die despite being way over it. It doesn't there is no checkpoint barrels at all, which will forces you to play the entire stage over and over again if you die. I wouldn't mind that if these levels weren't so long, especially in the later worlds. Plus, you will die in ONE HIT! No partner with you that will grant you an extra hit, nope, none of that, because that would be convenient, which was not their intention here. This grants makes this game outrageously unfairly difficult. The only thing that is easy (if you can get through levels 2, 4, 6, and is the bosses, which has simple moving and attack patterns, though they suffer from the collision issues in this game, like when I killed the boss, I somehow died, because of how bad it really is. I cannot explain in words, how awful the gameplay was. Everything that was bad about previous pirated games that I reviewed was blended together here to create such a huge convoluted mess of a game!

[ame=]Super Donkey Kong '99 (MegaDrive) Gameplay - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=]Super Donkey Kong '99 (MegaDrive) Gameplay - YouTube[/ame]

Controls: D
They attempt to resemble the official games in controls, but they are plagued by things that are typical of pirated games that makes it counter-intuitive. The placement of the buttons are : A is to pick up barrels (hold the button), and throw them (let loose it), B is to run (when hold), and C is to jump Walking and running in the game is okay, but they lack momentum, which can make jumping platforms harder than it is. The jumping is also terrible as well. Like in Sonic Jam 6, if you simply tap the jump "buttom" or hold it for less than half a second, you drop down like a rock, but if you hold it enough, you jump like normal. Also, another thing that bugged me is picking up barrels, which is actually a separate button instead of being the same button as running like in the real games, which is really awkward to handle.

Sound: C-
The sound is a bit of a mixed bag in this game (for pirate standards). The music in the game is not too bad for a pirated game, but the sound is a huge contrast, in comparison. Some of the music actually sound okay, and some meh, though you can agree, they are really out of place (some of the songs are from Mario), and they are way too short and loop constantly that it gets on your nerves. On the other hand, the sound effects are really terrible, as they are filled with either obnoxious sound effects or unnecessarily placed audio from the actual games. Not too bad for a pirated game in its music, but it really needs a lot of work in the sound effects.

[ame=]Bootleg Music - Super Donkey Kong '99 - Title Theme (Full version) - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=]Super Donkey Kong '99 music - World 1 - YouTube[/ame]
[ame=]Super Donkey Kong '99 music - World 4 - YouTube[/ame]
[ame= list=SP651375B9F6F94948]Super Donkey Kong '99 music - World 5 - YouTube[/ame]

Replay Value: F-
Unless you really want to torture yourself or someone else, there is no reason to even touch this game!

Overall: F-
Super Donkey Kong '99 is just a landfill of wrong. This game is like a perfect example of how to NOT make a game, and how to make one for the sole purpose of money.This is like a nightmare that is still there even after you wake up from it. The only reason to have anything to do with this game is it's semi-okay soundtrack. Otherwise, this game will really make you go bananas... literally.

[ame=]Super Donkey Kong 99 - YouTube[/ame]

Next Part (10): When I think of it...

2012 Eric Corp Incorporated

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