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Need For Speed Underground 2
Need For Speed Underground 2
Gamecube review
Published by RU Joe
Author review
Replay value
Average 88%
Need For Speed Underground 2

wow, what a great game not only because it's a wild race no matter which of the 5 types of events you participate in, but also because of the customization.
You can customize almost every aspect of your car, right down to details which have little or no consequence to the actual racing itself.

In fact, you are required to improve the appearance of your car by changing the color, decals, vinyls, and specialty parts to increase its appearance rating, which is based on a ten - star system.
If you manage to gain more stars, you will be offered magazine and DVD cover shot photo opportunities which pay big money and also increase your reputation, which in turn attracts sponsorships.

Appearance is equally as important in NFSU 2 as winning races - bling is the thing.

My car is a Peugot that has a one of a kind specialty carbon fiber hood, and carbon fiber body kit , mirrors, roof scoop, spoiler, front and rear bumpers, side scoops, custom muffler tip, custom brakes, custom rims and spinners, custom headlights and tail lights, scissor doors, hydraulic suspension so it can hop and dance, pearlescent paint and neon underglow,

and in the trunk I installed: one 15", two 12", and one 8" downward - firing specialty NFSU subwoofers and a which are mounted in a custom carbon trunk with neon glow inside the trunk as well.

There are more than 20 different colors to choose from in 3 different types of paint, more than 30 company decals, more than 50 vinyl accent designs [which you also choose the color of] and also you can paint every [specialty] part of the car as well.

Of course all the performance parts are customizable right down to the Electronic Control Units.
Furthermore, you can dyno tune your car for specific race events to give you even more control.
Controls are as good as your car will allow at a given stage of its development according to its own unique performance capabilities.

Compared to Gran Turismo 4, the game physics are not quite as realistic and the car itself behaves as an indestructible 'Hot Wheels' toy car would.
A perfect example of this would be Burnout Revenge.
If you really need realistic crashing in your racing game, try Burnout 2.

The game has a 'storyline' of sorts that centers around you being a new underground street racer, a 'Tuner', in Bay City looking to build a reputation in order to get sponsors, which in turn allows you to upgrade your car.

Your contact in town calls you on your cellphone to give you tips, to announce special events, and to inform you of newly available sponsorships.
About the sponsors, you may get offers from over 30 real - world existing companies like:
Jackson Racing
Street Glow
and are expected to fly their colors by applying company logo decals to your car, and you can also add decals to advertise your choice of individual parts manufacturers, both of which increase your car's appearance rating.

Each sponsorship is different and each have their own payment schedule and required race itinerary.
[usually there are only 3 required events and X number of player's choice events]

While making your way to and from these events you can also choose random unregulated street races with other 'Tuners' you come across while cruising through the generously large map.
Winning these wild races is really tough since there is no course to follow - it's just pass 'em and try to lose 'em in the neon glow of the city streets.

Your competition is possibly more fierce on the unregulated races, but either way is a challenge for any seasoned race gamer.

Bay City itself is a beautifully rendered city glowing with neon lights and enough detail to keep the scenery interesting as you fly by at high speeds.

Oh, and that racing contact who phones you with game info is a cute brunette, who appears in comic - style cutscenes throughout the game as well.
If any of you are into racing games, NFSU 2 is a must - have.

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