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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
It's damn good.
Published by ECInc2XXX
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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Eric Corp Gamer's Retro Uprising Exclusive Review 8
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

This game was one of my favorite games of my childhood, and considering I'm getting a copy of both Oddysee and Exoddus (on, in real life (PSX version). I thought I should review both games. First, is Abe's Oddysee.

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Graphics: B
This game proved at the time, that 2D graphics on the PSX still had appeal. Well, the sprites are pretty good, as they are well-animated. The backgrounds are detailed but, looks kinda pixelated (is it me or not?). The FMVs shown in the game are pure pwnage, even today, it still satisfies me (same for many, I bet). The PC version graphics are similar, but I think the sprites are slightly more clear-looking.

Here are some screenshots of the game:

Sound: A
Rather than take on approach with just plain music, the game rather use atmospheric music to fit with the scenery. Also, when you are in the heat of the game, it changes to fit with the game, too. It's just plain great, it'll make your spine chill (for some people). I'm not gonna go in much detail, but I'll let you listen to some of the music of the game, for you to determine what you think of the music.

Here are some music used in the game:

[ame=""]YouTube - Abe's Oddysee Original Soundtrack 06 - 07 RuptureFarms[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Abe's Oddysee Original Soundtrack 08 - 09 Tension[/ame]
[ame=""]YouTube - Abe's Oddysee Original Soundtrack 11 - Free-Fire Zone[/ame]

Gameplay: B+
This game is way different than it looks. Rather than you simply reach the exit, it takes more. You have to try to save ALL 99 Mudokons in the game, using Gamespeak with many species, which is cool. But Gamespeak isn't enough, as you have to use your senses and surrondings to save them without messing up a tiny bit. This game is a trial-and-error game, you'll be trying countless times to trying to completing one secret and/or section. After, you'll eventually complete that part, then, there's another secret and/or part of the game that'll throw you off. To make things worse, the checkpoints in this game is annoying. It's so annoying, you'll be doing the same parts and saving the Mudokons over and over again until you reach the next checkpoint. The save system is basically saving the checkpoint in the game where you reached. Why couldn't it save where you up to, instead of basing off checkpoints? To make things even worse, the secrets are hard to find (for certain parts), as they aren't so obvious and so self-explanatory. Thank god, this game provides infinite lives, so it's not that bad of a problem. Also, the idea of this game having 2-players is a bit ridiculous, I mean who in the world would play with 2-players, as this game seems rather 1-player than a 2-player game. Despite the problems above, the gameplay is top-notch for this game.

Controls: A
Some seem to criticize the game of the large learning curve. I'll admit, at first, I didn't get the controls, too. But, after a few minutes, I finally got used to the controls. I mean sure, it uses basically all the buttons on the controller, but that doesn't mean it's that hard to figure out. Well, at least the jumping wasn't like the demo version of Oddysee. The controls are good for me, as I fully understand the controls without much problem though, sometimes I press the wrong button at the wrong time. Despite it, it's actually tight and aren't stiff, at all.

Overall: A-
I'm just speechless...this game exceeds expectations for a 2.5D game on the PlayStation.


Graphics in-game and FMV in general
Atmospheric music that change
TOO damn funny
Tight controls

Ridiculous checkpoint and save system
What's the point of having 2-players for this game?

This is only part 1 of my Oddworld Double Feature...check back for the other game, Oddworld Abe's Exoddus, which will be in a few days.

2010 Eric Corp Incorporated
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