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F.e.a.r 3
F.e.a.r 3
Not scary--but certainly fun.
Published by Blue Shoe 2
Author review
Replay value
Average 80%
F.e.a.r 3

Okay, so, FEAR 3. I picked up the PC version a few days back and I was surprised; the gameplay was solid, the cover system might irritate a few folks though. It uses a stick-to-chest-high-pieces-of-wall button (q) and leaning, which can add to immersion in the game.

Graphic-wise, the game looks good but has the awful dim colour scheme of so many fpses these days. Darkness is also now rather jarring when you can step outside in the dead of a moonless night and it looks like there are floodlights on, but a hallway is pitch black. the cutscenes are also masterfully done, likely owing to John Carpenter's influence. They can be very creepy.

Sound-wise, I could barely hear any music over enemies combat chatter, but usually it was stuff that fit the mood of the game.

Replay Value: this is where the game shines. playing each level unlocks Paxton Fettel as a playable character, who plays completely differently. instead of having his own weapons, he has a weak beam attack, but can posses living opponent's bodies. This provides a surprising level of tact to the game, as you sometimes want to be careful who you choose to possess. An enemy with a pistol is lower on the food chain than the huge dude with the BFG

you cant' possess someone indefinately, however, you have to collect souls from fallen enemies to extend your possesion time. My personal favourite thing to do as paxton is to suspend them in the air with psychokinesis, leisurely walk up to them, and make them burst with the melee button.

Difficulty: The game is difficult enough. The AI seems to make decisions that turn the tide of the fight from one-man army versus mooks to frantic badass against united army.

Fun, not scary.
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