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Max Payne
Max Payne
Man with nothing to lose - do not cross!
Published by RU Joe
Author review
Replay value
Average 88%
Max Payne

On a sunny afternoon, Max Payne blissfully counts his blessings in life on his way home from work at the NYPD.
He is shocked to find his house vandalized and an odd symbol spray painted on his wall;
a syringe with a 'V', an ominous harbinger of events yet to unfold.

His telephone rings, and he picks it up and says:
"Listen! Someone's broken into my house. Call 9-1-1."

A raspy female voice asks:
"Is this the Payne residence?"

Max says:
"Yes. Someone's broken into my house. They're still here. You have to..."

"Good. I'm afraid I cannot help you."
-was the raspy reply.

Leaving the entryway of the house, Max goes upstairs to hear his wife screaming, and their baby crying as a male voice shouts back at them.

As he gets closer, he hears shots fired, and one of the intruders comes into view - whereupon the game truly begins as Max must draw his pistol and defend himself.

By the time he reaches his family, it is too late for them...

All of that happened three years ago, on the night the pain started.

The killers were high on 'Valkyr' - 'V', a new designer drug that had found its way onto the streets of New York with devastating results.

After the funeral, Max transferred to the DEA.
They received a tip that the Punchinello crime family were trafficking Valkyr through their (sub) Mob-Boss, Jack Lupino.

One night, Max received a phone call from one of his fellow officers (BB) telling him he must meet another officer (Alex) at the Subway station.

Max shows up at the station only to find blood trails and dead bodies, and Alex is nowhere to be seen.

After fighting his way through the small gang of thugs who had taken over the station, Max finds Alex, and warns him that he had heard Jack Lupino was responsible for Valkyr.

In the next moment, Alex gets killed while standing directly in front of him.
As the two of them were separated by a gate, Max could not chase Alex's killer, nor did he even get to see their face...

... and so the game goes.
As you progress through the game, you discover clues which lead you to:

- shocking revelations about the origins of Valkyr...

- the reason Max's family were killed that night 3 years ago...

- the true identity of Alex's killer...
and if you're lucky also to
Max Payne's REVENGE.

Max Payne is a 3rd person shooter with tight controls and addictive game play.
It was one of the first games to feature a 'bullet time' mode where you can slow down time for a while to really get the drop on your enemies.

This 'bullet time' feature is vital when faced with several heavily armed enemies, since you can literally dodge their bullets as seen in
'The Matrix' for a short time.

Presented in a 'Graphic Novel' format, the cutscenes detail game events and provide you with Max Payne's internal monologue - which reminds me of a modern day version of Sam Spade from 'Casablanca'.

The gameplay is great, with well - rendered enemies
(who really like to talk a lot- and are they funny!)
and a cool gritty city environment perfectly suited to the subject matter.

Attention to detail is awesome in Max Payne:
for example, the in - game TV shows (you see when Max passes by a TV) provide more information and history about the game characters, and add some humor as well.

At one point you get in an elevator with 'middle aged' music playing in the car.
If you shoot the speaker, the music stops and Max says:

'Thank you!'.
Now that's cool!
But what else can we expect from a Rockstar game?

Weapons enthusiasts will not be disappointed with this game, as detail for ballistics seem to be very good when compared to other games.

I have only one very small complaint about it:
NO 1st person view.
Besides that, Max Payne is perfect!

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