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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Mega Drive/Genesis)
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Mega Drive/Genesis)
This is a decent cash-in, but I still prefer the arcade version.
Published by ECInc2XXX
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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Mega Drive/Genesis)

Eric Corp Gamer's RU Exclusive Review 13
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
NOTE: Yeah, I know the AVGN already reviewed it, but, it just doesn't add up to what he is saying about this game.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker was released in 1990, forthe Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive), Sega Master System, and for the Arcade. All versions are based off Michael Jackson's movie Moonwalker, made in 1988. The game wasn't really noticed by the general public, but since MJ's death in June 25, 2009, many people seem to look back at this game, and I have noticed that no one had reviewed this game on Retro Uprising. I would save it for June 25, 2010, but I had to get it out of my body. Let alone, I just beat the game today so, I might as well.

Lastly, here's a picture to remember the King of Pop, known as Michael Jackson:
R.I.P. MJ (1958 - 2009)


For a Genesis game made before Sonic the Hedgehog, it actually doesn't look bad. For what I mean, MJ's sprites are well animated, and it looks exactly like him (I think).While the backgrounds are overall decent, some of the backgrounds are kinda boring. Also, it seems MJ's sprites took too much time for work on the enemies. The enemies' sprites are not as well animated, as you can notice, the animations are kinda choppy. Overall, for a 1990 Genesis game, it's probably one of the better looking games of the year, but it's not exactly perfect.

Gameplay: C-
The gameplay is okay, but it can get boring. In each level, you have to save all the children (or pretty much, the girl) in the level, which one child gives you some health. You have many tricks up your sleeves, like you can shoot magic dust, I guess. You can also, spin around to make all the enemies on screen dancing, and after, die. Also, if you don't hold the spinning button enough to dance, you can throw your hat to make the enemies explode (What?!?). The level layout are overall, okay. The first 2 levels (Club 31, Street) are overall self-explanatory, the 3rd level (Woods) are also simple, but the layout is a little more awkward (to me, and to people if you think so, too), the 4th level (Cavern) has the worst layout in the game, mostly because, it's just all over the place. The level layout isn't like from top to bottom, it's just like a maze (kinda). It's just annoying having to go through every single door imaginable, rather than opening stuff (as in LV 1-3,5), which can get really ridiculous. The 5th level (The Enemy Hideout) is more self-explanatory than the Cavern level was, but teleporting all over the level can get a little confusing. The major problem with this game is that the fact, that is redundant. You have to look through every door to find all the children in the level (unless you actually memorized the places where the kids are). When you save all of them, the chimpanzee (Bubbles, I assume) comes on top of your head, to point where the boss fight is. When you reach there, Mr. Big always comes out of nowhere, saying "HA! HA! YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME!" but if you touch him, he takes 1/4 of your health, and if you go to the edge, you can't escape, and you just die (How does that work?). The boss battles are overall lame, they aren't boss battles, as much as endurance rounds, where you have to kill all the enemies in the fight, and you have to touch the girl to end the level (Why can't it just end after the endurance round?). You can also turn into a robot (in LV 2-1 - 5-2; a shooting star appears when you find a child in a certain location, in LV 5-3; the E.R. turns you into a robot for the battle), where are basically invincible, with the exceptions of the laser guns, which is overall cool.
The robot have the ability to shoot lasers in 6 directions (no up and down), and you can shoot a lot of missiles, which takes a little bit of health away from your life bar. The final level, is just plain stupid, all you do is just dodge the enemy ships, by just holding the down pad all the time, until they stop coming. As for Mr. Big himself, he's not that hard (I'm not gonna spoil his attack patterns, but you should already know), and 8 hits, good bye! You think you'd get a great ending, but, I was totally wrong! All you see is MJ and the black boy from the movie, dance, to probably the shortest credits imaginable. Then, that's it! The gameplay is overall lame, but I guess it works.

Sound: B+
Probably the game's highest point. The music is probably some of the best renditions of Michael Jackson music I ever heard (ex: Smooth Criminal, Beat It, Bad etc.). Though brilliant, the music used in some levels are just kinda dumb. For example, the 3rd level (Woods), used Another Part of Me, instead of Thriller (Why? Probably because of licensing issues, I guess), which is disappointing. Also, what does Billie Jean have to do with the 4th level? Yeah, I know there's not really any song relating to caves, but why that? Another problem, is that it just loops way too much, which can get kinda annoying (especially, the Cavern level). MJ's sounds are also, nice to hear, but the WHOA! (or something like that) can get kinda overused (especially, when you're jumping, and attacking). Overall, amazing, but can improve if they had more time on it.

[ame=""]YouTube - The Music of Video Games [276] Michael Jackson's Moonwalker[/ame]

Controls: B
There's not much to say about the controls but, they are well-responsive. The jumping may throw you off kinda, having to hold the button enough to reach a higher platform. Other than that, the controls are pretty good.

Replay Value: D+
Probably the only reason to play this game is for the novelty, and the music. Maybe, platforming fans may enjoy it, but may dismay for its repetitive nature.

Overall: B-
This game is pretty good, but to be honest, the gameplay really needs some work. Recommended for MJ fans, but for others, probably not. This is a decent cash-in, but I still prefer the arcade version.

Video of the game:

[ame=""]YouTube - Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Full Game - Part 1/3[/ame]

If you wish to play this game, here's the link:
Retro Uprising - Arcade - Michael Jacksons Moonwalker

2010 Eric Corp Incorporated
R.I.P. MJ, Your Legacy Will Live On!
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Re: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Mega Drive/Genesis)

Finally, a review of this game that doesn't over glorify the game for the fact that it has Micheal Jackson.
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