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Frankenstein: The Monster Returns (Redux)
Frankenstein: The Monster Returns (Redux)
Episode 3 of the Review Reduxs
Published by ECInc2XXX
Author review
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Frankenstein: The Monster Returns (Redux)

Eric Corp Gamer's RU Exclusive Review Redux 3
Frankenstein: The Monster Returns (Redux)

Previously reviewed: November 20, 2009
Link of the Old Review:

In today's Review Redux, I'll be re-reviewing the third game I ever reviewed under the Eric Corp Gamer, which is Frankenstein: The Monster Returns for the NES, created by Bandai in 1991.


For an 1991 game on the NES (and compared to other games like Batman, Mega Man 3 or Castlevania 3), it doesn't look half bad. The sprites are pretty detailed and the animation is decent, though kinda choppy, but it really fits the Frankenstein look, and it kinda reminds me of Castlevania (yea, I know the AVGN already said this, but it really does somewhat). The backgrounds are also good, but some of the color scheme in certain levels look kinda dull at times (to me), though this is a minor inconvenience. Overall, the graphics are pretty good for the NES, and it still holds up (somewhat).

Gameplay: C+
The gameplay of this game is average, overall. The game is that of a typical side-scroller, and that is similar to that of Castlevania, except Bandai's Frankenstein can't do that of what Konami could do what made Castlevania so amazing. In other words, it's a pretty lame replica, compared to the latter, made about 3 years ago (and that's bad).
First of all, the first level of the game make you begin with your bare fists (though you can get a club and a powerup), but the second level onwards gives you a sword. They might as well start you with the sword, instead of just starting you with a sucky weapon (though actually, it's not that bad), just plain unnecessary. The hit detection is sometimes awkward at times, when sometimes when I'm not even close and I still get hit, and sometimes, I have to be closer than I need to be, just to be able to hit the enemy (this mostly happens with bosses). As for the bosses, they are rather ridiculous as some are too easy, and some are too annoying, as they don't give a fair challenge, but more of a unfair advantage. The level layouts of the game are rather varied: the first stage is good and self-explanatory, the second stage is decent, but one part (that platform jumping part can be a big pain, as you have to be pretty accurate to jump over it) which is rather annoying, the third stage is much better than the second one (probably the best stage in the entire game), and the final stage is basically the equivalent to the second except much more annoying. However, I'll give the game credit for giving the ability to hold up about 3-6 potions for later use, refilling your life bar to maximum, which really helps during boss fights, but there is a flaw, relating to this. When you die, you have 3 continues, and when you have used a continue (and used up all your potions, and died anyway), which would be unfair, especially during the boss fights, especially the final boss' 2nd form ("Super Frankenstein" - AVGN). I have went through the way to beat this, and all you get is the hero getting his girlfriend back, and your girlfriend say something and the credits scroll. Not the best ending on the NES, but to be honest, did you expect hard games to have brilliant endings? Overall, the gameplay is average, and that it tries to be Castlevania a bit too much, though I'll give it credit that it was difficult but, it still gives us some sort of entertainment.

[ame=""]YouTube - Frankenstein - NES Gameplay[/ame]

Sound: C-
The sounds are overall, below average. The sound effects are decent enough, but the music is okay, but personally, I don't like it that much. I guess it tries to utilize the Frankenstein feel, but compared to Castlevania, it makes the game sound like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (no AVGN reference intended). Not much to say, but it's one of those where you have to judge for yourself. Below average, but what do you expect from a company that makes games like Chubby Cherub and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Controls: A+
It's probably the best part of the game. The controls are simple and niche, so not much to say. At least they didn't really mess up the controls here, thank god...

Replay Value: C+
Despite the somewhat cheap difficulty, I'll say that it'll still hold you over, as it actually shows some decency. If you can't stand it, you should probably stay away from this.

Overall: C+
I have to say, I'm actually surprised that this game is actually like one, like an one that is not-so-bad. Compared to Chubby Cherub and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, this is actually one of Bandai's better outings on the NES. Only the real gamers (like us at Retro Uprising) will stand on to the challenge. Play it, but expect some anger coming out of you.

[ame=""]YouTube - Let's Play Frankenstein - The Monster Returns (NES) 01 - Start of a bad game![/ame]

If you wish to play this game, here's the link:
Retro Uprising - Arcade - Frankenstein: The Monster Returns

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2010 Eric Corp Incorporated

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