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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -- Nintendo DS
Published by TheDeadpoolOwns
Author review
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -- Nintendo DS

Now, before I start this review... I just want to say I LOVE the Ace Attorney games, even Apollo Justice, after
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Phoenix became a hobo.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was released back in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance as "Gyakuten Saiban" for a Japan-Only release... like the Ace Attorney games TODAY are getting. Then, in 2005, Capcom decided to port the game to America, on the Nintendo DS. The game received mostly positive reviews, and today, I'm sharing my view.

Gameplay -- The game plays like this: You, as Phoenix Wright, will try to prove your client as innocent in court, and, as such, present evidence to contradict the testimonies of witnesses, and, later on, collect evidence and search crime scenes. You use the stylus, during the testimonies, to go through the dialogue of the characters, and, in cross-examination, go back and forth between sections. Also, you press statements and present evidence by tapping the "Press" and "Present" buttons. When tapping "Present", you find the evidence you have stored, and you tap on what you want to present to contradict the statement. Overall, the gameplay works VERY well during the game.

Story -- How do I explain the story without spoiling? Well, I'll use spoilers for most of the story. Now, you're a brand-new, out-of-the-blue defense attorney, named Phoenix Wright. Your mentor, Mia Fey, decides it's time for your first trial...
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Actually, it was Phoenix's idea, as the defendant, Larry Butz, is old friends with Phoenix.
So, you decide to start doing cases after your first trial, so this sums up what you'll do in the game.

Music --

That's me, hearing the music. It's PERFECTION. The music fits the situations at the moment almost as if God had designed it. And don't get me started on the Cornered and Objection themes. Those songs were like Jesus came down from the heavens to sprinkle a little bit of holy power into the songs of the game. Great tempo, the ability to make people want to listen again and again, the music was AMAZING.

Graphics -- The graphics were pretty darn good, for the DS, but... Well, comparing it to Sonic Rush Adventure and New Super Mario Bros, the graphics didn't look THAT amazing. But, you have to realize, this is a port from the GBA. But, I'll say that the graphics COULD have been improved.

My score -- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was an amazing game that deserves more praise than it gets, it's a nearly perfect game that, if they had improved the graphics a little bit, might have gotten a 10/10, but I'm going to give the game a 9.5/10.
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