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Junior Pac-Man
Junior Pac-Man
Really Interesting
Published by Chuck Norris
Author review
Replay value
Average 88%
Junior Pac-Man

Yes, JR Pac-Man the spawn of Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man (And to be clear I'm not talking about Pacman Jones) Anyhoo this game revolves around Junior, it's basically the same as Pac-Man except the mazes are wider, more dots and there's a cute little storyline, and Junior wears a propeller hat. The game plays much like Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man so there's really no new control scheme or anything, the storyline here is that Junior meets this little red ghost girl named Yum-Yum, he takes a liking to her but her father Blinky, doesn't approve of their relationship and neither does Mrs.Pac-Man so it's basically a Romeo and Juliet-esque type story. After you beat some levels the cutscenes begin to play.

ACT 1: Junior Meets Yum-Yum
Junior goes outside to play and for the first time sees Yum-Yum, it is love at first sight but Blinky wants to kill Junior for going near his daughter, Mrs. Pac-Man upon seeing this eats a power pellet and chases the ghosts away. (Played after 1st board beaten)

ACT 2: The Gift
Junior cannot keep Yum-Yum out of his mind, so he meets her on a bridge with a red balloon as a present, he's excited to see her as he gives her the balloon, but lurking in the bushes is Blinky. (Played after 3rd board is beaten)

ACT 3: They Escape

Blinky jumps out to attack Junior and this startles Yum-Yum into letting go of the balloon, as Blinky is about to get Junior, Mrs. Pac-Man comes and then Blinky chases her. Yum-Yum and Junior run off screen, gaze into each others eyes and fall in love with little hearts around them. (Played after boards; 5,7 and 9 are beaten)

So all in all the storyline is cute and the game is challenging, the story basically is what made me pump my hard earned quarters into the machine even though I knew how it would turn out, but aside from that the game is great and challenging. CHUCK NORRIS DEFINITELY RECOMMENDS THIS GAME!

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