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Myst Uru: The Complete Chronicles
Myst Uru: The Complete Chronicles
Published by xfighter1138
Author review
Replay value
Average 96%
Myst Uru: The Complete Chronicles

I know I posted this in the recommendations section on the fourm but I thought I could just post this here.

Myst Uru is more of an experience than a game. Based mainly on using your brain to solve puzzles that range from easy...all the way to brain-seering insane. If you have a working mind and you want to use it, instead of blowing crap up for hours, maybe a trip to Uru is what you could use.

The game opens with you designing your avatar, which is your 3D counterpart in the game world. Not the most fleshed out or best character design tool of all time, but it works. You can tell however that the developers were not trying to suck in the new generation as the clothing choices and such reflect a more modest and mature audience. No matrix style flapping trenchcoats or insane anime models here. Simple, effective, and it works quite well.

After your done creating you avatar you wind up in a desert. From here on in what you learn and discover is entirely up to you. Of course, many will instantly be stuck on what to do and refer to a walkthrough. DO NOT USE A WALKTHROUGH. I did for a bit and had I actually considered and thought for a bit, I could have gotten past some of the parts on my own. The parts I did do myself were rewarding to no end.

For example, not knowing what was going on, I managed to locate a spinning wall in a rock/cavern place. I noted that, for a split second, I saw a room. I waited and then walked through that wall. I was inside a small room and again, I waited, and walked into a huge room with gears and switches and all the great stuff to be found through-out the entire game. After 3 hours of messing around and tinkering I got the "age" powered up.

When I finally found what you could call an elevator and rode it up...the sight I saw made the purchase of this game instantly worth it. I will not ruin the surprise for anyone either. Words simply can't describe what you'll see in this game. Some of the most breathtaking and inventive worlds ever concived...though, I'd expect nothing less from a Myst title.

On the topic of graphics, I'll say it now, beautiful. Sometimes constricted as to where you can go, but ultimately a very surreal feel. If you're anything like me you'll study everything and really take in the views. This Myst game is completely 3D. Which means you can move in real time, thus making these insanely gorgeous visuals really come to life.

Gameplay wise, as I mentioned above, it's all about the puzzles. Some are bizzarely easy while others are very hard and will take you hours to figure out. Well worth the time to figure it all out without a guide though as the instant reward of solving an insanely hard puzzle is like nothing else. There is however some minor action bits here and there.
For that puzzle I needed to solve I had to run back and forth a few times. Still nothing that tricky and no where near the stuff you'd be asked to do in say Prince of Persia. I have yet to explore "The Path of the Shell", but I heard it features some really annoying moments with platform gaming....and time based puzzles that make little sense. I can't say if this is true but, for now, Uru is very enjoyable.

One other thing to mention is the atmosphere. Yes it's a computer game but that didn't stop Cyan from really sucking you into these worlds. For one you get to keep a journal in game which is a very nice feature. I often write in it using a style like it wasn't a game. After a while I forgot about the journal and when I re-discovered my notes I thought I was reading something from a scene in the game. Basically, this game will surround you in a mysterious world that might cue you to write like you're there. I feel like I've really been there.

You will also discover other writings throughout the game, journals written by other indivduals and some of these run for many pages. One journal will take you close to an hour to read through and then another 40 minutes for the next volume of it...and it all reads like someone wrote it, aka, it's real.

So what can I say? Uru is an awe inspiring experience...that apparently was supposed to have an online part to it but it seems that was abandoned. All in all, a must have and if your a Myst fan you have ZERO excuse not to own this game.
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