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Pirated Games Part 6: Mortal Combat 5 (Genesis)
Pirated Games Part 6: Mortal Combat 5 (Genesis)
Part 6 of the huge mess the pirates bring to us...
Published by ECInc2XXX
Author review
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Pirated Games Part 6: Mortal Combat 5 (Genesis)

Eric Corp Gamer's RU Exclusive Review 27
Pirated Games Part 6: Mortal Combat 5 (Genesis)

In today's Pirated Game review, I'm gonna stray away from Mario and Sonic pirates and review a different pirate for once.

I'm going to review Mortal Combat 5 for the Sega Genesis (OMG! It has 128M on the cart, who would've thought?), which is a pirated port of the spin-off game Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero for the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 that is a mediocre game that brings the side-scrolling beat 'em up platformer (honestly, I don't know what it's supposed to be) style gameplay to Mortal Kombat, and it has not been executed very well (I'll review the game in later detail eventually). Anyway, onto the review!


The game attempts to look like the original spin-off game, but due to the downgraded hardware, it looks really terrible. Just looking at the title screen makes my eyes want to burn up. The backgrounds looks really awful as the color scheme has that puke-like color to it that looks like a mess to the eyes. The sprites in this game is the ones used from Mortal Kombat 2 and Mortal Kombat 3, and it's probably the best of the graphics, but it's still not saying much. While Sub-Zero looks decent in looks and animation, the other sprites used are done horribly with the grainy feel to it and it awkward in animation (why couldn't they used the Genesis sprites from the aforementioned games?). There's not much I can say about the graphics, but it's looks really bad. I mean I'll give it credit for attempting to make it look like the game via downgraded hardware, but that doesn't mean it works here.

NOTE: I can't seem to find any screenshots of this game...sorry for that though...

Sound: D+
Like most pirates out there, the sound department isn't so enthusiastic, and this is no exception. The sounds here are taken from the game it's based off and weirdly, it actually sound pretty clear for a pirated game, much to my surprise. The music here is pure original and, it is at best sub-par but to be honest, it doesn't sound as bad as some of the other games out there, but does any of the music in the game fit with the theme of each level, let alone Mortal Kombat in general? Once again, the sounds are okay for pirate standards, but once again, it still isn't all that great in general.

NOTE: Once again, I can't find any music footage...

Gameplay: F
The gameplay is in the same style as the original spin-off game, but due to the downgraded hardware and being on a cartridge, there are a couple of omissions. The fighting system is an absolute mess, due to atrocious AI that would either do the stupidest things but, could also be ridiculously cheap that would spawn the same moves over and over again multiple times, the controls are also horrendous, and it's just really boring, and that actually makes me not want to fight, even though that's the point. Another main problem is that this game is a maze (beginning from level 2) that would pray for some sort of a map because more than half the time, I don't know what am I supposed to do, and/or I go to the same locations over and over again. The weird fact is that despite the game being based off Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, there is no storyline, none of the bosses in the game appear here, and there is no Quan Chi or Shinnok anywhere in the entire game! I'm dead serious! What's the point of this game if the main antagonists are nonexistent here? Instead the bosses in this game are just the characters from MK2 and MK3 without any modifications whatsoever. While I can somewhat tolerate the gameplay of the original, this port butchered it in so many levels that just makes it generic and just a huge mess!

[ame=""]YouTube - Pirated Game Oddities: MK5 Sub Zero (Genesis)[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Pirate Showcase #76: Mortal Kombat 5 - Subzero (MegaDrive)[/ame]

Controls: F
What in the world were they thinking when making the controls in this game? They sure weren't thinking about Mortal Kombat in mind if this is the case. The controls are horribly placed around the gamepad (like A and X is to turn, B and C to attack, and Y and Z is to block, what were they thinking here?), and it doesn't have the fluidity the normal game and the series had in general that really makes it a problem. To conclude, the controls really give the popular fighting series a bad name. Thanks a lot, pirates!

Replay Value: F
Do I even need to say anything here? There is no reason to play this game other than the ridiculous factor this game has as a whole.

Overall: F+ (if that makes any sense) / F
This game was a nightmare to go through, but how can you blame me? When you see a game that says "Please try next stage!", "The Wlement of Water", and "Thank you for play this game!", you know you are already in big trouble. Stay away as far as possible! It makes the game it's based off looks like a masterpiece.

Next Part: Pirated Games Part 7: Who Knows?

2011 Eric Corp Incorporated

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